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  1. Simply fill out the form and we'll send you a free no obligation trial of the full version of 7 Speed Reading EDU. Speedreadingtechniques.org On the pro side it has easy-to-use interface, video tutorials, multiple user accounts, well-structured course system for beginners & advanced students plus the ability to exercise with any digital text.
  2. 7-Speed-Reading (visit website) is a popular and well-known online speed reading program providing an efficient mix of expert videos, tests and exercises.Designed as an all-rounder to improve reading and comprehension skills, this software has no age restrictions and is suitable for children, students, teachers or professionals alike.
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7 Speed Reading by eReflect can be seen as one of the most popular reading improvement programs on the market. It is one of the few programs offering video tutorials to quickly understand and practice proven speed reading techniques.

Speed Reading For Education

7 Speed Reading EDU is the world's most advanced accelerated reading system for schools. Based on proven principles of faster reading, 7 Speed Reading EDU contains all the features of 7 Speed Reading plus:

  • Class Texts - create shared texts for the class and get students working on them individually.
  • Easy Administration - so you can quickly give all the students an account and help them when needed.
  • Powerful Reporting - so you can see exactly how each student is improving, how much time they are spending on the tasks, and exactly what they are doing.
  • Compatible With All Curriculums - in USA, Canada, UK, and Australia, and most other English-speaking countries - so you can assign the exact texts your students need to learn.
  • Works With Your School Setup - 7 Speed Reading EDU works seamlessly with educational computer networks, in labs, one-to-one, or bring your own device.

The next step is to see 7 Speed Reading for yourself. Simply fill out the form and we'll send you a free no obligation trial of the full version of 7 Speed Reading EDU.


7-Speed-Reading (visit product website) is certainly one of the industry leaders for speed reading software solutions due to its advanced features, proven techniques and group learning functionality. It is a cloud-based tutor- with EX2020 being the latest version – and offers video tutorials for every learning module. 7 Speed Reading EDU is the world's most advanced accelerated reading system for schools. Based on proven principles of faster reading, 7 Speed Reading EDU contains all the features of 7 Speed Reading plus: Class Texts - create shared texts for the class and get students working on them individually.

On the pro side it has easy-to-use interface, video tutorials, multiple user accounts, well-structured course system for beginners & advanced students plus the ability to exercise with any digital text.

Elbert Zeigler

'I found 7 Speed reading. Doing eye exercises, warm-ups before reading, and how to look at words in groups instead of one at a time improved my reading and comprehension. I recommend 7 Speed Reading for you.'


7 Speed Reading is a decent speed reading software with an innovative approach. The customizable features are quite appealing since it allows you organize your speed reading training effectively.

Daniel Walters

'I have always struggled with reading slowly. Once I started using 7 Speed Reading, I did notice an improvement from approx. 200 wpm to 300 wpm.'


If you want to learn how to speed read so that you can read everything faster, your best option is to get the self-paced speed reading course called 7 Speed Reading. It is designed to be the world’s most powerful speed-reading training program.


From learning how to read and comprehend faster to how to keep your eyes healthy, everything is covered in this course for almost any age, and a team of professionals will help you master it.

Stephen L. (Reviewer)

I liked the accessibility of it. It helps, because users are able to easily maneuver throughout the software to varying levels and practice their reading at varying speeds.

Devad Goud

After having used this software, I learned techniques and skills such as eliminating my subvocalization, which not only greatly enhanced my speed reading, but also allowed me to get more engagement in what I read.

Reinard Mortlock

The biggest problem I had was sub-vocalization, 7 Speed Reading helped a lot with techniques to improve this and substantially improve my reading speed. The application is easy to use with loads of books to read to improve your reading skills.

Adel Serag

When I seriously exercise using the app, in no time, my reading speed goes from less than 400 to 600 and my target is 900 plus.

Nik Roglich

The pace trainer is great for getting my eyes focused and sharp. Also the word search exercise is very important, gets me searching for specific text.

Jose Godinez

I have improved my speed reading and comprehension since I started using 7 Speed Reading, I enjoy using it and I will continue to use it in the future.

“If you have 7 minutes per day for just two weeks, we guarantee you’ll be reading 3-10 times faster, remembering more, and taking your success to new levels – or we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price – no questions asked.”

  • The only modern speed reading software to use the latest technology for superior results
  • A new way to master speed reading that guarantees 3 times the reading speed with improved memory and comprehension
  • The most comprehensive speed reading system anywhere – with 7 learning strategies, 15 software activities, video training, ultra-advanced tracking, and much more

Designed For:

Windows Vista

What if Your Reading Speed Was The One Thing
Holding You Back?

Today the average job requires 30 times the reading compared to 10 years ago. And in another 10 years it will require 30 times as much again. Unfortunately, if you can’t keep up with the reading, you simply have to settle for a lower-paid job. It’s that simple.

In today’s knowledge-economy, knowledge is the most valuable commodity. And it’s absolutely essential that all adults and children have the reading skills to take control of information overload.

