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This fan created game allows you to create and go out and explore the world of, Naruto! Choose your own characters, join a team and venture out to make your own mark on the world. All the while dodging the threats towards your village.

This is a Table Top RPG game system. The rules are for 2 or more players to gather and play. Players will need role playing dice, an imagination, and a love for adventure.

The Green Lightning RPG system is designed to work as a fan based creation. If you have something you would like to contribute to us please post it in the comments section.

(Please bear with us as we are currently updating our info based on new events in the series)

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Current Complete Rules for Naruto RPG

Naruto Encounter Guide

Treasure Guide

The first Naruto global mobile 3D MMO RPG Naruto: Slugfest is calling all Ninja, an SS rank mission approaches! At the beginning of Shippuden, Naruto returns to Konoha from his training with Jiraiya as Akatsuki plans to capture the Nine-Tails. A clash between Naruto and Akatsuki is imminent. Are you ready to fight side by side to protect Konoha? Naruto already popular for Mobile Platform, Now Here I am going to share Best Best naruto games for Windows PC or Computer user. Naruto is a fighting genre game and it is widely played by gamers. Many fighting games are very exciting to play both with friends and play alone. Almost every console has a fighting game genre. A Naruto-Like role-play based MMORPG. View gallery for infos. Visit us at


  1. Humans
  2. Possessed Humans
  3. Constructs
  4. Undead
  5. Beast Nin
  6. Oddities


  1. Basic Nin
  2. Combat Nin
  3. Combo Nin
  4. Healer Nin
  5. Messenger Nin
  6. Spy Nin
  7. Tactics Nin

Advanced Class



Job Tiers



Power Building Rules

Technique Building Rules

Martial Artist techniques

Ninja Techniques


  1. Weapons
  2. Ammo


  1. Armor
  2. Clothing


  1. Basic Items
  2. Kits
  3. Healing & Food
  4. Dials
  5. Crafting Potions
  6. Drugs & Poisons
  7. Chemical Weapon

Comedy Rules
Vital Stats

Building Rules

Build Sheets

Ninja Ranks

Ninja Groups

Time for Tasks
Plant Guide
Material Guide

Character Sheet

Naruto Games Free Rpg

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