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Overall its good. Best emulator to run simple apps Pros: 1)runs smoothly on a low spec pc. 2)runs on windows xp in which android emulators mostly never work. Cons are: 1)zooming is a failure which becomes a problem when u have to read something in portrait mode. TestObject Free Online Android Emulator. As Manymo has shut down their services completely, it’s time to find a new alternative to Manymo. If you are looking for the free online android emulator, then this is it. And the conclusion is none other than TestObject. TestObject is a cloud-based Android Emulator that is pretty similar to Manymo.

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Top Lightweight Android Emulator For Computer

Lightweight Android Emulator for Windows PC is here and Now users can easily use Android apps on Pc using this guide on Best Lightweight Android Emulator for Windows PC, it happens many times when we want to play android games or Apps on our Windows Computer and we end up finding an Emulator which consumes a lot of Ram and cpu usage. So to the solution for that, we have compiled a list of Fastest and Lightweight android emulator for windows pc.

Download Manymo Android Emulator For Pc

Android Emulators is an Android Virtual Device also known as AVD which helps in representing a particular android device on the computer itself. We can make use of the computer as a target platform to execute a program and test the android application through an Android Emulator. An emulator is a device or hardware which enables a system (known as a host) to behave like another system ( known as a guest ) to run the peripheral or application designed for the guest system on the host system. So without Wasting Much time lets start the guide on Fastest Android Emulator for PC

  1. Get Andyroid for PC; Download Remix OS for a computer; MEmu; Manymo (an online emulator that runs inside your browser) Method 1: Using Bluestacks, Andyroid, Remix OS. Bluestacks is free to use and it offers an ad-free premium account. It mostly works with all Android Apps, and also with Grindr. It also works on the old computer.
  2. Fully compatible with 3000+ Android devices (Android 2.2 - Android 8.0) from Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Sony etc. Download Now Download Now Security Verified, people have downloaded it.
  3. Every detail matters NoxPlayer, the perfect Android emulator to play mobile games on PC. DOWNLOAD Version 2020/11/26. Google Drive Version Log Mac Version. New Android 7 Play mobile games on PC with powerful Android 7. Superior Performance More stable and smoother gameplay, use Multi-Instances to play more.

Lightweight Android Emulator For Windows PC

Before we start the Guide for the Fastest and Lightweight Android Emulator for Windows Pc, let us discuss A little bit about what is android Emulator and How do they work. So make sure you read this part of the guide to clear your doubts regarding Android emulators. So let’s discuss in detail about the Fastest Android Emulator for PC

How do Android Emulators Functions??

As Android is an open-source project which is made available for development to everybody who has the required skills to do so, The Android Emulators are also found in a variety of forms depending upon their usage by the user. The main objective behind the development of Android Emulators to provide a platform for the developers to test and check their application. These Android Virtual Devices and the ecosystem it creates helps the developers to select the appropriate combinations of hardware and software environment in order to create the exact virtual devices for which the application is being made.

In the further developments in the field of Android, Emulators started emulating the text messages, incoming calls, and many such functions that were easily functional on an actual android device. One such company known as BlueStacks was developed in the year 2005 which actually made it possible for the users to have an actual experience of an Android Phone on the comfort of their desktop.

Legality and Uses Of Android Emulators

The enjoyment of playing games on bigger displays have a different experience and comfort but only such games or application can be used in the Android Emulators which falls under the category of F2P ( Free to play ), otherwise, those applications who don’t have a direct link to the particular environment then those can be termed as illegal, And also when you use Fastest Android Emulator for PC you can Easily play Games without any Problem.

The lower specification smartphones which aren’t capable to handle the current heavy games and applications can be used in the computers through these emulators as they don’t have a hardware blockage in terms of compatibility, and same goes on with the Low specification Laptop’s so in this Guide we will show you Fastest Android Emulator for PC with which you will be able to play or run your Favorite apps on PC without any problem.

The ease of playing First Person Shooting (FPS) or racing games are quite easy and handy through the use of mouse and keyboard over the use of motion sensors and touch-sensitive buttons, which would be preferable for many people who are used to mouse and keyboard would use the emulators.

Top Fastest Android Emulator For Windows PC

On the basis of the usage and purpose, it fulfills there are different Android Emulators.


Starting with the very First Lightweight Android Emulator For PC So BlueStacks is one of the oldest and the most preferred Android Emulators which was founded in 2009. Being the oldest in the market over time it has evolved over time with the demand and the change of technology. It provides the basic layout of the android with access to the majority of the apps available on the Android platform itself. It is available for both Windows and Mac Os. Generally, BlueStacks is used by the people for recreational purposes with no extra charges. Although the premium features do require a monthly or yearly subscription.

Basic Requirements

Windows OS SupportedWindows 7/8/8.1/10
Lightweight Android EmulatorYes
Mac OS Supported:Mac Os 10.9 or above
Ram Required2Gb ram
Internal Memory 8gb Disk Space

Manymo Emulator Windows


So the 2nd Emulator in the List of Best Lightweight Android Emulator for PC is Nox, The NOX Player is an Android Emulator originally developed by Big Nox. The main motive behind the making of the NOX Player is to provide a good android gaming platform experience to its users. It’s easy to operate and less space-consuming emulator which makes it efficient to be used in lower specification with fewer rams and disk space seamlessly.