Faster Reading Statistically Guarantees You Will Become More Successful In Your Career

It’s a fact. The faster you read, the faster you will process emails. The easier you stay up-to-date with your training. And the better you will perform at work. Today we live in a 'knoweldge economy', which means that 'knowledge is money'. The more you know the more you are worth. Slow reading will prevent you knowing what you need to know in order to truly succeed. Fast reading, on the other hand, will make success in any career or study 'almost effortless'.

That’s Why We Created 7 Speed Reading Software!

From: Marc Slater, Director – eReflect Software

We created 7 Speed Reading Software because we saw first hand what a big difference faster reading can make to someone’s life and career. No matter what position you are currently in, this information applies to you. You’re going to learn how to read three times faster, comprehend more, and develop an almost photographic memory for everything you read.

You’ll easily triple your reading speed and increase your comprehension so you can:

  • Take control of “information overload” – No more feeling pressured under piles of papers, books, and manuscripts.
  • Be the smartest person at work – Be totally on top of all the information and watch your colleagues struggle to keep up. Be the “star” of every meeting.
  • Fly through every web page, email message, and book – Easily stay “in the know”. Have all the latest knowledge, news, and information.
  • Prepare for exams in one third the time while boosting your score – No more long nights of study. Learn what you need quickly and easily and be confident when you walk into the exam.
  • Save time – and lots of it – Spend time with your family, loved ones, and friends instead of reading at a snail’s pace.
  • Feel energized and inspired – Allow your knowledge to feed your inspiration.
  • Be the guru – Easily stay on top of any topic. Know more about your material than anyone else.
  • Be interesting and attractive – know interesting facts and be good at conversation.
  • Become the equivalent of “gold” in today’s knowledge-economy – With your new fast reading skills, you’ll quickly gain the knowledge and skills that are worth fortunes to big business.

Discover the 7 Simple Strategies That You Can Use to Triple Your Reading Speed In Just Two Weeks

Learning to read faster is the most important investment you can make in yourself. With 7 Speed Reading, you’ll quickly learn to read at 600-1000 words per minute, and beyond.

That’s at least a three fold boost that will pay instant dividends to your career, life, and success! Read on to discover the 7 easy strategies that 7-Speed-Reading uses to boost your reading speed faster and more easily than any other method…

“15 Scientifically-Designed Software Activities Remove Your Bad Reading Habits Automatically

Problem: You won’t come close to your reading potential with only a few basic software activities.

Until now, speed reading software has failed to deliver, because even the most expensive programs only gave you 4 activities… meaning that only a very small part of your potential was realized.


Solution: 7-Speed-Reading gives you 15 separate training activities, each scientifically designed to work on a separate aspect of your reading and comprehension.

Above: Scientifically designed software activities remove your bad reading habits automatically

7-Speed reading is the only program to train you in all the areas you need to reach your potential, including:

  • Subvocalization Elimination – This means not “saying the words in your head” as you read them.
  • Regression Elimination – This means not unnecessarily going back over what you read.
  • Fixation Expansion – this means learning to recognize large chunks of words together.
  • Eye Muscle Fitness – 7-Speed-Reading trains your eyes like a gym trains your muscles.
  • Full-Brain Utilization – Use more of your brain to take in and process information quickly and efficiently.
  • Optic-Nerve Maximization – Optimize the path between your eyes and your brain.
  • Information Processing – Speed the rate at which your brain can process new information.
  • Memory – Develop an almost photographic memory for everything you read.
  • Comprehension – Achieve comprehension rates of 94%-98%, even at 3-10 times your original reading speed.

Above: Each activity works on a separate aspect of your reading and comprehension – meaning your reading improves faster and more easily than ever before.

The result: Each training “compounds” on the one before, giving you a 3X -10X boost in reading speed while increasing your comprehension. Never before has it been so easy to boost your reading speed so quickly and easily with a single software program.

Above: Each activity builds on the one before, allowing you to quickly develop
“genius level” reading and comprehension.

Above: Automatically training your eyes to recognize and absorb large blocks of text

“Step-By-Step Modules Take You By The Hand And
Guide You To Faster Reading”

Having the right software technology to improve your reading is powerful. But it’s only the beginning of what 7-Speed-Reading will do for you.

Rather than simply giving you the software activities and leaving you on your own (as older programs do), 7-Speed-Reading gives you step-by-step modules that combine personalized video training with powerful software activities.

Above: Step-by-step modules take you by the hand and guide you to faster reading

Question: What is a Step-By-Step Module?

Answer: A Step-By-Step ModuleTM combines video training with software activities. In each module our expert instructor takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what to do. First a concept will be explained. Then the software will ask you to complete a scientifically designed exercise. Then your instructor will show you the next step…. and so on…

Above: step-by-step modules combine video training and software activities for fast easy results.

Completing a Step-By-Step Module is like having the world’s best instructor and computer training technology right in the room with you. Your instructor shows you exactly what to do – step-by-step.

