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CAM350 Version 12.1 Highlights
ODB++ / IPC-2581 Support - full support is provided for the newer revisions of industry standard file format specifications including both import and export functions.
Multi Threading Support - full support for multi-threading has been implemented into the core DFMStream analysis algorithms. By taking advantage of native parallel processing in current multi-core processor, analysis times over a sample of designs were 3 to 5 times faster when compared to previous non-multi-thread enabled versions.
Expanded Support of Advanced Constructs and Design Techniques - New analysis options include trace to anti-pads on adjacent layers to validate 100% ground plane reference, and same net minimal spacing. In addition, analysis for negative planes was expanded to include minimal width and minimal gap between copper elements and anti-pads.
General Enhancements - Specific enhancements include enhanced detection for back drills, laser vias, and global fiducials, netlist compare for no connect nets, and so much more.
BluePrint-PCB Version 5.1 Highlights
Updated User Interface - The User Interface was updated to more current Windows standards. Toolbars and menus have been replaced with function-based ribbons. Commands that were previously several menu selections deep are now readily available from function specific ribbons. User interface elements previously fixed to the application frame can be detached from the application or hidden from view until recalled allowing the user complete control over the viewable area. Context sensitive ribbons with object specific commands and formatting options are presented for a selected item. The new update to the user interface provides expedient access to commands, reduces the learning curve and expedites the adoption of BluePrint for creating PCB documentation.
API Update - The application programming interface (API) was updated to increase the automation options available to users. New automation features include the ability to run BluePrint silently, prompt for a selection point, and the ability to retrieve geometry details from various BluePrint objects. These updates improve the existing robust API to provide greater flexibility when creating custom applications that interact with BluePrint.
Milling Pattern Checks - New milling pattern checking features were introduced to prevent or analyze a PCB assembly panel design for potential milling errors. Enable milling error prevention mode to create error free milling patterns based on user-defined criteria. User defined criteria includes mill tab keep in and keep out areas and minimal distances between mill tabs and adjacent objects. Additionally, compare milling patterns across all PCB images to ensure pattern match. Milling checks can also be performed as a post process or any time during the PCB assembly panel design process. These new milling checking options will virtually eliminate the incidence of milling errors in PCB assembly panel fabrication.
PCB Assembly Panel Documentation - PCB assembly panel documentation features were introduced to keep pace with user requests. These new features include panel specific document variables for use in creating custom dimensions and callouts. New panel specific dimension styles including panel coordinate dimensions and panel chamfer callouts. Additionally, the ability to associate (or pair) mill tabs and move them as a group. The new panel documentation features will facilitate creation of documentation with a greater set of requirements.
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