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The other week I wrote up the Verbatim Rapier V1 laser gaming mouse.This week I’m taking a look at the Verbatim Rapier V2. I guess you could say this is the premium model of the two though it doesn’t have a cool carrying case like the V1 and has only seven buttons – Left, Right, Mouse wheel (clickable), two thumb buttons and two center buttons.

Somewhat tangentially to my other construction videos, I needed to diagnose and repair my brushless generator this week. Here is how that was done. Find out more on Brushless alternators use a capacitor to introduce a charge into the windings. This gets them excited so the alternator will produce electricity. When my engine RPM surged, it surged the alternator and the capacitor blew to protect all the electronics downstream If the alternator is working, it produces a ~5 volt difference (plus or minus a volt or 2) across the capacitor.

Download free verbatim rapier v1 software, free download

Download Free Verbatim Rapier V1 software, free download

So, I just had to check the AC Voltage with my multimeter. It turned out the voltage was OK. By process of elimination, I decided to order a new capacitor. Cuentos Chinos De Andres Oppenheimer Pdf Completo Incompleto. My original was covered with a layer of rust, so I couldn’t read the specifics.

Unable to ship to South Carolina Product Features: Auto Voltage Regulator Electric Start & Manual Start (Battery Included) 6500 Surge Watt.Missing. New Products >Generator Parts >Kenowa 4500 Carburetor. Kenowa 4500 Carburetor. Price: $29.99. Kenowa 4500 Carburetor 6. Descargar Manual Lavadora Blue Sky Blf 1009524. 5 HP engine. Thank you for purchasing a Honda generator. This manual covers operation and maintenance of EMS4000 and EMS4500 generators. All information in this. The tools supplied are necessary for performing some periodic maintenance, simple adjustments and repairs. Always keep the kit with the generator.

I checked the internet to find the right one for my generator, a 40µF, 370VAC generator capacitor. The genuine PorterCable part costs 60$. Now that I knew the specific properties, I was able to search based on that and found a Genteq knockoff that only cost 16$ with delivery. It claimed to be just as long lasting (60,000 hours), and like the much more expensive OEM product, it is also “self-extinguishing” so I won’t die in a terrifying fireball if it fails. Its physical dimensions are a little different, but it fit.

And more importantly, my generator works again. Now my generator can do its job and give me electricity on my jobsite.

Some Coleman generators have rectifier /diode pack behind panel others have a diode inside generator cover however when diode fails it usually fries the winding. Your winding could be within the generator or under flywheel depending on model#.

Download Free Verbatim Rapier V1 Software Free

If your generator had a fuse to protect winding then test diode and replace as necessary. You may also just plug a small battery charger (1 or 2 amp ) into 115v plug to charge battery / power coil.

Good luck and email if you have other questions. Oct 27, 2009 .