Here is an example of a typical Step-By-Step Module:

  • Your expert instructor will explain the habit of subvocalization, how you can reduce it, and how it’s slowing your reading.
  • Your expert instructor will introduce you to a computer-based exercise to eliminate the subvocalization, telling you exactly what to do.
  • Then our Step-By-Step Technology will require you to complete the exercise that the instructor set. You complete the exercise which gives you a measurable increase in reading speed.
  • 7-Speed-Reading will record detailed data on your performance in the activity and adjust your learning parameters for maximum benefit.
  • Your instructor will then explain and introduce another exercise that will speed your reading even more
  • And so on…

“Wiki-ConnectTM Technology Means You’ll Power Your Reading While You Discover Amazing Facts”

Until Now, speed-reading programs have been very limited in reading material. Programs came with a small number of boring books, leaving most people un-stimulated and unmotivated.

7-Speed-Reading solves this problem using a special proprietary technology that allows you to complete exercises with any article on wikipedia, wiki-books, wiki university, and thousands of other wiki sites.

Above – no more losing motivation with boring reading material. Complete activities with any article on Wikipedia, or thousands of other wiki sites. Power your reading while you discover amazing facts.

You Also Get More than 600 Complete E-Books for All Reading Levels

We have also put together the largest e-book collection of any speed-reading program. In fact, the books that come with 7-Speed-Reading have a total retail value of over $3,473. The books include:

  • Self help books
  • Business and money-making guides
  • Classic novels
  • Children’s books
  • Much more…

You can use any of these books with your reading practice. Simply select the book in the advanced text manager and you are ready to go.

Above: You also get a massive e-book collection with a total retail value exceeding $3,473

“Track Your Progress – And Watch 7-Speed-Reading Adapt”

7-Speed-Reading uses cutting-edge technology to track your progress and customize your learning.

Every time you do anything in 7-Speed-Reading, the software records your activity. This information is then used by our advanced software to boost your learning.

Above” 7-Speed-Reading constantly tracks your progress and uses this information to
boost your reading speed and comprehension

7-Speed-Reading constantly tracks your reading speed and comprehension. Then, each activity is customized to your current needs.

Our tests have shown that this customized learning approach increases your results by over 163%. Even better, it reduces the required effort by over 221%!

Above: 7-Speed-Reading optimizes activity use to give you the fastest and easiest results.

The reason this advanced tracking technology makes it so easy for you to speed read is three-fold:

  1. The technology ensures you never waste time trying to improve at a level that is below your current speed/comprehension
  2. The technology pushes you to an exact ratio above your current ability for optimal results.
  3. Your improvement is continually boosted using proprietary software that intelligently boosts your reading speed, comprehension, and memory.

Above: Keep track of your daily training time – and see how a few minutes can translate into a measurable boost in reading speed and comprehension.

Above: You are motivated and rewarded because you can see your results.

“Look After Your Eyes, And They Will Look After You”

At 7-Speed-Reading, we believe in taking a holistic approach to speed reading. And maintaining the health of your eyes is paramount if you want them to perform at their best.

7-Speed-Reading is the only speed reading product to include sections on Eye and Body health. Here are just some of the things you’ll discover in these sections:

  • Why speed reading is totally different on a computer screen, and exactly how to use this fact to your advantage.
  • How to speed read on a computer screen.
  • The big problem that makes many websites almost impossible to read quickly, and how to fix this problem in a few clicks.
  • A simple strategy that makes reading on computer screens at least twice as easy.
  • How to weed out the bad information when reading online.
  • How your location can ruin your reading, locations to avoid, and how to select the ideal location.
  • Why eyes tire – and how to keep your eyes fresh.
  • How to avoid killer eye fatigue.
  • The truth about glare, and how to eliminate it in a few minutes.
  • When and how to seek the help of an optometrist.
  • Eye exercises to maintain eye health and avoid strain
  • Much more…

“Advanced User Management Means the
Whole Family Can Improve Together”

Unlike previous systems, 7-Speed-Reading is a true multi-user environment. This means that all settings, scores, and tracking are recorded separately for each and every user.

There is no limit to the number of users, so everyone can have their own account.

With 7-Speed-Reading the whole family can build their success together.

“Skyrocket Your Comprehension And Develop an Almost Photographic Memory For Everything You Read”

7-Speed-Reading is much more than a reading program. It is also designed to boost your comprehension and memory.

7-Speed-Reading will continually track your comprehension so you can be confident that you really are remembering and understanding everything you read.

Above: 7-Speed-Reading can check, monitor, and boost your comprehension

Remembering and Comprehending everything you read, in combination with faster reading means:

  • Your work becomes more efficient – fly through emails, documents, books, and reports. Remember and understand everything you read.
  • Prepare for exams in one third the time while boosting your score – No more long nights of study. Learn what you need quickly and easily and be confident when you walk into the exam
  • You’ll save tons of time – Spend time with your family, loved ones, and friends instead of reading at a snails pace.
  • You can easily become a “guru” on any topic. Easily stay on top of any topic. Know more about your material that anyone else.
  • You’ll be worth a fortune in today’s knowledge-economy – With your new fast reading skills, you’ll quickly gain the knowledge and skills that are worth fortunes to big business.

