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Use Your Canon EOS 1000D As Webcam!.UPDATED.: Hi,in this tutorial I'll show you how to use your Canon 1000D (the others would work, too, but I couldn't test any other) as a webcam without any hardware/software hacks, just software solutions;-).Sorry my English, if you find mistakes please noti. Download eos camera movie recorder for free. System Tools downloads - EOS Movie Rec by Aleksey Chernov and many more programs are available for instant and free download.

Create your short movies with this program.

EOS Camera Movie Record is a self-explanatory Mac OS X application capable to display and record the video feed from your Canon DSLR on your computer's hard disk.

EOS Camera Movie Record is a software designed to help you write short movies with your digital DSLR camera Canon directly to computer. The camera must have LiveView feature to work and the application has preview, Av, Tv and WB control. /logitech-unifying-receiver-software-download-for-android/.

System requirements

  • Canon camera

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EOS Camera Movie Record 0.1.9 Beta 3

Eos camera movie record download
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Eos Camera Movie Record Dmg Free

runs on:
Windows Vista
Windows XP
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5.3 MB
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After reading “Capture 720P HD With Any LiveView Capable Canon Camera,” I wanted to try recording a simple video to see if it works.

It really does!

Why is this relevant? Only a few Canon digital SLR cameras record video, regardless of Live View. EOS Camera Movie Record allows any Live View-capable Canon DSLR camera to record video onto a connected computer.

I don’t edit video, but I know that there’s free software for Windows.

Windows 7 doesn’t include Movie Maker, so I had to download and install Windows Live Movie Maker.


  1. Connect lapel microphone[1. I have a Griffin Lapel Mic, which I purchased several years ago.] to computer, start Audacity and adjust audio levels.
  2. Connect my tripod-mounted Canon EOS 40D to my computer with the included USB cable.
  3. Started EOS Camera Movie Record.
  4. Change the buffer size to 500MB, then relaunch the program.
  5. Set location for saving the video file. (Remember: one minute of video is about 300MB.)
  6. Adjust lens focus (within the program or manually on the lens).
  7. Click record in EOS Camera Movie Record, then Audacity.
  8. Countdown from three, then clap your hands in front of the lens to provide a marker for synchronizing audio with the video.
  9. EOS Camera Movie Record automatically saves the AVI file once you stop recording. Save the audio file in Audacity to WAV format.


Windows Live Movie Maker has a fairly simple interface. Since it’s free, you’re limited to only one audio track.

In my opinion, synchronizing audio to video is the toughest part. Within WLMM, select the audio file and adjust with Start time and Start point.

After adding transitions, trimming the video to remove the non-essential parts at the beginning and end, and embedding captions, I saved the project.

Eos Camera Movie Record Dmg Download

Then, I saved the finished video file[2. WLMM > Main Menu > Save movie > High-definition (720p)] before uploading to Vimeo.

Eos Camera Movie Record For Mac

Not bad, right?

Eos Camera Movie Record Download

P.S. Thanks to James, our drummer from The Scarlet Paradigm, for getting in front of my camera.