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Download vocal remover VST plugin for free. Multimedia tools downloads - Vocal Remover - VST Plugin by Sharki and many more programs are available for instant and free download. The principle is basic, find a part of the song without the voice, and substract it from a part with the voice, so you are left with only the voice part.

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2nd Sense Audio Plugins Bundle v1.0.0 Incl Keygen(WiN and OSX)
NUMBER : 5762/5763 SiZE : 52.5 MB/155.6 MB
Links update: 27/10/2020
2nd Sense Audio has released the 2S Plugins Bundle, with four effect plugins including Mixing Analyzer, Vocal Remover, Engineering Filter and AlgoReverb.
Mixing Analyzer enables you to monitor realtime spectrums of multiple tracks simultaneously and detect frequency collision and some extent of masking. Simply insert Mixing Analyzer plugins on your tracks, then all spectrums and their collisions between each other can be viewed on any plugin instance. The plugin displays the collisions by spectrum, matrix, and logs.
Vocal Remover: Though named as Vocal Remover, the plugin is used for removing or extracting sound in a specified direction span from a stereo sound. If you use it to extract the center vocal sound, it becomes center vocal extractor. If you use it to remove the guitar sound on the left, it becomes side guitar remover.
Engineering Filter: The plugin features lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop filters from 4 classic filter families (Butterworth, Chebyshev I & II, and elliptic) in electronic engineering. The plugin is designed with solid DSP and math to reach stable high order results (e.g. The Butterworth lowpass can be set to 100th order. Parameters do not support automation at very high order state).
AlgoReverb is an algorithmic reverb with sophisticated delay-line designs. The original design is to resemble a classic hardware algorithmic reverb designed around the 80s.
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21,287 downloadsUpdated: November 10, 2015Ad-supported

DirectX plugin to integrate with an audio-compatible host application for reducing vocal tracks to a barely audible level using optimized settings

What's new in Vocal Remover (DirectX) 1.04:

  • Rebuilt and fixed Vista issues
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Vocal Remover (DirectX) is a plugin developed with DirectX, which gives you the possibility to reduce vocal tracks from songs using the stereo channel, in order to prepare them for karaoke.

It doesn't contain customizable options, so there's nothing to adjust. The tool automatically identifies the audio track to remove vocals using optimized settings.

Ad-supported plugin with prerequisites

The installation procedure doesn't take long. However, because the plugin's ad-supported, it offers to download and install a third-party program that it doesn't actually need to work properly. But you can decline the offer to make a clean setup.

Just keep in mind that you must have DirectX 6 or greater installed, DirectX Media, a DirectX application compatible with audio (such as WaveLab, Paris or Cakewalk), along with a two-channel input, whether it's at 16 bit or 32 bit.

Easily remove vocal tracks

In the installed directory you can find two DLLs for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. After accessing Vocal Remover (DirectX) from the host application, you're greeted by a small window with a plain and easy-to-use structure, where you can click a button to remove the vocals from the currently played song.

How it works

According to the developer, it should work with most stereo recordings available on the market. It uses the same technique as hardware devices, by assuming that the vocals are recorded on both channels, while the instrumental music exists on only one.

In this case, identical content from both channels can be eliminated by modifying their phase relationship by 180 degrees and by combining both channels. If the left and right channels are not specified, the utility cannot process the stream it receives, so it passes through it instead.


Too bad that it hasn't received updated for a long time. Nevertheless, Vocal Remover (DirectX) offers a simple solution for reducing vocal tracks to a barely audible level.

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Vocal Remover (DirectX) was reviewed by TorrentElena Opris
  • DirectX Media
  • DirectX audio-compatible host (e.g. WaveLab, Paris or Cakewalk)
  • Stereo (2-channel) stream at either 16 bit or 32 bit
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Vocal Remover (DirectX) 1.04

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