Animator Vs Animation Game

Play online: Animator vs Animation Game In Animator vs. Animation a great game of all time section where you can be oppressive or rebel animator animation, a game full of action and fun, enjoy more KIZ10. Once again Alan Becker makes a classic quality flash movie and raises the bar with Part 2 of Animator vs Animation. If You Like Animator vs. Animation 2 Try: Animator vs. Animator vs Animation is an amazing stick-man cartoon where the little figure is battling the mouse that drew it. In this game version, you play as the animator first. You must draw weapons, then use them to destroy the stick-man. Animation Game – ALAN BECKER Animator vs. Animation Game After finishing Animator vs. Animation II (late 2006/early 2007), I received a message on Newgrounds from a high school freshman named Charles Yeh who wanted to help me make a game version of the animation. I looked at the stuff he had made and I was extremely impressed. Play Animator VS Animation Game. Upon first starting the game, you can choose between whether you would like to be the oppressive animator or (if it's unlocked) the rebellious animation, itself. The animation aspect of this game (and character) comes in the form of a simple stick man.

  1. Animator Vs Animation Game Y8
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Animator Vs Animation Game Y8

Animator vs animation game free
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