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Finally we managed to release our Dota 2 MapHack , the only dota 2 cheat avaiable on the internet . Our dota 2 hack has a lot of features , such as :

Dota 2 Maphack Shadowfrench

remove fog from minimap and mainmap
cam distance hack
make units clickable
To activate the dota 2 cheats , follow these steps :

Select the features that you want to use
Press ‘Launch Dota2′
In game, press Insert anytime you want to activate the hack

This dota hack is 100% virus safe, you can always see the virus scan on virustotal here
NOTE : The website is only for educational purposes , we can not be held responsable if anything happens .
Dota 2 Maphack Download


Dota 2 Maphack Download 2020

Dota 2 Maphack V2 2 Download

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