Backyard Baseball 2001 Download Full Version

  1. Backyard Baseball 2001 Download Full Version

Backyard Baseball 2001 is part of the long running Backyard Baseball series, but this one could be one of the very best. This is one of the most charming arcade-style baseball games you will ever play. Even though it is what could be referred to as “retro” this is still a fun time if you like old school arcade baseball games.

That Classic Style

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Yamaha big bear 400 manual download. The first thing I have to mention is the presentation. I am a big fan of the way the whole Backyard series of games looks and this one is no different. They do all share a similar art style, but I feel that Backyard Baseball 2001 has more chunky and well defined kids and characters and it gives the game a lot more personality.Also while this is a game about kids playing baseball, it does actually have the MLB license so that is really cool and makes the game even more fun. They have the likenesses of many players, but it in kid form so that is awesome.

Backyard Baseball 2001 Download Full Version

Plenty To Do

The game modes are exactly what you would expect from a game in the Backyard Sports series. Backyard Baseball allows you to play a single game. This mode lets you change the difficulty level from tee-ball all the way to hard. You can change innings, errors pick your stadium and so on. It is a great way to learn the basics of the game.You also have Season Play which is Backyard Baseball 2001’s main game mode. Here you will take your ragtag group of kids on a quest to win different championships. This is way more fun than it should be. If you do well here your players can be in the Hall of Fame. Speaking of players there is a trading card book where you can learn more about the different players.Backyard Baseball 2001 also had an online mode and I am sure there is someone out there who has a server that allows you to play this online. In multiplayer I would bet that this game is an absolute blast! The core gameplay no matter if it is pitching, fielding or batting is very simple and it plays like a 90s arcade-style baseball game. It is just all about having fun and fun is the best way to describe it.

Like A Cartoon

The art style of Backyard Baseball 2001 is great. It really does look like something that would have been on Nickelodeon in the 90s, probably in between Rugrats and Rocko’s Modern Life! It has a very charming and wholesome look to it and the way the different “stadiums” look is very well done too.

Backyard baseball 2001 download full version

Backyard Baseball 2001 is a game I had a lot of fun with. Is this the definitive Backyard Baseball game? I actually think that I would say that this is where the series peaked. Even though games would be released for the next decade on different systems. It is Backyard Baseball 2001 that people seem to most fondly remember. If you are bored of games like MLB The Show and want a fun baseball game, you do not get much more fun than this.



  • Has a charming Nickelodeon like art style
  • Makes great use of the MLB license
  • Gameplay is fast and fun
  • It is easy to learn the basics
  • Classic arcade style baseball


  • Season mode is not as in-depth as a modern game
  • Online mode can be hard to get working these days
Overall rating: 8