Clash Of Clans Unlimited Troops Hack Download Apk 2019

Clash of Clans users wants to Download Clash of Clans Hack MOD APK to get unlimited resources like Gold, Gems, Elixir and Dark Elixir free of cost. Army troops, army camps, weapons, etc. WhatsApp Plus MOD APK Download (v7.00) Latest Version 2019. Clash of Clans MOD APK #1 Trending Kingdom Building & Combat Strategy Game App For Android. One of The Best Trending Kingdom Building & Combat Strategy Game In Which You Can Build Your Village,Train Your Troop And Go To The Battle.

Hi Shan Here come up with clash of magic Server,You can download latest verssion from below button,lets begin.Having infinite resources with thunder light server speed is the only thing one might wish while playing Clash of Clans. That’s where COC Private Servers kick in. Though, there are many Clash of Clans Private Servers available on internet, but Magic Server has got its reputation among the COC players.

Clash of Magic

The Clash of Magic Servers work perfectly fine at android as well as IOS Platforms. However, there might be different installations for each platform. You can install the Magic Server Modified APK by uninstalling the original game at all android devices. Apart from it, magic server can also be installed at IOS platform so that iOS users can also enjoy its privileges.

The Original Clash of Clans Game is an online strategic game in which different online players join together to form a Clan (players community) to attack other players and clans. The players takes resources from opponent players as a reward. Though, the original game has millions of downloads till now, but there is a little restrictions to it. The updates in the game take some time to get the particular feature unlocked. Apart from it, the premium resources such as Gems and Elixir are also in limited numbers for which you have to pay lots of money.

What if you can get all that for free?

Well, Magic Server is the rightful answer to all your Clash of Clans issues. By downloading and installing this server, you will get all you want in the game. To begin with, unlimited sources such as Coins and Gems. Secondly, you can also unlock the advance troops with Heroes and featured buildings.

In the original Clash of Clans game, you need to pay heavily for all this stuff. Not to mentions the annoying long wait for days. In short, the original game app is specifically designed for the users to spend their hard cash.

What is Clash of Magic Server?

Magic Server is an android APK file to play Clash of Clans without any worries. This COC Private server works as same as the original one, but you get all the elite options that the original game player gets after spending its money. Moreover, Magic Servers are also less crowded which in fact gives you fast connection to play Clash of Clans without any time delay.

Apparently, there are four Magic Servers as follow:

  • Clash of Magic S1
  • Clash of Magic S2
  • Clash of Magic S3
  • Clash of Magic S4

We will discuss each one of CO Magic Server here briefly. But first, we should discuss the features of Magic Servers.

Clash of Magic S1

If you have come so far to download this magical server for COC game, let us tell you more about the Magic S1 server. The Black Magic of S1 is a highly modified server to play Clash of Clans game. Not only it provides fast processing but also it allows you to create as many troops and buildings as you want. There is no limitation about the numbers of Troops and Buildings. You can create as you wish.

Apart from it, you can also enjoy the infinite amount of Gems, Gold Coins and Elixir which are the necessary resources to play the game with freedom.

You can download the Clash of magic S1 or The Black Magic From here (link).

Clash of Magic S2

The clash of Magic S2 is sometimes also called The Hall of Magic. This is the second private server if you are playing Clash of Clans with Magic Server. The sole purpose of S2 is to provide immediate access to the game if user is feeling any issues in Magic Server S1. So, you can switch to the Hall of Magic Server if you get any lags in Magic Server. Similar to the S1, this server is also highly modified and hosted at private servers.

If you want to download Magic S2. Click here on this (link).

Clash of Magic S3

Still, if you are facing troubles even at S2, you can further switch to Magic S3 which is called The Power Magic. Like the previous two servers, it is also a modified server to play Clash of Clans Game. However, the only purpose of Magic S3 is to provide early access to the online player, if it is facing issues at the other servers. However, you can still enjoy the premium features such as unlimited Gems, coins and Elixir at this server too.

To download Magic Server S3, Click here on this (Link).

Clash of Magic S4

The fourth but not the least server in Magic is S4. It is also known as The Power of magic 2 in the online community of Clash of Clans. The online users can enjoy unlimited resources at this highly modified private server in no time.

Clash of Magic Download

If you are still reading this page, you are about to get your reward. Yes you can download Magic Server for free. All you have to do is to click the link below. And voila your installation will start in no time.

Step by Step Guide to install Magic:

  • Uninstall the Original Game and COC Servers if you have any previously.
  • Download the Magic from here.
  • After you have download the magic APK file, go to the download folder.
  • Find the Magic APK file and click it.
  • Now, ignore the unknown resource setting and mark it yes to start the installation.
  • The installation is now on the run.
  • Congratulations! You have installed the Magic Server on to your mobile. Now you can enjoy the game with liberty.
  • Infinite Gems
  • Infinite Coins
  • Unlimited Elixir
  • Infinite Dark Elixir
  • Thunderous fast speed

Gems are the most precious resource in Clash of Clans game. A player can attack the opponent player to loot the Coins, Elixir and Dark elixir which are critical to build the base. However, you can enjoy this amazing feature for three times in 12 hours. In order to win more loots you need to spend more Gems.Magic servers provide unlimited Gems for you to enjoy the game with freedom.

