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An EX4 file is a compiled program written for MetaTrader, an platform created for online trading of Forex, Futures, and CFD markets. It contains executable code that has been compiled from.MQ4 files and can be executed on the MetaTrader platform.

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Do you guys really decompile ex4 to mq4?

Yes, we are able to decompile any forex file from ex4 into mq4, but we need to check your file first to confirm if its what we can do or not. To get started, simply send a message to an online support and explain your requirements. You can send a message using the live chat below, we are always online and the average response time is 5 minutes.

I have a trading strategy, Can you create a new EA for me?

Yes, our mql4 forex developers can develop any type of EA as well as indicators for you.

What is the cost to program 1 EA?
What is the cost to decompile 1 file?
What process do I need to follow so I get my forex programming or decompilation done?

You will need to open the live chat at the lower right corner below and send an online support a message, we are online 24/7 and the average response time is 5 minutes. So you would follow these steps:

1) You email us with full and final details about the job you want done. This should be done in clear English, and if needed, you may need to answer some questions or provide some examples of what you are talking about.

2) Let us know what strategies you want to implement and modify, you can also let us know what restrictions you want to remove and every other available requirements.

3) Email us the file you want opened so this can be quickly confirmed if its what we can do. Once the file is verified, we will let you know that it is safe to proceed with the payment.

4) Pay the quote given to you by the mql4 programmer.

After this, your job will go on our schedule and it will be done around the estimated time we tell you. It is a fast process and most of the steps you would do anyways.

What type of work can you do?

We only deal with the Metatrader platforms. This includes almost everything FX related like creating programs from scratch, modifying existing programs, and decompiling programs. We can take jobs for Expert Advisors (EA), custom indicators, scripts or libraries. If it is related to Metatrader and FX then we can most likely accept your job.

How long does it take for my program to be delivered?

It is our goal to complete all jobs as fast as possible. The average timing for delivering a program is generally 1-3 business days. Every job is different and the complexity for each programming job will vary. To find out your estimated timing for your job, please send us full details concerning your desired program and we will promptly answer back with the estimated timing needed.

How will I receive my program when it's done?

All programs are delivered electronically by email.

Who will own the program once it is done?
Decompile ex4 to mq4 online

You will! We do not hide the coding or place any restrictions on your usage of the program. We will also place your name or copyright information in the header of the source code if requested. Full source code is always delivered too. You are free to use or even resell the program as you see fit.

Do you guys provide support for the programs you make?

Yes. If you have questions or concerns about any of the work done, then just ask in a timely manner. This way, the program is still fresh in the memory of the programmer and nothing will need looked up and studied.

I see a problem with the program file. What should I do?

If you see a problem with any of the work we have done for you, then no problem. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes things can be overlooked or misinterpreted. Just send us an emsail and tell us what is wrong, provide supporting information like logs, screenshots, settings, etc… and give us some time to investigate the problem. If there is actually a problem, then it will be fixed and an update sent to you. Please remember to report all problems in a timely manner.

Ex4 To Mq4 online, free

Is my information and strategy confidential?

Yes. All details, communications and programs received are automatically treated with strict confidentiality and privacy. Once the programming has been completed, you will automatically receive the full rights and ownership of the program, including it’s source code. We will never resell or share anyones expert advisors (EA), indicators or scripts. To compliment this policy, we can also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before we start the project.

Why was my job rejected by support?

Our mql4 developers might reject a job for multiple reasons and at our sole discretion. Some of the reasons may include, but are not limited to:

1) The schedule is completely full for us.

2) The job is very complex and it would take too much time and your budget is low.

How will I know that you can do my job correctly?

Our team of forex programmers have successfully programmed more than 1000 programming jobs to date. We have been trading and programming for years now and have worked with many different types of expert advisors, indicators, scripts, and strategies. So we have what it takes to get your job done correctly.

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File TypeMetaTrader 4 Program File

DeveloperMetaQuotes Software Corp.
CategoryExecutable Files

What is an EX4 file?

An EX4 file is a compiled program written for MetaTrader, an platform created for online trading of Forex, Futures, and CFD markets. It contains executable code that has been compiled from .MQ4 files and can be executed on the MetaTrader platform.

EX4 files are compiled by Meta Editor, which is included with the MetaTrader software, from source code files. The EX4 file may contain indicators, scripts, or an Expert Advisor, which is a program for automating the trading and analytical processes in MetaTrader. The EX4 file is used by MetaTrader 4, while the .EX5 file is used by MetaTrader 5.

To open an EX4 file in MetaTrader 4, the file must be placed in the 'Indicators' folder. You can then open the file by clicking the Editor tool in the MetaTrader 4 toolbar, selecting the 'Indicators' folder in the left 'Navigator' panel, and then choosing the appropriate EX4 file.

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