Compare 7-Speed-Reading to Previous-Generation Products

Are you considering an older speed reading program? If so, we are more than happy for you to compare 7-Speed-Reading to previous products. Here is a table that outlines just some of the ways 7 Speed Reading beats previous products hands down.

Feature7-Speed-ReadingTMOther Product
Number of Learning Strategies71-2
Number of Software-Based Activities152-4
Step-By-Step ModulesYesNo
Number of Courses61
Complete Exercises With Any Wiki ArticleYesNo
Tracks/Graphs Your Progress YesNo
User Friendliness Modern windows program Obsolete technologies
Supports Windows 7, Windows Vista AND
Windows XP
Number of Included Books600Less than 50
Number of Users Supported At No Extra CostUnlimited1-2
Supports Reading Levels Grade 3 all the Way to Ultra-AdvancedYesNo

Automatically Calculates the Grade/Readability of Any Text

Also Increases Memory and ComprehensionYesNo
Proprietary Algorithm to Optimize Learning.YesNo
Advanced Text Management (Import and Manage Any Text From Anywhere)YesNo
Includes Video TrainingYesNo

How Much is the Ability to Read at “Genius Speeds”
Worth to You?

As we showed you earlier, research proves that superb reading skills are absolutely essential in today’s knowledge-economy. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many speed reading solutions require a large financial investment.

Here are some of the options and their costs:

  • Speed Reading Training Courses cost $2000-$3500 per person
  • A one-day community college course costs $349
  • Speed Reading workshops and seminars cost $500-$1000 per person

Based on the price of other solutions, marketing consultants have recently suggested that 7 Speed Reading should cost at least $299.

Special Limited Time Price

Even though 7 Speed Reading is far more powerful than some speed reading solutions that cost more than $3000, we believe that good reading skills should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, to celebrate the release 7-Speed-Reading 2013, we are offering a special limited time price to the next handful of people who download 7 Speed Reading today.

Download 7 Speed Reading today, and you’ll be eligible to secure your copy for the strictly limited time price of just $79.95

Special Bonus – Download 7-Speed-Reading Today and Get Our $225 Vocabulary Training Program FREE

Vocabulary is an essential part of speed reading. Improving your vocabulary even slightly can give you a dramatic boost in speed and an even bigger boost in comprehension.

That’s why for a limited time we’re including our vocabulary audio training program for free when you download 7-Speed-Reading today.

This program contains over 10 full hours of digitally recorded material via instant Mp3 download, 9 comprehensive electronic exercise books, and 9 sets of printable flashcards.

Other customers have happily paid $225 for this course. But it’s yours free when you order 7-Speed-Reading today.

Unlimited Premium Email Support

If you need any help with your new copy of 7 Speed Reading, we’ll be right there. Our average email turnaround time is less than 8 hours. If you have any questions, you can contact us via our helpdesk at www.ereflect.com/helpdesk or call us on 800-710-8764 (+1 800-710-8764 if outside USA/Canada)

Available as Instant Download and CD

You can start downloading 7-Speed-Reading in 5 minutes. And, if you like, you can also have the full package delivered to your door for a small additional fee. To do this, simply select “Get it on CD” when you order.

12 Month 100% Money-Back
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re confident that 7 Speed Reading is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to increase your reading speed, comprehension, and memory.

But just in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, we want to make it foolproof for you.

Download 7 Speed Reading now by clicking on the blue link below. Then test it out for up to 12 months.

If you don’t feel that 7 Speed Reading has tripled your reading speed and met all of your expectations, simply return the program anytime in the next 12 months for a prompt and courteous refund.

Download 7-Speed-Reading in the Next 5 Minutes

There is no need to wait! You can start downloading 7-Speed-Reading in just 5 minutes! We urge you to take the final step and try this powerful technology right now.

Yes! I want to boost my reading speed and success starting right now! I understand that I will only be charged the special limited price of $79.95 and can get a full refund any time within the 12 month guarantee period.

Within 5 minutes, you’ll receive download instructions for
7-Speed-Reading and your FREE bonuses!

Orders are processed via our corporate site www.ereflect.com which is secured by GeoTrust. All transactions are guaranteed to be secure and are covered by our 12 month no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know a lot about computers?

Absolutely not! 7-Speed-Reading has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. It can be downloaded and installed in a few clicks. You also get unlimited access to our support team should you need any help.
Click Here To Download 7-Speed-Reading Now

Does reading faster reduce my comprehension?

Absolutely not! Most research indicates that reading faster actually increases your comprehension rather than reduces it. The faster you read, the easier your brain will be able to form a “complete picture” of the material, which increases comprehension. When reading highly technical material (such as scientific studies or engineering textbooks) it will sometimes be necessary to “pause” to ponder a concept. However, this is not the same as slower reading. The people with the best comprehension read fast, and then occasionally pause when necessary.
Click Here To Download 7-Speed-Reading Now

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use 7-Speed-Reading?

