Clash Of Clans Hack Ios And Android

Our Hacking Method


Taking a minute to explaing our Clash of Clans Hacking Tool. We won't be explaining what it does in the backend, to prevent any abusing and especially not because of Supercell itself, as we don't want our exploit algorithm functions to be patched any soon.


How To Install Clash Of Clans Hack Version On IOS. Clash of clans hacks version will also work on iPhone. But the method to install this game on the iPhone is not the same as for the Android user. To install and play this game on the iPhone can be easy if you will simply follow the steps given below.

Our hack tool require your username only. It will bind all requested resources to it when all steps are completed. It takes a few minutes of your time until everything is set and ready. Once you type your username, you will be taken to next step where you should fill resources. There is different limit set for each resource input. With maximum of of Coins, of Elixirs, 9.999.999 of Dark Elixirs and 999.999 of Gems, you will be more than happy. You can do this multiple times of course, but resources won't be extended to your account as this is maximum amount and limit. However, when you run out of all or each of those, come back and redo the steps.

Clash Of Clans Iphone Hack

All your current resources will be replaced with the amounts you set in our hack tool input fields. Do not abuse our hack and do not use it more than three times daily.