Gold is the second most important resource in the Clash of Clans. Originally, you can only loot Gold Coins by invading a series of forty villages. This looted gold helps you build town walls and other base building. You can also earned gold by building gold mines. But, your joy may turn into sadness when you run out of gold. So, Magic Server offers you Gold coins in large numbers to build more buildings.

The Elixir and Dark Elixir are critical resources in COC to train and create more advanced troops. However, you need to build Elixir collectors and Elixir Storages to build and store these resources. That’s a hectic task. So, with Clash of Magic Server you can get rid of any stress to collect and store Elixir. Fantastic!

The most prominent and considerable feature of Magic Servers is that they are not congested with lots of users. This fact hikes the server speed to a thunder bolt level. In return, you get to play the COC game with no lags and time delay.

What Else you get by installing Clash of Magic Server APK?

Well, playing clash of Clans with Magic Servers has its own benefits. You can get Heroes, advance buildings and advance troops in the Magic in few clicks.


The Battle machine is the first Hero which is unlocked in the original Game at Level 5. He damages the nearby villages with his hammer and sits at battle Machine Altar when he is not attacking.

Having unlocked the special heroes in Clash of Clans is just a dream for a regular COC Player. However, if you are playing with Clash of Magic Server you can get The Barbarian King. This special hero appears exact like the normal barbarian but it is more aggressive and more powerful barbarian.

Apart from unlocking the Barbarian King, you also get Archer Queen for free. The Archer queen character fire archers as same as the normal archer. But, it does more damage and shoots 1.5 tiles farther than a normal archer.

Moreover, you also get Grand Warden which is the third Hero you will unlock in the original game. He is a weak character in strength as compare to the other characters but he gives huge support to the players in the game.


You can use many spells to defeat your enemies in the original game, but it takes so much time to unlock a specific spell. No you don’t need to worry about it if you are playing with Magic Server. You can unlock following spells by just clicking few times.

The first spell which is unlocked in Clash of Clans is the Power Spell. You can use Power spell against your opponent players to drop lightning bolts on enemy troops and buildings to destroy them.

What if you can copy the troops and make clones? This is what Clone spell does when it is used. The Clone spell makes clone of those troops which come under its radius. Which gives you instant power over your enemies.

Nothing is better than freezing your enemy for a while and do heavy damages. This is when Freeze spell comes to our aid. This amazing spell disables the enemy power and let us do heavy damage to it for a while.

What if you want to increase the rage of your troops? Well Magic gives us incredible spell of Rage. Which can increase the movement of our troops to do heavy damage and heal the nearby ally troops.

Builder Base Armies in Clash of Magic:

The Original Clash of Clans Game features Builder Characters who are responsible for building the Base with different building structures. However, it takes some levels to reach and unlock these specific Builders, but with Clash of Magic you instantly get unlocked these builders in no times.

Boxer Giants is one of the most prominent builders in Clash of Clans. It carries high hit points with and prioritizes defensive structures to boost the defense of your base.

The other base builder that you can unlock at seven is Canon Cart. Which is basically a Canon to focus on nearby enemy building and destroy them with cannon balls. After getting rid of nearby buildings it focuses on Guard Troops and destroys them by firing canons.

However, the last troop that you will unlock in Magic is P.E.K.K.A. This builder explodes and covers the area similar to a Giant Skelton upon death.

Elixir and Dark Elixir Troops:

You will get Unlimited Elixir and Troops.

How do the Clash of Magic server work?

It’s simple. They are hosted at high speed private servers which saves you from any incontinence of Time delay and interruption. Though, the Original Clash of Clans game serves at SuperCell servers, but they are crowded with lots of users. But,Magic is hosted at Private Servers which provide high speed connection to play the game with liberty.

The only difference between the original Clash of Clans and Magic Server is that Magic Servers are hosted at SuperCell Servers and you play the game according to the rules set by game developers. However, with the Magic you can play this amazing game with no limitations. So, in return you get unlimited Gems, with unlimited Buildings and Unlimited Troops. Lightroom classic cc 7.5 download for mac free. No Limits!

Clash of Magic Server Specifications:

  • 8th Generation iCore CPU with 4.2 GHz Processor
  • 32 GB DDR RAM
  • 1 TB SSD
  • 9% up time
  • Denial of Service (DDOS) Protection
  • Available at 4 servers S1, S2, S3 and S4

The 8th Generation iCore CPU with a processor of 4.2 Giga Hertz ensures the consistent fast processing of game connections. Whereas, 32 GB DDR RAM provides huge internal memory to avoid any game laggings and interruptions. Moreover, you can enjoy this game anywhere with the large external storage of 1 TB SSD of Clash of Server which gives you high speed connection to enjoy the game.

However, the distinctive feature of this Server is a 9% uptime. So it means you will enjoy the least crowded servers with fast speed. How good is that?

Apart from it, these Clash of Magic Servers are DDOS protected which means if someone tries to hack or block this service, they will be denied the access. In addition, if you are getting any issues you can switch to any of the S1, S2, S3 and S4 server to enjoy the best experience to play the game.