No, 7-Speed-Reading is a fully-featured windows program that you download an run on your own computer. You can use 7-Speed-Reading without an internet connection.

Do you provide a trial version?

All purchases come complete with our special 12 month guarantee. Get 7-Speed-Reading today and see if it meets your needs. If for any reason you don’t think the program meets your needs, just uninstall/disable the program (this takes 5 minutes) and contact us for a prompt and courteous refund. That way, there is no risk to you. If you don’t like the product, just contact us and we’ll provide you with a full refund. In addition, if you decide to collect a refund, you can keep your $220 worth of free bonuses as a gift.

7-Speed-Reading is not “shareware”. Rather, it is a professional product that has had a large sum of money invested into it. Releasing “shareware” versions on cheap download sites encourages piracy. Over time, this means that honest consumers like you have to pay more as software companies increase prices to offset the cost of piracy. Click Here To Download 7-Speed-Reading Now

How does the guarantee work?

When you download 7-Speed-Reading your credit card is billed. However, this is not viewed by us as a permanent transaction until 12 months have passed. If you decide to cancel your purchase anytime within 12 months, we transfer the full purchase price back to your credit card.

Please note that we take our guarantee policy very seriously and always provide a full refund to anyone who returns the software during the guarantee period. The process required to get a refund takes 5 minutes and we give you simple instructions to do this.

We believe that this kind of guarantee is good business practice because it reduces risk for the consumer. Further, as a credit card holder, you can easily dispute (chargeback) a transaction anytime you like. Even though this will never be necessary, it does provide some consumers additional peace of mind. Click Here To Download 7-Speed-Reading Now

How do I know you’re a legitimate company?

This is a fair question. Even though 99% of Internet sites are legitimate, there is the unfortunate 1% of scammers who make life difficult for the rest of us. You can be sure eReflect are legitimate because we are backed by top internet security company GeoTrust. When you purchase 7-Speed-Reading, you will be paying via our corporate site www.ereflect.com, which is secured by GeoTrust (you can check this by looking at the address bar when you get to our order screen).

How long will it take before my reading speed starts improving?

If you use 7-Speed-Reading for 7 minutes per day, you will see a significant improvement within one week. After 3-4 weeks you will see a dramatic improvement. We guarantee a gain of 3 times your current speed. However, many people achieve much more than this.
Click Here To Download 7-Speed-Reading Now

What ages is 7-Speed-Reading appropriate For?

7-Speed Reading is appropriate for all ages. The e-books shipped with 7-Speed-Reading range in reading level from grade 3 to adult. However, you can import text for any level and you can also access wiki text for any level via the Wiki Connect Technology.
Click Here To Download 7-Speed-Reading Now

Does 7-Speed-Reading support multiple languages?

7-Speed-Reading supports all languages that read left-to-right and top-to-bottom. Although the menus and courses are in English, you can import and use text of any language via the Wiki-Connect Technology
Click Here To Download 7-Speed-Reading Now

Does 7-Speed-Reading support multiple users?

Yes, 7-Speed-Reading supports an unlimited number of users. Test results and settings are remembered separately for each user.
Click Here To Download 7-Speed-Reading Now

Review guide to choosing the best speed reading software course

Knowing how to speed read is one of the best skills when dealing with many different reading materials. One popular way to improve reading speed and comprehension is to use software or enroll in a course.

But with so many speed reading courses on the market, each claiming to be better than the other, choosing the right one might be quite tricky. In this review, we look at 8 of the best speed reading software to help you decide which one is the best for you.

Best Speed Reading Software & Courses 2020

7 Speed ReadingIris ReadingSpreederRev It Up Reading
Visit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit Website
$79.95from $50$67.00from $49.95
Video TutorialsVideo CourseeReader, Videos5-Hour Course
All PlatformsOnline, In-PersonMac, WindowsMac, Windows

Scroll table on tablets. Update: Reading Improvement Software 2020/07

1. The 7-Speed-Reading Software

7-Speed-Reading (visit product website) is certainly one of the industry leaders for speed reading software solutions due to its advanced features, proven techniques and group learning functionality.

It is a cloud-based tutor- with EX2020 being the latest version – and offers video tutorials for every learning module. The improved accessibility and ease of use make this software perfect for users of all ages and professions.

Features of 7-Speed-Reading EX

Video Tutorials – Each technique or method included in the software uses expert video tutorials to help you understand and recognize the different techniques. The videos effectively prepare you for running any of the 15 exercises that are included in the program.

Effective Training Modules – 7-Speed-Reading uses 7 different advanced strategies to help you become a faster reader. These strategies cover nearly all aspects of speed reading and comprehension. This approach is supported by the option to upload individual material, create own classes or share material with other students.

Excellent Reports – 7-Speed-Reading software gives you some of the most comprehensive and detailed reports on the market. Progress tracking is presented with the help of graphs and charts that help you understand your current skill.

Bad reading habits – It tackles all important bad reading habits. The cloud tutor addresses sub-vocalization and regression or helps improve eye muscle fitness, memory, vocabulary and information processing.

