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  1. Download game android.
  2. Install Bloody Roar on Android To be able to download the game Bloody Roar for Android you need to perform a few steps. Because playing through the ePSXe emulator, it is a little different from the usual installation. First download and install the 2 files below.

Fight to the finish in Bloody Roar Extreme, the most ferocious brawler to hit the Xbox console!

You are in need of a monumental fighting game, beautiful characters, fully equipped. Bloody Roar is a game as you expect to own many things that help it stand for nearly 20 years. Released by Hudson Soft and then further developed by Konami. This is an offline game worth noting. If you do not know what the highlight of the game is, now you can scroll right down to find out.


  • 1 Bloody Roar – History of development
  • 2 Instructions to play the Animal Arena game
    • 2.2 Function keys in the game Bloody Roar

Some other names such as Bloody Arena, Martial Arts Department, … but the official English version is Bloody Roar has a fading position in the hearts of gamers. Games are usually accessible through new internet audiences. So it was like a childhood memory filled with intensity. The battle between a series of power symbols operated by skill play from each person makes good use of energy. Exchanging as well as creating the overwhelming enemy right away with the battle of defeat from the time when you’re not fluent in control. Soul Knight is also a favorite action game on mobile. Join the adventurous adventure waiting for you to conquer.

Bloody Roar – History of development

In the late 90s, specifically in 1997 the first name of the game was announced as Beastorizer. Get inspired separating parts of human history to build the legendary game. There exist two sources of power, until at some point that supernatural power rises to reverse the situation.

From a scientific perspective that can be interpreted as a genetic mutation, Zoanthrope is the common name for the entire character system. Soon after, Tyron discovered the story of Zoanthrope and payments began to take place. As a result, Tyron failed, but unfortunately Zoanthrope was exposed. And a stronger search began. The newly formed Zoanthroap Liberation Front (ZLF) was created to combat the extermination of humankind. The game screen in the game Arena Animal simulates that process by yourself owning separate destiny with no common fate.


Note below is the entire official version as well as the name, release year and system. And here, you can download Bloody Roar and install on Windows okay.

Standard equipment supported in the original Bloody Roar game: Ardace, PlayStation, Gamecube, Xbox, PSP. The new know before that if we want to play the game, we have to work like. Thanks to the advent of the emulator the experience was no longer confusing.

Reason Bloody Roar game has many names released by the publisher. Even the English name is not fixed in Bloody Roar. Maybe Bloody Roar: Primal Fury / Extreme. Currently the available versions installed on the computer are Animal Arena 1/2/3/4.

Character system

You can refer to the entire statistics table above for more listings. The detailed introduction of each character is quite long because the number is not small. While playing the game Bloody Roar, select few times you have enough understanding of all skills.

Check out some of the commonly used names: Yugo (Wolf), Alice Nonomura (White Rabbit), Bakuryu (Mole), Uriko Nonomura (Cat), Mitsuko Nonomura (Piggot), Busuzima (Chameleon), Gregory Jones (Gorilla), Steven Goldberg (Scarab), Hans Taubemann (Fox), Jenny Burtory (Bat), Alan Gado (Lion), Shina (Leopard), Shin Long (Tiger), ShenLong (Blue Tiger).

Instructions to play the Animal Arena game

Select game mode

In the game you will go through several introductory screens. By pressing Enter or X key to confirm continue. There are many functions but you just need to note Ardace (fighting machine) and VS (Playing 2 people). Finally, select the character with the arrow keys and confirm with the S key to enter the ring.

Function keys in the game Bloody Roar

With two game modes you need to note because the controls are different. However you can also customize. At a basic level when fighting a machine, the challenge is often on a level, now you don’t have to reset the function keyboard. See below to understand more what each key does.

1 player mode

Specifically, the keys will have the following function, stay tuned to know how to control.

  • S: Transfiguration.
  • X, S: Hand fight.
  • A: Bite.
  • Z: Rock.
  • Shift: Cool move.

2 player mode (Solo)

Although playing 2 people but in fact Player needs to operate on the same computer. Therefore we must pay attention to the function keys of each side. First, I will show you how to install the character control key for the 2nd person.

  • Click on Archivo> Configuracion.
  • Continue to select Controles> Check 2> Click on the box and set the key> Tipo: SCPH-1010: Control Standard> OK. Return to the game as usual.

Now the function keys for the 2 characters will be as follows, see the table below for more information.

FunctionNgười chơi 1Người chơi 2
Move4 arrows.Phím 2,4,6,8.
AttackKeys A, S, Z, X.Phím J, H, G, K
Transfiguration Keys S.Phím K
Confirm selected charactersPhím S.Phím K.
Bloody roar extreme download for android download

Install Bloody Roar on Android

To be able to download the game Bloody Roar for Android you need to perform a few steps. Because playing through the ePSXe emulator, it is a little different from the usual installation. First download and install the 2 files below.

  1. ePSXe APK: here.
  2. Bloody Roar 2: here.
  • You install ePSXe and open it and select Preferences.
  • Scroll down, in Screen Ratio choose Stretch.
  • Select Run Game.
  • The first time it will appear like this, select Skip then select Run Game again.
  • Now choose to play Bloody Roar II.

