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Download Huawei Unlock Utility - A lightweight and portable application designed to unlock Huawei modems and data cards using the 15-digit IMEI code of the device. INSTALL USB KEY HUAWEI E169 and E156. Risolve i problemi di rilevamento del modem in Xandros installando i parametri HUAWEI E169/E156 di H3G Italia.Progetto OpenSource,versione 1.0 da ampliare.

Here you can download Huawei modem unlocker tool for free to unlock Huawei modem very fast and easy whit your computer. By now we all know what the story behind the ‘FREE’ signs is. Almost always those signs promote something that is far from free or not worth buying.

That’s exactly the reason why people don’t even notice these appealing words anymore because they are nothing but a big lie. We, at, love our customers and the last thing we would want is to lie to them.

Huawei Modem Unlocker Information

We don’t offer our service for free, there is a small fee required of you to pay, but we guarantee you those will be the best few dollars ever spend. As you may already guess the service we offer is removing the locks on your precious Huawei modem.

We feel for you out there who have an amazing Huawei modem device, but it is locked to some network provider. We are here to get you out of that mess. You needn’t worry about the stories you have heard about the other unlocking services. We guarantee you that the unlock on your Huawei modem will be permanent and unchanging. There is not a single feature on your phone that would change after it has been unlocked by our service.

There are some things about locked modems that users are spooked about.

About Unlocking Huawei Modem Device

For instance, many of the most popular brands of modems have several attempts allowed for unlocking the device. Nokia, BlackBerry, ZTE give you only three attempts to try and unlock your modem. Should you fail to do so, not even the manufacturers will be able to help you. You might as well throw your modem in the garbage bin. Knowing this fact it’s quite understandable why you would hesitate whether to unlock your modem or not.

Another thing that users take into consideration is the loss of warranty and the loss of data.

Well, that’s exactly what will happen to you if you decide to be stingy and go for the free unlocking services. This has happened to quite a few people over the past few months so it is always better to be safe than sorry. That’s why your best choice will be

When we perform the unlock, our tool doesn’t erase all the in-built files. This keeps all your data intact and just the way it was before the unlocking. As for the warranty, you most certainly will lose it if you use the unauthorized free unlocking software, which of course is not the case with our unlock device service.

Unlocking Processes

Very often when people opt for the unauthorized free versions, they unconsciously opt for a virus-flourishing environment too. Users have noticed irregular phone functioning, sound defects, and files deleting on their own. All of this is due to the viruses that managed to enter your Huawei modem when you decided to go for the free unlocking process. But here you can use the best tool to solve this problem very easy and fast.

So, using free service will not only harm your phone in many ways, it will alter its original functionality too. And that’s why you bought that exact phone in the first place. Not to mention that most of those services are illegal too.

Sometimes people don’t feel they have been cheated when there is a promotion of the services. Something like: buy this and get that for free. Some service providers have tried these tactics by selling the unlock codes too. They give the codes gratis if you buy some other product from them. You are not winning here because you paid for the code double or triple its price and the unlocking service is not always at a satisfactory level.

Download Huawei Modem Unlocker Free Tool

You can download this great Huawei modem unlocker solution on any windows, Linux or MAC operating system that you use on your device at this moment. Our team of software makers works on this problem and We make an update on our unlocker Huawei modem tool in time so you can have the right solution at any time.

Using Procedure

  1. Download Huawei Modem Unlocker on your computer for free
  2. Open the tool on your PC screen
  3. Connect your Huawei modem whit your computer
  4. Click on the unlock button when it is available for clicking
  5. Unlock Modem Huawei Benefits
  • Whit this tool you can unlock any Huawei modem model
  • Works on all computers
  • You will get it for free
  • Easy, simply unlock process

Not to brag, but so far our unlock service has proven to be the most reliable service provider when it comes to performing unlocks on mobile devices. Yes, you get to pay a small amount of money, but we guarantee you that your modem’s safety is our priority.

The unlocking codes we will provide you with will never fail you. You will unlock your device in a minute. There is absolutely no other service more trusting than us on the internet. We care about your needs, about your time and money. Start to download the Huawei modem unlocker tool and complete your unlocking modem Huawei process in the next ten minutes.

A lightweight and portable application designed to unlock Huawei modems and data cards using the 15-digit IMEI code of the device

When buying a new device it gets annoying to find out certain limitations are imposed by the service provider and a fee must be payed for full utilization. Luckily, applications such as Huawei Unlock Utility cone in handy handy by delivering a very simple and comfortable method of unlocking your Huawei modem or data card.

Unlock your device with the help of the IMEI code

The utility is provided by FastGSM, a service that offers unlock codes for a variety of phone and modem models. The unlock process is entirely based on the device’s IMEI code, which is a unique identifier of the modem.

Using Huawei Unlock Utility is quite simple, provided that your modem is connected to the computer and configured correctly. In order to unlock it successfully, you need to specify the adjacent COM port of the device.

The newer the product, the higher the fee

Once the modem was detected, the program automatically reads its IMEI code using the built-in detection algorithm. Following this operation, you should press the ‘Get Unlock Code’ button, which will redirect you to an online page where the code will become available if you pay a fee.

The fees vary depending on the modem model; for instance, if the model belongs to a recently issued Huawei series, the price will be higher. However, if your model is older, you might be able to get a pretty generous discount.

Affordable for a large variety of users

From what we’ve noticed browsing their website, the prices are decent, compared to other similar services, but this is not to say that we encourage you to purchase codes from their shop. Suffices to say that such services are never for free, which forces you to choose between paid options, nevertheless.

Download Huawei Modem Unlocker For Mac

Provided that you obtain the unlock code, simply paste it inside the main window of Huawei Unlock Utility and wait patiently for the results. If the outcome is not what you expected, you can ask for a refund, according to their policy.

In conclusion

On an ending note, Huawei Unlock Utility is one of the many applications that promise to unlock your modem. Considering that the service is paid, failing to achieve its purpose should not be an option. Overall, it makes for a nifty little tool you can take with you anywhere you go due to the lack of an installation requirement.

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