It runs on the latest operating system of Android 9.0 which makes it more compatible with the latest application available on the Android platform. It comes with the google play store and other Google application’s which makes it a handy use.

Basic Requirements

Windows OS SupportedWindows 7/8/8.1/10
Lightweight Android EmulatorYes
ProcessorDual-Core/Code2dual Inter/AMD
Ram Required2Gb ram
Graphics cardOpen Gl 2.0 or above

Virtual Box

Another Emulator in our List of Top Lightweight Android emulator for PC is Virtual Box. Virtual Box is an Emulator supported by Oracle which helps the developers to boot multiple operating systems at a time. It Gives developers ease to switch the programs into different Operating environments easily without much difficulties and in this way you can run a program written in a specific language such as windows into other systems like Linux.

Basic Requirements

Windows OS SupportedWindows 7/8/8.1/10
Lightweight Android EmulatorYes
ProcessorAll Processors
Ram Required2Gb ram
Internet ConnectionYes Wifi Recommended


It is one of the unique android emulators in the market as it is a web-based android emulator. It makes it easier for developers to test their devices on various android devices with different android versions without actually using any such devices.

Basic Requirements

Windows OS SupportedWindows 7/8/8.1/10
Lightweight Android EmulatorYes
ProcessorAll Processors
Ram Required1GB or Higher
Internet ConnectionYes Wifi Recommended


It is an Android Emulator which is owned and managed by Microsoft. Xamarin one of the only emulators which is based on the X86 architecture which allows much faster testing debugging of Android Applications. It is a subpart of the famous Visual Studios powered by Microsoft and is available to windows at no cost and to Mac users as in the integration of Visual Studio Professional.

Basic Requirements

Windows OS SupportedWindows 7/8/8.1/10
Lightweight Android EmulatorYes
ProcessorAll Processors
Ram Required1GB or Higher
DeveloperBacked By Microsoft

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Once you install any of these emulators you can easily play any games you want and also if you are a developer then also you can Use these less ram consuming android emulators. All these emulators are now updated and you can easily use them in 2020.

So this was Our List of Best Android Emulator for Windows PC, We hope this guide helped you in Choosing the best Lightweight android emulator for Windows PC. Incase if you have any doubt feel free to Write down in the comments section below.


Which is the lightest Android emulator?

Bluestacks and Xarmin are the most Lightest Android emulators, The main advantage where Xarmin gets the edge is that it is officially backed by Microsoft itself, So you can expect great support over other emulators.

Which Android emulator is best for 2gb RAM?

Manymo and Virtual Box work very well on all the PC having 2gb or Above ram, Some users can also try using bluestacks on 2gb ram PC but you may face lagging and Hanging issues.

Which is the best Android emulator for low-end PC?

If you are using Low-end PC then you can try Nox player, This consumes very less ram and works perfectly on Computers that are Old and don’t have many powerful processors.

Manymo android emulator

Which is the best Android emulator to Play Pubg mobile?

Bluestacks is the best Lightweight Android Emulator to play Pubg mobile, Bluestacks was specially designed to play android games on PC. Most of the Players use Bluestacks to play PUBG mobile on pc.

MEmu Android Emulator is a free application for Windows that specializes in mobile gaming emulation on PC desktop systems.

As the application specializes in mobile gaming, there are a bunch of different features included with MEmu Android Emulator that emphasize that. Features like CPU and GPU optimization are standard, as well as the ability to run a rooted device and share files between a PC and the virtual Android operating system that MEmu employs.

Some of the Android games that MEmu supports are Hearthstone, Fortnite, Lineage II Revolution and so on. To play games, the emulator can utilize inputs such as connected mouse, keyboard or gaming controller. The Xbox 360 controller is supported without issue.

Installing and setting up MEmu is a painless task and once the virtual Android operating system has been installed, you're ready to go.

As expected, the Google Play Store on the PC is possible and downloading games or other mobile applications is quick and simple; just sign in to your Google account.

Like other similar applications such as LDPlayer, BlueStacks and others, MEmu Android Emulator runs applications without a hitch. It is unique in its gaming capabilities, however.

Features and highlights

  • A full Android emulator for desktop PC
  • Elegant user interface and design
  • Easily map keyboard, gaming pad or joystick controls for gaming
  • Pass through of sensor data suitable for racing games
  • Create fake GPS location and simulate GPS signal
  • File sharing between PC and phone
  • Easily create an Android OS on the PC with one click
  • Easily clone or delete virtual system
  • Ability to run multiple instances of an Android virtual OS simultaneously

MEmu Android Emulator on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs

Download Manymo Android Emulator For Pc Windows 7

This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from console emulators without restrictions. MEmu Android Emulator 7.2.2 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows 10 PCs but also without a hitch on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Compatibility with this software may vary, but will generally run fine under Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP on either a 32-bit or 64-bit setup. A separate x64 version of MEmu Android Emulator may be available from Memu.

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