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Massive DAT file editor for Simutrans sources. Massive DAT Editor is, as the name suggests a handy, simple, easy to use application designed to offer you a massive DAT file editor for Simutrans sources. Features Read multiple DAT files in a grid and allow edition Change image references in multiple DATs with a single edit Rename folder to.

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Game Editor 1.4.1 Beta

See the version history for a list of the latest features and improvements in our game creation software.

Get the beta version here (linux and windows):

Game Editor 1.4.0

Get the full version of Game Editor here:


In order to execute Game Editor, unzip the file and click on the gameEditor.exe file (you don't need to install it).


.dat File Editor Download

In order to execute Game Editor on Linux unzip the file and type (from a terminal window): chmod +x gameEditor ./gameEditorLinux

Mac OS X

In order to execute Game Editor on Mac unzip the file and click on the gameEditorMacOSX file.

GE Player

GE Player is a tool for iphone/ipad which allows to download .dat files directly to device without recompilation.

Download the iPhone or iPad version (requires a Mac with the Xcode to make the first compilation).


Source Code

You can get the source code and compile the full version of Game Editor.
The source code have the lastest development changes and can contain experimental features that are not stable yet.

Download Latest Source Code

Download Stable Source Code

.dat file editor download

Or use the SVN commad:

Dat File Editor Download

/zacharie-off-shimeji/. Read more about the Game Editor development here.

Dat File Editor Free Download

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