Benji Bananas Game Free Download For Mobile

  1. Benji Bananas Game Free Download For Mobile Legends

The best action adventure game on your Android! And it's free!
Exciting and fun physics based adventure game!
Fly from vine to vine, but watch out for dangers lurking in the jungle. Earn bananas to get upgrades, specials and power ups.
- Beautiful hand drawn graphics
- Fun physics based gameplay (swing a monkey along ropes to get forward)
- Make your run through various landscapes (temple ruins, waterfalls and jungles)
- Collect fruits like bananas and chilis to gain more upgrades
- Unlock special powers such as a jetpack, chili speed boost and eagle ride
- Cloth your monkey differently (ninja costume, gas mask)
- Different kinds of ropes (vines, snakes, burning ropes etc.)
Download now and experience the joy of flying along the vines through various environments!
Benji Bananas is available in over 50 languages, including English, French, German, Russia, Korean, Japanese & more.
If you have any issues with the game, please contact our support at [email protected]
Check out the Benji Bananas website at
Benji Bananas is developed by TribeFlame Ltd. and published by Fingersoft Ltd.

The only currency in the game is the banana. One of the key features of the game, bananas can be used to unlock new outfits for Benji, buy powerups, and a bunch of other stuff in the store. Since the game is quite tricky, you can download Benji Bananas to get unlimited bananas at zero extra cost. Special Powers Unlocked. 8/10 (8 votes) - Download Benji Bananas Android Free. Once you download Benji Bananas free for Android you won't be able to stop playing. Benji Bananas's an addictive adventure game based on the laws of physics. Do you like games based on the laws of physics, but you think that they don't have. Contoh program bahasa c++ menghitung luas segitiga. Benji Bananas (MOD, Unlimited Bananas) - a very fun and interesting game in which you will fall into the very heart of the jungle. Play a monkey and collect as many bananas as possible, swing on the vines and do everything possible to collect all the goodies. Benji Bananas - Free Download and Play Free On iOS and Android. Swing from Tree and Go Absolutely Bananas! IOS - Download on App Store. Android - Download on Google Play.

Benji Bananas Game Free Download For Mobile Legends

About this Game

Swing into the fun and exciting world of Benji Bananas from the developer of the same name. Explore various locations populated by a diverse collection of characters and contraptions. Then show off your platforming prowess and become the best banana collector in the wild.

Brilliant Graphics and Physics

Benji Bananas is an exciting platforming game that comes with brilliant graphics and physics. In addition, is the realistic swing mechanics that result in a seamless gameplay experience on each level. And to set the ambiance is a festive BGM that comes with engaging sound and visual effects. Moreover, all of these elements combined makes for one of the best platformers in the free-to-play genre of games.

Benji Bananas Swing in Style

Establish your character’s own identity using the diverse collection of customization items. In other words, transform Benji into a shinobi with the ninja costume or a post-apocalyptic primate with the gas mask outfit. Or customize your character’s rope by browsing through the diverse collection made up of vines, burning ropes, and even snakes.


Power-Up your Monkey

Swinging is not the only method used in banana collection in Benji Banana. Because scattered within each level are various power-ups that will make traveling as fast as a speeding bullet. Collect power-ups like jet packs, chili boost and eagle ride which is literally doing what it says. With that said, nothing can be more awesome than a monkey riding an eagle while collecting bananas. Try out this brilliant game today free of charge.

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