Accessibility – The EX 2020 version can be accessed from any location, laptop and desktop PC. It’s fully cloud-based and synchronizes user account across systems.

  • Expert video tutorials
  • Step-by-step training
  • Huge library of 20,477 eBooks
  • 5 user accounts
  • Cloud version with unlimited installs
  • Individual progress tracking
  • Synchronization with all systems
  • Group learning and social sharing
  • Modern interface, navigation
  • Excellent user support
  • No trial versions to test
  • Cloud version may limit offline access

7-Speed-Reading (visit product website) is an attractive tutor in many ways. It offers a comprehensive feature set and also more functions compared to many other speed reading programs. The top-selling feature is certainly the expert video courses designed by the world’s leading speed reading experts.

The fact that you can access from anywhere, import your own documents, choose from more than 20,000 different eBooks, learn in groups or share results makes it one the most content-rich and best speed reading software on the market. Available for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Chrome systems

Rating: ★★★★★
Price: $79.95

2. Iris Speed Reading Course

Iris Reading (visit website) offers speed reading courses people can either attend in person or book online as self-paced video courses. Both types of courses aim to increase speed, improve memory, reading comprehension, productivity and the ability to retain large amounts of information.

Iris Speed Reading has been a popular choice for universities, government agencies, corporations, and particularly individuals who wish to teach themselves to read more effectively. With enough practice and motivation, students should be able to improve their reading performance significantly.

Iris In-Person Classes – Iris Reading offers local classes (view cities) in major cities around the globe including New York, Chicago, Toronto, Singapore, Mumbai or London. These courses aim to offer more personal experience and allow them to practice on the spot, ask questions and network with other people to share experiences. This is suitable for everyone including individual learners, a group of friends, colleagues or companies in general.

Iris Online Classes – If you have different learning preferences, time is an issue or there aren’t any live courses available in your city, Iris offers three online courses and matching different learning levels. They consist of video lectures, a certificate of completion, and bonus materials such as ebooks or PDFs. The videos can be streamed or downloaded, and they are compatible with mobile devices.

Foundation Speed Reading Course – The Foundation is suitable for beginners and based on the in-person class. There are over 5 hours of video content. This course will teach you the fundamental speed reading techniques and topics will generally improve speed, comprehension, and retention.

Advanced Courses – Iris offers two advanced courses to follow-up the Foundation class: Mastery Class and Advanced Comprehension & Memory Course. In the first one, you will learn to read chunks of words, eliminate subvocalization, expand your eye vision and sharpen your focus. There is also a bonus lesson included covering strategies to prepare for tests like ACT/SAT, GRE, and LSAT.

The second course is all about memory and will encourage students to try and master techniques based on the Link System, the Peg System, the Memory Palace System, and to use visualization to better remember numbers, facts or people.

Verdict – Iris is certainly one of the most trusted names in the field of reading improvement offering a variety of speed reading courses for different learning goals and levels. Foundation is the most basic course to get started. Those familiar with speed reading may consider the advanced courses to further improve efficiency, comprehension, or memory.

Rating: ★★★★★
Price: Online from $50. In-Person classes from $199.

3. Rev It Up Reading Software

Rev it Up Reading (visit website) is a 5-hours speed reading software course to teach you advanced techniques and memorization skills.

Abby Marks Beale will be your teacher who is one of the most recognized ones in the industry. This course is ideal for those who wish to combine software, tutorials and tracking with personal support from a teacher.

Overview – Rev It Up consists of 9 modules and aims to teach students to read faster on paper and digital devices. Furthermore, improving comprehension rates and general concentration skills is another focus of this popular speed reading software. After completion, you will be able to manage your workload more efficiently, reduce overall stress and take notes from non-fiction material quick and easy to review.

Features – Individual email support is one of cornerstones of Rev it Up Reading. You can ask Abby any questions and she will answer you very quickly. The 9 modules will teach you all the techniques that you can immediately practice with built-in exercises and drills. A progress tracking feature provides you with essential data on speed, comprehension and activities.

Verdict – Rev It Up actually combines the benefits of offline and online learning. Technology allows you to run timed exercises with progress tracking, and personal support ensures you can ask someone when you feel the need to.

Rating: ★★★★★ Visit website.
Price: from $49.95 for 7-Days Pass. $149 for 180 Days. $199 for 365 Days.

4. Spreeder Software

Spreeder (visit website) is an interesting speed reading software app that lets you understand digital content in the fastest way possible using RVSP technology. It also combines those features with basic tutorials and techniques to improve speed and comprehension.

Targeting high school and college students as well as consumers of lengthy web content, Spreeder software promises 3x times faster reading speeds and increased productivity in your life.

Overview – Developed in collaboration with speed reading experts, the Spreeder app wants to help tackle information overload, and thus, save time and increase efficacy. It uses RSVP technology (rapid serial visual presentation). Generally, it will highlight information as chunks of words and at a preset speed. A user won’t need to move their eyes at all while reading.

