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July 02, 2017 All Game Android Game PPSSPP Android GAME PSP MOD GAME PSP PPSSPP Download Tekken X Dead or Alive (Nyotengu,BGM,BGCS) - PPSSPP Android Setelah saya vakum beberapa abad dari dunia blogger kali ini saya akan kembali membawakan postingan aneh-aneh dan khas yang cuma ada di Blog Aragami Yui.


Building on the popular DOA series’ signature fighting style, DEAD OR ALIVE 5 PLUS brings the spectacular graphics and new martial arts techniques of the recent console release to the PS Vita with all-new system-specific features. Players will take on the roles of the cast of DEAD OR ALIVE fighters in an intense, action-packed brawler set in visually striking locations from around the world, with each stage featuring backdrops that change and interact with players. With a sensual yet realistic style, characters are rendered in incredibly lifelike detail. New touch controls bring a completely new experience to fighting games. Simple taps, swipes, and pinches on your opponent trigger a variety of devastating moves. Using the Vita’s motion sensor, you can even play vertically for a first-person, full-screen view of your opponent. Both novice and expert players will also find even more ways to up their game with new training-focused modes and a new display of advanced frame data that reveals twice the amount of information for each move compared to previous versions. Tournament players will spend hours analyzing the best moves for their fights.


Dead or Alive 5 Plus - USA - Format: NoNpDrm - Game ID: PCSE00235

Link Google – Link Mega – Link Mediafire

Link Mirror Game + Update + DLC: Link Mega

Dead Or Alive 5 Plus Ppsspp

Dead or Alive 5 Plus - JPN - Format: NoNpDrm - Game ID: PCSG00167

Link Mega – Link Mediafire

Link Mirror Game + Update + DLC: Link Mega

Dead or Alive 5 Plus - EUR - Format: VPK - Game ID: PCSB00296


  1. Guide Install NoNpDrm Plugin PSVITA – Click Here

  2. Guide Install Game NoNpDrm PSVITA – Cick Here

Note: Send NoNpDrm format content to (If you do not have the folder then create new)

– File GAME (Folder “App”) place them in: “ux0:app”

– File DLC (Folder “Addcont”) place them in: “ux0:addcont/[GameID]/[DLCFolder]

Directory and the needed licenses on the “ux0:license/addcont/[GameID]/[DLCFolder]” directory of your console.

– File UPDATE (Folder “Patch”) place them in: “ux0:patch/[GameID]” Clash of clans gem hack no survey for android.

Dead Or Alive 5 For Ppsspp

  1. Guide Install Game MaiDumpTool PSVITA – Click Here

  2. Guide Install DLC & Updates MaiDumpTool PSVITA – Click Here

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Ppsspp

Dead Or Alive 5 For Ppsspp Download

Using FTP (Guide Here) or USB (Video Guide + VitaShell)

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