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Re: directv player doesn't work it is the directv player that i was prompted to download to my mac desktop to watch shows online. It is not an app when I try to watch a program on the google browser a yellow bar come up on top and says 'the follwing plug-in has crashed: PCShow Player Plugin and the video stop loading at 85%. The most popular Mac alternative is OpenGL, which is both free and Open Source. If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked 12 alternatives to Microsoft DirectX and eight of them are available for Mac so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement. Usually, Mac’s chat apps aren’t very easy on the eyes, but Colloquy is the exception. It’s really simple, clean and easy to use and has a feel of a high-quality Mac app. Plus, it’s available on mobile, as well.

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I didn't expect the Quest to be so clear! Immersed has been great for blocking out my distracting coworkers! And now they've signed up too! :)

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Directv app for mac computer

I've been using ImmersedVR since its launch on Quest. What an amazing experience and productivity booster. It's great to have all my screens, even when I'm moving from hotel to hotel.

I am using VR for structural geology purposes and needed to meet up with various professors in order to share info etc. I had downloaded Virtual Desktop, but it kept glitching, messing with the display of my computer and then crashing it! Anxiously I downloaded this, expecting the worst. Not only does it work. I think it has more to offer! This is a hidden gem!!!

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This is everything. This is the one that changed the whole game. I’ve been dreaming of working in VR for years to improve remote life. The possibilities of immersion in my work, increased collaboration from a distance, and an elaborate desk that requires minimal space. This one app hit every point. Life changed.

I use Immersed mostly for work, boosting my productivity and creativity. It works very well with my art programs (Adobe suite) so I can do work or simply work on personal projects.

By far one of the coolest apps I’ve come across in VR yet! I love that you can work on your computer literally from anywhere with multiple screens in VR, and even work with other people remotely. Super exited to see how Immersed continues to build this out over the coming years - I’ll definitely be following along (and invest if they let me lol). Amazing app!!

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Here we will help you to access Directv App For PC on your mac and windows operating systems. Directv For PC will let you watch thousands of movies and shows online on your computer pc.

What Is Directv

Directv is a premium subscription-based satellite television service provider which was started in 1994. The ccompany has been successfully completed its 23 years. At Directv, you can subscribe television and audio services. It uses satellite transmission to provide their services to their users. Its audio and television services are limited to United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. It doesn’t provide their services worldwide.

Other Products Offered By Directv

  1. Direct broadcast satellite
  2. Pay Television
  3. Pay-per-view
  4. Internet Television
  5. Owner AT&T

Subscription Offered By The Directv

  • Local television stations
  • broadcast television networks
  • Subscription based television services
  • Satellite radio services
  • private video services

How To Watch Directv On PC

If you are one who loves watching movies and TV shows so you must try the Directv which help you access films and shows anytime & anywhere if you have a working internet connection.

Below we are sharing how you can start enjoying the content of Directv on a windows PC (Computer)

Note: Directv is not a free service so first, you have to be the premium access to the site.

  • Visit here DIRECTV entertainment site
  • Log in with your subscription keys
  • Now tap “watch online”
  • It will bring you the list of videos, just select one
  • Enjoy

Note: if you select the program and it is showing activate or upgrade so it means you don’t subscribe or your subscription is ended. So just click on the “activate or upgrade” whatever you are getting to activate the premium subscription.

Computer Recruitment To Access Directv

Enable Adobe Flash Player: Your browser must have enabled adobe flash player. Every browser has a different setting to enable Adobe Flash Player so be sure you enabled it.

Windows version: It is compatible with only Windows 7 or later versions (8, 8.1, 10)

Web Browser: It is only accessible with the following browsers

Directv App For Macbook

  1. latest version of Firefox
  2. Internet Explorer 9, 10 for 32-bit users
  3. Internet Explorer 11 for the 64-bit version users
  4. Latest version of chrome

For the MAC Operating Systems

  • You must have Mac OS X 10.8.x (Yosemite)
  • Plus you also needed the latest version of chrome or safari


  • Good Database: It is having a great database collection of popular and latest released movies and TV shows.
  • Trusted and Secure: In term of security the service is completely secured and value of money.
  • Good video quality: The quality of all of the videos here is really good, you can watch videos in 1080 pixel quality.
  • Easy interface: It is having a really easy to use interface which makes your work too simple.
  • 7/10
    Directv - 7/10


Name Of Service: Directv
Type Of Service: Satellite Television
Category: Entertainment
Founded On:17 June 1994
Situated In: El Segundo, California, US
Area served: United States, Latin America, the Caribbean