Features – The software is fully adjustable to a user’s needs, ad font-size, type and background colors can be set in less than a second. 4 auto reading modes can adapt to your current reading goals: Serial, Flow, Highlight and Scroll. Of course, users can always go through text manually. You can copy and paste any web URL, text or document and start reading immediately.

Tracking and stats – After opening the app, a well-designed dashboard offers information on reading speed, focus and time. You can set smart goals toward your speed. There is also an option to learn in groups if you prepare for exams and have to go through lots of material together.

Accessibility – Spreeder accepts over 46 files and eBook formats allowing to read digital content from virtually any source. It is independent of a platform or operating system and can be accessed online or as installation on Windows, Mac OS, Linus or Chrome computers. Once the license is valid for 3 years including updates, unlimited installations and up to 5 user accounts.

Verdict – One of the best speed reading software apps to actually process digital content. It offers some basic tutorials and tips and therefore ideal for those who want to learn by practicing on real-world material.

Rating: ★★★★☆
Price: $69.95 (PC & Mac). View website.

5. AceReader Elite Classic

AceReader is very popular and easy to use speed reading software with more than 50 educational awards and honors. It comes with a well structured interface that is not cluttered with unnecessary options. It has several training modules that not only teach you to read faster, but also encourages you to expand your vocabulary.

One of the best features of the software is its exciting games that keep your interest intact. You can customize your learning experience by selecting specific exercises to create individual training modules. AceReader is best suited for high school/college/university students or professionals reading different materials.

Features of AceReader

This edition now comes with even longer tests and more questions; the drill text has been further optimized to stay interesting.

Navigation – There are 3 different ways to learn and train: Course Mode, Menu Mode and Reading Mode. The Course section is the simplest way to get started and it will walk you through an auto-adjusting training course. In Menu Mode you will have more control and be able to pick and choose from all training activities. Reading Mode lets you practice with material to master your skills.

Fun and accessible – A course mode with a step-by-step training module will help you increase your reading speed. The module perfectly balances different training methods and games to keep your interest intact.

Custom text import – It allows you to grab just about any article from the web and import it into a training module. You can also import text from .doc, .pdf and emails.

Extra features – AceReader Elite offers everything a popular speed reading software should have. It has more than enough content to keep you going on for a long time. There are 800 themed tests, leveled drill and game content as well as vocabulary exercises or text-to-speech capabilities.

  • Extensive reporting
  • Over 200 different exercises
  • Fun brain games
  • 625 eBooks are built in
  • Well balanced interface
  • Soft on computer memory and CPU
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Excellent after purchase support
  • The premium version is costly
  • Extra add-ons have to be purchased

Verdict – AceReader is an excellent speed reading software. It comes with both basic and advanced features in a single package. It also offers some of the most fun and exciting games available in speed reading software. This makes AceReader a great choice for kids and adults alike. Teachers around the globe use the program to teach their students and appreciate their scientific background.

Rating: ★★★★☆
Price: $69.95 (PC & Mac). An online version is available.

6. Reader’s Edge Software

Reader’s Edge 6 comes with some of the most detailed and effective speed reading exercises. It stands apart from its competition due to the fact that it has reading material and training modules tailored for all ages. It also allows you to customize goals and display custom text according to your needs.

The only problem with the software is its limited user accounts on the basic version. If you want to buy this program for multiple users, you need to pay extra money for professional or network versions. This speed reading software is suitable for both adults and young readers.

Effective Training Modules – Reader’s Edge incorporates several techniques and methods to help you increase reading speed and gain new vocabulary. It also has visual training exercises that help you read and register text faster.

Huge Library of eBooks – Reader’s Edge offers nearly 300 eBooks to choose from as soon as you purchase the product. Each book is nicely categories according to their genre and reading level. The titles that are included in the software cater to the needs of people of all ages.

Automatic Reading Evaluation – when you first start the program it asks you to take an evaluation test. This evaluation test determines your current reading skills and presents you with text material that is suitable for your skill level.

  • Extensive library of eBooks
  • Clean and easy interface
  • Highly effective training methods
  • Visual exercises
  • Designed for all ages
  • 200 comprehension tests
  • Limited user accounts
  • Interface may be heavy for slower systems
  • Extra accounts available through professional or network version

Reader’s Edge is a complete speed reading software solution. The biggest advantage of this software is that all of its available material is designed to be read by people of all ages. This is an incredible buy if you want your children to learn to read faster.

Rating: ★★★★☆
Price: $79.95 (Online, PC & Mac). Professional version from $149.

7. Speed Reader-X

Speed Reader X isn’t really the best speed reading software out there for obvious reasons. It lacks training modules like comprehension training and there are no options to tailor reading lessons according to specific skills or age. However, if you look past these shortcomings, Speed Reader X is a decent speed reading software available at an affordable price.

7 Speed Reading Software Full Version Windows 10

Unlimited, multiple user accounts – Great for family and friends who want to work together and challenge each other. The software offers multiple accounts complete with individual track records.