Android Requirements for Magic APK Installation:

Before you install the Magic APK on your android phone, we recommend you should check your phone system specification to check if it support latest version of Magic APK.

Magic APK requires following specifications for android phones:

  • You must have latest Android Operating System or higher than 4.0.3
  • You should have 100 MB free space at your Android Mobile Phone to install this game with a safe side. As, this game covers 85 MB space in Storage.
  • However, you can play the game at any Mobile Display screen. As the screen size does not matter in the game.

More Details about Magic Server APK:

  • Server Name: Clash of Magic
  • File Type: APK
  • File Category: App Store
  • File Version: Latest 2018
  • File Size: More than 30 MB
  • File Link: …………………

Clash Of Clans Unlimited Troops Hack Download Apk 2019

Advance Features with Clash of Magic Servers:

The first thing you need to keep in mind while playing Clash of Clans with Magic Servers is that there is no limitation for the numbers. You get everything unlimited. This means that you can create infinite numbers of custom buildings according to your wish. You just need to make some clicks ad you will get your custom buildings in no time.

Moreover, this version of Magic is easy to modify. Well, you can make changes into the game if you want to play the game on your own terms. Superb!

Our Say!

Though, Clash of Magic comes with magical features of unlimited resources and unlimited buildings which you don’t get in the Original Game. However, it is a Modified APK with an unknown Developer resource. So, if you are willing to install this game, you must do this task at your own risk. As, these unknown resource APK files sometimes bring creepy viruses and bugs to your phone. Which can be harmful if you have some serious data on your mobile phone. Apart from it, it is fun to play Clash of Clans game with Magic Servers with no limits.

Do being to the time of Middle Ages with heroic battles, exciting cards, heroes and gems excite you? If yes, then clash royale mod apk is the game you’re looking for! Clashing with other players worldwide with bows, arrows, and other ancient equipment in a dimension resembling Middle Ages with lifelike graphics would blow your mind. The troops and other features like resources, gems, and knights would resemble those of the clash of clans game by supercell.

As soon as the modified version of the original clash royale has emerged with the latest version 2019, it has become one of the most popular multiplayer games for android. It allows you to play with more features unlocked and a wide range of unlimited resources like gems, gold, elixir, etc. Let’s look at the prominent features you get once you download it from Clash Royale Private server. There are numerous servers available for you but try to download it from popular ones so that the updates keep your app bugs free and latest.

Unlimited troops

Defeating all the enemy’s troops with their heroes, dragons and knights seem quite a difficult task but with clash royale mod apk unlimited troops, you can have this brilliant feature to have the access to create unlimited troops for your army and enhance your gaming experience.

Unlimited gems

That is what the benefit of playing a mod game as you get the key elements in unlimited quantity to use in whatever means you please. With clash royale hacks for gems, you can have the access to free unlimited gems for your game by channeling your time so that you focus on earning them for free. The gems which can cost you in thousands can be of absolutely free once you download this mod apk from one of the private servers on the internet. After getting those gems you can level up easily by doing prompt upgrades with one click.

Unlimited resources

The mod apk boasts the free unlimited resources like gold, elixir, etc to upgrade your troops and spells in a single tap. This feature can take you quickly to a higher level without sticking to slow and difficult upgrades with limited resources.

Unlock all cards

The mod apk game is just like the original one where you can create your own clan or join other clans. It offers you to donate and receive cards as well. However, the best part is here comes the feature of all cards unlocked where you don’t have to struggle for the various cards which takes a hell lot of time to unlock.

Chest unlock

In the original game, it takes ages to unlock chests but in the mod clash royale apk, you would be able to unlock them in no time, thus saving your time to level up. Also, making use of CR tips and tricks is a good idea to unlock resources.

1vs1 and 2vs2

You can start a game of two players with one player by your side and a single match 1 vs 1 in case your friend is offline.

Royale ranking

Since the competition is going higher and higher globally, you need to earn trophies to level up your ranks on the board. The more trophies you get, the higher your rank would be in top royales global.

Emotes and new cards

One more unlocked feature is “emotes” which you get all unlocked and absolutely free. Also, you will get some new cards which you will only find in clash royale mod apk.

Private duels

These games are all about learning tactics, making strategies and learning from other’s experiences. Private duels allow you to make a community and challenge anyone in that community for a fight. You can not only improve your skills by fighting them but can also watch some of the best-played battles and learn from them. It allows you to create your own clan and ask your friends to join and have friendly battles or battles with members of other clans as well.

Clash Of Clans Unlimited Troops Hack Download Apk 2019 Download

How to install the clash royale mod apk on Android?

If you are downloading any app from other sources for the first time then the first thing you need to do is allowing installation from other sources in the security settings. Since the modified games are not available on the play store, you will have to download it from private servers on your browser. After enabling the other sources installation, click on the downloaded apk from your notification bar and install it.


Ignoring some glitches and bugs, the modified version would make you feel almost the same experience as the original one. It regularly gets updates to improve its features so it is absolutely reliable. Be in touch with the private servers from where you have downloaded your game.