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Downloading Bamini font just left one step!!! Bamini is one of the important font in the state of Tamil Nadu. I'm assuming you're not a robot, you're a man. But unfortunately our back hand code does not satisfy with Bamini download. Latha Tamil font free download – one of the popular Tamil fonts belongs to the Indic script-Tamil. This font is compatible with multiple operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and also Linux and MacOS. Latha Tamil font is available for free download available for both commercial and personal needs.

Suratha Bamuni (Bamini) Keyboard Help

  • Bamini Font is the modern and lovey layout font family which you can use in posters social media posts and site headers. Download and install this typeface for future use. The historical past of Calendars goes all of the means back to 2010 when it was designed for (you guessed it) a calendar project.
  • The major problem is some unicode font supports some mobile models only, Many android mobile does not support the unicode font. Now in the android market we got one tamil unicode font. I attach the link below Here the market link is: km Tamil unicode font Download and install the above font it is very easy to enable Tamil unicode font.

Bamini Font How to Install? If you want to install the Bamini font for android and other tools like word, follow the step-by-step guide. Bamini Tamil Keyboard Layout. The perfect way to learn and map the keyboard layout. No matter if you are an expert or a newbie, check the correspondent letters in English for the Bamini Tamil Keyboard layout. Oct 14, 2019 Bamini Tamil Font Download For Windows 10 Version In Settings, click System. Click Apps & features. Click on the link, Manage optional features. Bamini font is also called as “Baamini Font”. Actually, Bamini is a very famous Tamil font used for graphics design, magazines, simple text, documents, and anything, especially on Adobe Photoshop. The best website for free high-quality Bamini Tamil fonts, with 17 free Bamini Tamil fonts for immediate download, and 12 professional Bamini Tamil fonts for the best price on the Web. Bamini tamil keyboard free download - Kural Tamil Software (Tamil), Tamil Keyboard, Tamil Typing Keyboard with English to Tamil, and many more programs.

Keyboard © 2008 and Tavultesoft

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This keyboard, usually known as the Bamini layout, is designed for the Tamil language. It is originally based on a Tamil typewriter keyboard, and is used particularly in Sri Lanka. The keyboard is designed for users who are familiar with both this layout and the Tamil script, as consonants and vowels are typed in written order, and is intended for use with a normal QWERTY (English) keyboard.

Most computers will automatically download a special font if needed to display this language correctly.

Click here to see other keyboard layouts for Tamil.

Keyboard Layout


This keyboard layout is largely based on the Tamil typewriter, with separate keys for consonants, vowels and vowel diacritics. Most of the characters used in Tamil are combinations of consonants and vowels, and these do not appear on the keyboard. Instead, the appropriate vowel diacritic is typed either before or after the consonant, in the same order as it would be written. Note that some diacritics will not be displayed until a consonant is typed.

For example, the standalone vowel is entered by typing ,, but in combination with a consonant, the ி diacritic (p key) is usually typed instead, after the consonant, and the consonant-vowel combinant will be displayed. Pressing Backspace once will delete only the vowel component, so the character displayed on the screen will change back to the consonant, and change again if a different diacritic is typed.

Grantha letters, which are used for typing Sanskrit, appear on the keyboard and are treated as normal consonants.


LanguagePhraseMeaningType the following keys
Tamilதமிழ்Name of languagejkpo;

Bamini Font Download For Android

Keyboard Details

The full keyboard layout consists of the eighteen consonants க ங ச ஞ ட ண த ந ப ம ய ர ல வ ழ ள ற ன, four Grantha consonants ஸ ஷ ஜ ஹ (க்ஷ and ஸ்ரீ are typed with key combinations), eleven vowels அ ஆ இ ஈ உ ஊ எ ஏ ஐ ஒ ஓ, vowel diacritics ி ீ ா ர் பெ பே பை , combinants and components சூ கூ மூ டூ ரூ ஞ று நு சு வு லு ரு ழு யு ளு னு கு பு து மு டு ணு டி டீ and the Pulli and Aytham marks, as well as various punctuation marks. The vowel is typed using a combination of keystrokes.

Although Tamil characters are typed using separate keys for consonants and diacritics, the characters that appear on screen will be combinants, which the computer sees as a single character. This means that while two (or more) keystrokes are required to display most consonant-vowel combinants, when you use the arrow keys to move the cursor through the text, only a single keystroke is needed to move past each character. Moving the cursor to the left of a combinant character and pressing Delete will erase the whole character, but if you move the cursor to the right of a combinant and press Backspace, only the vowel component will be erased. This is the case whether the vowel component appears to the left or right of, above or below the consonant.

Vowels and Pulli Marks

In general, characters should be entered with this keyboard in the same order as they would be written on paper. When a vowel or part of a vowel appears before a consonant, it should be typed first. When the vowel component appears above, below or to the right of a consonant, it should be typed after the consonant. The vowel diacritics பெ (n), பே (N) and பை (i) will not be displayed until a consonant is typed (in the preceding examples the consonant is shown). The first vowel is implicit in the consonants, so typing this vowel after a consonant will display this as a standalone vowel, and not combine it with the consonant.

Long vowel characters are typed either by a combination of [S*] the basic vowel key, or by pressing the vowel key twice.

