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  1. Wii Action Replay License Key Generator

Wii Action Replay License Key Generator

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Action Replay DSi

Developer: Datel
Publisher: Datel
Platform: Unlicensed Nintendo DS
Released in US: October 2009
Released in EU: October 2009

This game has debugging material.
This game has unusual dummy files.

Action replay wii license key generator free

Action Replay DSi is an upgraded version of Action Replay DS including (obviously) DSi support and DSi-enhanced game support, such as Pokémon Black and White. It's also the last traditional Action Replay to be made: the Nintendo 3DS only received a PowerSaves revision, and the Wii got a license key for a web application that immediately became obsolete when (free) homebrew received AR code loading before it even released.

It was discontinued fast, to say the least.

Game & Watch Collection

On a standard Nintendo DS or Lite, the Action Replay will just show itself as Action Replay DSi for the banner. However, on a DSi, it uses the Game & Watch Collection banner instead, and on extremely rare occasions, the Action Replay will load Game & Watch Collection instead of the Action Replay menu. This is needed to bypass the signature verification found on the DSi; on a DSi the cartridge initially pretends to be Game & Watch Collection (returning hardcoded data if it detects that it is being read by the DSi menu) and then later tricks it into booting the Action Replay code by returning different data when the menu reads from the same location multiple times while only verifying the data once.

Erase all data

If you press L + R + A + B + X + Y at boot, a message will pop up to delete all data. If you say no, the Datel screen will have graphical glitches.

Debugging screen

To do:
Footage of this

If you press L + R + A + B + X + Y at the Datel screen, both screens will turn cyan, then two lines will pop on the top screen. The lines will turn from cyan, to blue, to flashing white and pink to a random color. A dark green that switches to light green square will also appear on the bottom-left of the screen. On the bottom screen, the hardware version, software version, read retries, flash IDs, SD sectors, 1st checksum and flash checksum will appear.

BIOS/Firmware ROMs
ConsolesFamicom Disk System • GameCube • Wii (Prototype) • Wii U • Switch (Prototype)
FamicomBox • Demo Vision • NES Classic Edition • SNES Classic Edition
HandheldsGame Boy Color • Game Boy Advance (Prototype) • DS • DSi (Prototype) • 3DS
Official AccessoriesSuper Disc • Super Game Boy • BS-X • Game Boy Camera (Hello Kitty Version) • GB Memory • 64DD • e-Reader • Game Boy Player
Unofficial AccessoriesStudyBox • Game Genie (Game Boy) • Pro Action Replay (NES) • Game Genie (SNES) • Pro Action Replay (SNES) (MK2, MK3) • Action Replay (GameCube) • GameShark (Nintendo 64) • GB Hunter • Tri-Star • XBAND (SNES) • Action Replay DS • Action Replay DSi
Arcade SystemsTriforce
ConsolesGenesis • Sega CD • 32X • Saturn • Dreamcast (Prototype) • Genesis Mini
AccessoriesSega Graphic Board v2.0 • Game Genie (Genesis) • Sega Channel (US) (Prototypes) • Visual Memory Unit
Arcade SystemsSega Titan Video • Sega Hikaru • Triforce
ConsolesNeo Geo • Neo Geo CD
Arcade SystemsNeo Geo • Hyper Neo Geo 64
ConsolesPlayStation • PlayStation 2 • PlayStation 3 • PlayStation Classic
HandheldsPlayStation Portable
Bit CorporationGamate
BrezzasoftBrezzasoft Crystal System
CommodoreAmiga CD32
KonamiBubble System • System 573
LeapFrogLeapster • LeapPad • LeapFrog Epic
MicrosoftXbox • Xbox 360
NabiNabi SE
NamcoNA-1/NA-2 • Triforce
NECTurboGrafx-CD • United Amusements PC Engine
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