Bloody Roar is the right game to look for when you have free time. Brings a wide selection of players that will have something to explore in combat gameplay. You don’t have to bury yourself in the boring. Download Bloody Roar super attractive fighting game version.

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When the PSX first hit the streets, it seemed like fighting games were going to be the games of choice for most gamers. This led to the release of a ton of fighting games. Some were good and others were, well, not so good. Recently the trend has moved away from fighting games, and consequently there have not been many new fighting games hitting the streets. However, it looks like the fyht6hyh.ighting arena could be making a resurgence, and this time Sony will be in the middle with Bloody Roar.

Bloody Roar Extreme Download For Android Download


Bloody Roar is a 3D fighter, ala Tekken. The game packs in just about every option imaginable, and even some that you may not have imagined. The fighting is fast and action-packed, and it's simple to pick up a controller and start playing. The real selling point of the game is the morphing ability -- so read on to learn more. If the developers were hoping to make Bloody Roar a fighting game with a new twist, they were definitely successful.


Fighting games have become a dime a dozen. Nowadays you have to have something new, something inventive to make your game stand out from the rest. Knowing this, the creators of Bloody Roar have come up with a cool idea -- your character can morph into a beast during fights. When you morph, you will be stronger, faster, and have more attacks to help you rip your opponent to shreds. In a way, it reminds me of the old Genesis classic, Altered Beast, only it is a fighting game. Anyway, the morphing sheds some new light on the fighting arena. In the end, however, the gameplay isn't anything we haven't already seen before.

The morphing now makes each fighter, in essence, two different characters. This also let the developers design characters that somewhat resemble their beast counterparts, so when they transform, you can definitely see the connection. In a way, it is almost like there are 16 characters instead of 8. However, since you can only morph to the beast when your beast meter is high enough, it keeps you from staying in the beast form for the whole fight.

Since the morphing is such a big part of this game, the characters are very important and are obviously a huge part of the game. The 8 characters, both male and female, each have an altered ego that they can morph into. These beasts include a wolf, lion, mole, wild boar, tiger, rabbit, gorilla, and a fox. The idea is that the human character is much like the beast character. For example, the guy who morphs into the fox is said to be obsessed with things that are beautiful and hates everything ugly. The fox is supposed to symbolize beauty, so that is what he morphs into. The other characters follow the some idea.

Great, we know about the characters. That is all nice and dandy, but what really matters is the fighting engine and mechanics. The game uses a fairly simple fighting engine which requires single button pushes or double button pushes, and a direction to pull of the basic moves. That means that even an inexperienced player can start mashing some buttons and win a few games. For the more seasoned fighting vet, there are some more complex moves that can be pulled off that take much more practice and timing. I guess what it all amounts to is that you don't have to memorize every little button combo to be competitive, which is a plus in my book. With as many fighting games that I see, it is hard enough to remember simple actions, let alone a 5-stroke combo.

With a name like Bloody Roar, I was expecting some serious gore. I figured there would be more red on the screen than most people could handle. To my surprise, this was not the case. Well, that is not entirely true. At times, there was blood flying all over, but not always. It seems that when you were in your standard human form, the game was very much like a traditional 3D fighter. No blood or ripping of organs. When you morphed to beast, it was a whole new ballgame. Since you were a beast, it was only expected that the blood would be flowing. Some beasts had claws that would rip across the chest of the opponent causing blood to pump out the open wound. Other beasts would grab their opponent in their mouth and thrash them from side to side with blood gushing out of the victim. There is a setting to shut the blood off if you have a weak stomach. I was just impressed with how they incorporated the blood into the game only when you were a beast.

One last thing that I liked about the game was that when you would make it through the arcade mode, it would unlock different bonus items. Each character unlocked something different that would affect the game. The cool thing about it was that most of the bonuses that were unlocked were nothing major but just need little settings in the game. For example, you would unlock a mode that would turn off the life meter for both fighters so you did not know how much longer you or your opponent had left. This just was a nice little added touch.

I have a couple of minor complaints about the game. First, the fighting engine is pretty much standard fare for 3D fighters. Sure, you can morph and that adds to the game a bit, but the basic game mechanics and feel are nothing new. Next, I did not like when there was a KO because the screen would slip into slow motion and the background would change. For some reason, the slow motion thing just really annoyed me. It may have been because the game played pretty fast and when you hit the knockout blow, I did not want to see it happen in slow motion. The last thing that bothered me was that the camera angle on the KO replays was always terrible. Most of the time you could not tell what was happening in the replay because of the poor positioning of the camera. I know this really does not affect the gameplay, but it was still a bit annoying.


Bloody Roar has pretty good 3D polygon graphics. There were some times when the characters looked a bit blocky, but for the most part they looked good. The morphing to beasts was seamless and also looked good and did not seem to cause any noticeable slowdown. The different fighting arenas and backgrounds also were nicely drawn. I really did not like the way that the game slowed on a KO. At first, I thought it was a graphics problem, but later realized it was done intentionally. Bad idea.

Bottom Line

If you are a die-hard fighter fan and must own every fighting game made, you should be fairly satisfied with this game. For the casual fighting fan like myself, you will find the game entertaining but nothing revolutionary. Sure, the morphing was a great idea and worked really well, but it just did not change the fact that it was a pretty standard fighting game at heart.

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Overall rating: 7