Because the consonants contain the implicit vowel , to produce a pure consonant it is necessary to add the Pulli mark by typing a semicolon ; immediately after the consonant. Any vowel diacritic that is typed immediately after typing the Pulli mark will not be combined with the consonant. However, because this keyboard acts in a similar way to a typewriter, it is possible to type a preceding vowel diacritic followed by a consonant and the Pulli mark, or even a standalone vowel followed by the Pulli mark, producing odd combinations such as மெ் or அ். In every case, a consonant-Pulli mark combinant behaves the same way as a consonant-vowel combinant when you use the arrow, Backspace and Delete keys.

The SRii Character

This character is entered by typing ];uP. Currently, some browsers do not display this character correctly. Click here if you are having difficulty entering this character.

Keystroke Examples

Note: for a complete table of characters and keystrokes, click here. Where to download mac app store free.

The following table gives specific examples of how to input characters based on the consonant . The Grantha consonants, which are entered with [S*] key combinations, use the same input method. Examples of these with the consonant are also given below.

Tamil ConsonantsGrantha Consonants

For a complete table of characters and keystrokes, click here.


Using Tamil keyboards with Word 2007

Sometimes when using Word 2007, the Pulli mark is not suppressed correctly. For example:

Key sequenceCorrect outputWord output
க + அ + கககக்க
க + க + க+ கக்கக்கக்க்க்க

The easiest ways to deal with this are to move the cursor and press Backspace to delete the unwanted Pulli mark, or else enable the Text Services Framework Add-In if you are using Keyman Desktop Professional. Disabling Tamil language editing in Microsoft Office Language Settings will also correct the input behaviour, but this is not recommended, as it makes selection of fonts more difficult.


Some of the fonts included with Windows do not include all the Tamil characters that are available with this keyboard. In order to display every character correctly, we recommend you download and install Tamil fonts.

If the characters you type or those on the On Screen Keyboard do not appear to display correctly, please read the KeymanWeb troubleshooting guide.

Bamini Tamil Font Download For Android

Problem Solving

If the preceding consonant does not change to a vowel-consonant combinant character when you type a vowel, confirm that you have not typed a Pulli mark , which identifies the consonant as a pure consonant, or the first vowel அ, which identifies the consonant as the implicit-vowel consonant. Typing either of these after a consonant will prevent that consonant from changing to a combinant character.

Further Resources

Bamini Tamil Font Install

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Bamini font download for android

Technical Information

System Requirements

It is recommended that you use an English QWERTY hardware keyboard with this keyboard.

Unicode Version

This keyboard complies with Unicode 5.2


This keyboard was created by Suratha Yarl Vaanan ([email protected]), Mugunth ([email protected]) and Umar ([email protected]). For more information about keyboards produced by these developers, see Tavultesoft gratefully acknowledges the contribution made by the authors in developing this keyboard and making it freely available for use with Keyman Desktop and KeymanWeb. Their effort assists in enabling people to communicate in their own language. To contact the authors of this keyboard, click here .

Copyright and Terms of Use

The Thamizha Bamuni Keyboard for Keyman Desktop and KeymanWeb is Copyright 2008 and Tavultesoft. It may be freely distributed for non-commercial use, but may not be modified or adapted in any way without permission from the authors.

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Bamini Tamil font free download and installation guide – most used Tamil fonts in print medium, Photoshop designers, copywriters and marketing agencies of all kind. Bamini is great font used for graphic design, magazines, simple text, documents and anything. This font is available for free download and ready to use for individual and commercial needs.

Need Bamini Tamil font for your design? Download the font from the original user for the commercial needs.

Bamini Font: File Information

Font Name: Bamini

Type: TrueType Outlines

How To Install Bamini Tamil Font In Laptop Windows 7

Version: Altsys Fontographer 3.3 2/23/94

Bamini Font Download And Install

Copyright: Haran Graph. All Rights Reserved. RedistributionProhibited.

Bamini Font Free Download

Filename: bamini.ttf
File size: 26KB
Type: ttf

Bamini Keyboard Layout

Bamini font is most popular Tamil font used in Tamil typing. Here are displayed Bamini Keyboard Layout, you can use these keyboard to learn about Tamil letters and start typing in Tamil language by following the image of Bamini font and English key mapping – Bamini Tamil font free download.

Baamini Font: Installation Guide

Bamini Font Download For Android Apk

How to install Bamini Font Tamil font?

After downloading the Baamini Font,follow these simple steps to install the Tamil font

  • Download the file
  • Extract the zip file and locate the Baamini.ttffile
  • Double click the file and click install

On successful completion, you are ready to use the Baamini Font on your personal computer.

Bamini Font Supported Platform

How To Install Bamini Tamil Font In Laptop Windows 7

Being most popular Tamil font, Bamini Tamil is supported in multiple operating system and applications. You are ready to download, install and use the font. Below are the list of supported platform. You can Try our Bamini to Unicode Convertor

  • Windows OS : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Apple MacOS
  • Linux
  • Android and iOS Platform
  • Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator & other design tools
  • Microsoft Office Suite: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook

How To Install Bamini Tamil Font In Laptop Computer

Bamini Font Download For Android Studio

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