A Chinese Ghost Story Game Download For Mac

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A Chinese Ghost Story Online Game (Chinese:新倩女幽魂) is a Chinese fantasy MMORPG from Chinese developer NetEase.

Download God Of War - Ghost Of Sparta ROM for Playstation Portable(PSP ISOs) and Play God Of War - Ghost Of Sparta Video Game on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device! Sense - 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story is a 2.5D game inspired by Clock Tower and Fatal Frame. With careful attention to pacing, atmosphere and storytelling, Sense hopes to return the horror genre to its roots; celebrating the slow, fearful creep of dread instead of relying on over the top action and jump scares. A Chinese Ghost Story Online is an MMORPG set in a fantasy version of ancient China. Loosely based on a short story by Pu Songling, its plot focuses on a love story between a human man and a ghost woman. It features realtime combat along with traditional MMORPG-style questing.

A Chinese Ghost Story Game Download For Mac Windows 10

The game’s story is based on a classic romantic movie of the same name which tells a love story between Hsiao-Tsing and Ning Tsai-Shen.It’s very popular in China or others countries.
Hsiao-Tsing is a beautiful ghost girl and Ning Tsai-Shenis a brave human boy.
The Chinese Online Game was launched in 2012 by NetEase,which attracted attention from many players and fans.
This year,A Chinese Ghost Story become popular onece again cause an idol drama called Love 020.The MMORPG also released its newest expansion,players even could rob bride in this update.
Along with the idol drama,A Chinese Ghost Story gets favored from many new and old gamers.
More and more fans wanna play this hot and romantic game even don’t know difficult Chinese.Besides,there is no English version or patch atm.
Here I wanna introduce How To Register,Download and Play A Chinese Ghost Story outside China in detail.
A Chinese Ghost Story Online Game official site:http://xqn.163.com/index.html
Events page:http://xqn.163.com/fab/

Part 1.Registration

Enter your email and password to create a A Chinese Ghost Story Online Game account like following:

Part 2.Download and Install

Head to download page and start download the full client of A Chinese Ghost Story Online by Downloader.
Click “官方极速下载” to start download.It may takes time to finish cause it’s 4.3G.
or you can click here to get A Chinese Ghost Story Online Client:http://qn.gdl.netease.com/qn_full_dl.exe

A Chinese Ghost Story Game Download For Mac

When finish,it will be set up automatically.Then choose one server you wanna play from Main Servers and login to start play.Or you can login later.
You can refer to this following pictures step by step to enter game.
Game’s Fonts:
Terms of Use:
Verification Code:

A Chinese Ghost Story Game Download For Mac Os

Or you can login here like this:

Finally, all you need to do is enjoy this hot and romantic Chinese Online Game.

Moreover,if you’re not living out in China,it may has high ping or laggy cause its server is in China.
A Chinese Ghost Story Game Download For Mac
A VPN or Online Game ping Accelerator may give you smooth and fast gameplay experience like WTFast,Killping or Lonlife.

A Chinese Ghost Story Game Download For Mac Full

Highly recommend Lonlife Booster to you guyz cause it does work for me and my friends.It designed for players who wanna Chinese server of Online Games (like A Chinese Ghost Story Online,JX Online 3,Moonlight Blade,Revelation Online etc.)but not living out in China.It gives me 190ms ping even peak time.