Huge selection of eBooks pre-built – There are about a thousand different eBooks available to choose from as soon as you purchase the software. You will find eBooks in nearly all tastes and flavors like sci-fi, fantasy, fiction, novels, informative and history books.

Excellent training modules – Speed Reader X excels in providing a variety of different training modules. The best thing about these training modules is that they are designed to be extremely effective. This reading software tutor is great for high school and college students, especially those who pursue a degree in the English Language.

  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Impressive ebook library
  • 10 unique teaching lessons
  • Video tutorials
  • Simple interface
  • Simple but lacking interface
  • No reading comprehension tests
  • Lacks advanced features and reporting tools

Speed Reader X lacks some of the core components that other popular speed reading software offers. However, this can be forgiven due to its very affordable price and extremely effective learning lessons. This is a great software if you only want to increase your reading speed.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Price: $29.95 (Windows).

8. RocketReader

RocketReader stands apart from its competition due to its propriety teaching lessons. It uses some of the most advanced learning techniques to help you get rid of all the bad reading habits such as ‘skip back’, ‘slaving’ and ‘subvocalization. RR is great for professionals like doctors, lawyers, journalists, freelance writers and teachers.

Personal Documents Import – RR allows users to import their favorite articles from the web with just a single click. You can grab any news article and import it to help you keep your interest while you learn to read quicker.

Organized Text Material – RockeReader speed reading software does not come with pre-built eBooks, however, it does have a very large selection of different text pieces to practice reading on. These texts are organized to help you find exactly what you are looking for. It has texts from literature, science, history, fantasy, fiction and short stories.

Reading Comprehension Tests – RocketReader puts reading comprehension on the top by helping users learn new vocabulary at the same time when they are learning to read quicker.

  • Import custom documents
  • Multiple user accounts, individual tracking
  • Excellent user guide
  • Well organized text library
  • Lacking interface
  • No eye training
  • No eBooks
  • Expensive
  • No brain games

Verdict – Rocket Reader is a great all-rounder. We love the fact that it encourages users to learn new vocabulary as they are learning to read faster. But we also wish it would come with eBooks which is a standard feature of nearly all speed reading software. With no eBooks and minimalist interface design, we believe the price is also steep.

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Price: from $139.95 (PC & Mac).

Best Speed Reading Software Course 2020: The Verdict

If you wish to increase your speed and expand your vocabulary the above list contains the best speed reading software courses to help achieve these goals. Now, it all depends on your needs and budgets to select the one that suits you best.

Recommendation – We believe that 7 Speed Reading (Visit Product Website) is an ideal choice for anyone because of its unique 7 different learning strategies, it’s online accessibility and a huge library of free eBooks. We also like the fact that it teaches you how each method and technique works with the help of video tutorials.

Follow-up – Iris Reading or Rev It Up Reading are excellent alternatives to 7 Speed Reading and offer similar features. They also target both speed and comprehension. If you prefer your tutor to be available offline, coming with unlimited accounts, or has a long history of awards and praise by universities and government than these courses are a good choice.

Alternatives – If you don’t like the three software and course suggestions above, we recommend considering either Spreeder or Become A SuperLearner. These two have become increasingly popular in the last few years and feature good content, learning methods and excellent support.

Best Speed Reading Software & Courses 2020

  1. 7 Speed Reading ★★★★★
  2. Iris Reading ★★★★★
  3. AceReader ★★★★☆
  4. Reader’s Edge ★★★★☆
  5. Spreeder ★★★★☆
  6. Rev It Up Reading ★★★★★
  7. Speed Reader-X ★★☆☆☆
  8. RocketReader ★★★☆☆
  9. Become a SuperLearner ★★★★★

Other Speed Reading Software, Apps and Courses

The market is rather large with many more options available than we have covered in this review. Below are alternative options both free and premium to complete this round-up of apps and courses.

Become a SuperLearner – Still one of your favorites when it comes to combining speed reading and memory techniques. This is an affordable Udemy course teaching you all the basics but with a focus on how to memorize and recall a huge amount of information. Combines well with software as a backup course.

eyeQ Advantage – Touted as one of the best speed reading software regarding eye training and reducing focus points during reads. Offers good training, progress tracking as well as drills and games.

Read Quick for iOS – Will allow to process your digital reading quickly. It does not offer any training, drills or exercises.

Quick reader for iOS – Ideal for those who wish to read books on mobile devices.

ReadMe! for Android – One of the few available on all mobile platforms. Using Spritz as many other apps mentioned here.

Syllable for iOS – Small and simple app for iOS devices. Highlights words quickly to reduce bad habits such as subvocalization.

Wear Reader – Designed for smartwatches to allow quick reading on smallish screens. It backs on Spritz technology but it does not teach you any techniques.

Speed Reader App – An RSVP app to quickly process content. Allows sharing from Pocket, Feedly or ColorNote to start reading. Works best with in-app purchases.

If you think the best speed reading software 2020 for Mac and Windows is a different program and should make it onto this list, please suggest them in the comments below.

7 Speed Reading Software Full Version Free

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