Free Download Zumba Dance Workout

What’s Zumba Dance for Beginner? “Zumba is an exercise fitness program created by Colombian. Zumba Dance Workout free download - 3D Disco Baby, 3D Dancing Skeleton, Visual Discomix DJ Basic, and many more programs. Download and use 4,000+ zumba fitness stock videos for free. Free Download HD or 4K Use all videos for free for your projects. KINECT play is controller free. Supports up to 4 players on the Wii, and up to two players on KINECT or 4 in turned based pairs. Team up and try to earn the highest workout score as a group or play against each other in Zumba Attack! Mode for the ultimate fitness dance off.

  1. Free Download Zumba Dance Workout For Weight Loss
  2. Free Download Zumba Dance Workout For Weight Loss
  3. Zumba Dance Workout Free Download Mp3
  4. Download Zumba Videos For Free
  5. Zumba Dance Exercise Workout Download
  6. How To Lose Weight With Zumba At Home

Zumba fitness is a total-body exercise and high-energy aerobic workout. Like other aerobic exercises, Zumba can also reduce health risks, strengthen your heart and boost your mood. That's why Zumba has gained increasing attention and attracted more and more people to join Zumba classes. And also, for some beginners, they really want to download Zumba video workout to MP4 for offline watching and pick up the moves from the videos.

If you don't know any Zumba dance or you want to explore more Zumba video for beginners tutorials, let's check the list of the most popular Zumba video YouTube below.

Besides, if you want to download the video you like, it's possible by clicking the download link offered below the video.

01. Zumba Dance Workout for weight loss

02. Zumba Dance Workout For Beginners Step By Step With Music

03. How To Lose Belly Fat The Fastest - Zumba Dancer Workout For Beginners

04. 20-Minute STRONG by Zumba® Cardio and Full-Body Toning Workout

05. ZUMBA fitness cardio workout full video

What Makes Zumba so Popular?

Zumba is literally a dance form with aerobics fitness. It means, apart from being a fun dance, Zumba has a lot of health benefits.

1. Aerobic Benefits

Usually Zumba songs play around 145 beats per minute which will make you feel natural to move around quickly. The fast pace set you on the path to true aerobic exercise. What's more, exercising at this race periodically can increase the strength of your heart and Zumba even makes the effect much better than standard workout.

Free Download Zumba Dance Workout

2. Calorie and Fat Burning

During Zumba exercise, your body will burn around 600 to 1,000 calories per hour. And if you want to start burning fat, the key is to consistently consume fewer calories than you need. That makes Zumba become a great exercise for weight loss.

3. Full Body Workout

Zumba targets nearly every muscle groups and joint at once, from head and shoulder rolls that loosen up the neck and warm up the upper body, to footwork that strengthens and stretches calves and ankles.

4. Coordination Improvement

By dancing Zumba, you'll improve your coordination with your arms and legs moving in different directions. Repeated practice is helpful for forming a good sense of coordination.

5. Release Pressure

Zumba is a good way to get rid of all that pressure you have accumulated from the daily grind. By switching your attention to the dance workout, you will release those mood-improving endorphins, which is good for your mental health.

What is VidPaw Online Video Downloader?

VidPaw Online Video Downloader provides free service to download online video and music. By using VidPaw, you can download your preferred Zumba dance videos for offline playback.
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Apart from Online Video Donwloader, VidPaw also provides Video Downloader for Desktop - VideoHunter - working perfectly on Windows PC and Mac. It's the PRO version of Online Video Downloader.

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To learn how to get down to both methods. Let's keep reading on.

3 Best Ways to Free Download Zumba Workout Videos for Beginners on Mobile & Desktop

The truth is, you'll never get enough Zumba if you download Zumba video for free on desktop&mobile. It's also good for beginners to learn the moves from those Zumba dance videos. Now, try these three ways to download Zumba dance videos. Whether you're using iPhone/iPad, Android, or PC, we've got you covered.

Way 1. Zumba Video Free Download for Weight Loss to MP4 on iPhone/iPad

For iPhone/iPad users, it's very recommended to download Documents app first from App Store because Safari is not able to download any online file but Documents app that has a built-in browser can.
STEP 1. Copy the URL of Zumba dance videos from the address bar on the top of your browser.
STEP 2. Open VidPaw on Documents' built-in browser and paste the URL on its blank bar.

STEP 3. Simply tap on 'Start' to analyze the URL.
STEP 4. Select the output format and quality for your Zumba video and tap on 'Download'.

[NEW] Zumba Videos Free Download on iOS 13+

A news for iOS 13+ users should be pleasant because this system has a great improvement on helping you to download Zumba videos. That is, Safari can directly be used to do it without using other third-party apps. Here is how.
STEP 1. Use Safari on your iOS device and go to YouTube, where you can find the Zambia videos for beginners. Get the one you want and copy its URL. Then please turn to VidPaw Online Video Downloader and directly paste the URL of this Zumba video to the downloading bar.
STEP 2. When you have pasted the URL of the Zumba video to the bar, VidPaw will analyze it automatically. When the output options are showed up, select the one you need and click on the Download button to download it.

Free Download Zumba Dance Workout For Weight Loss

STEP 3. After clicking on the Download button, a notification would pop up inside Safari, then you should click on the Download button to submit downloading the Zumba video again. Then the video can be downloaded on your iOS device.

Way 2. Zumba Dance Videos Free Download for Beginners to Android

For Android users, this 'paw' way is going to help you free download Zumba dance videos easily and efficiently. But you should notice that this 'paw' way is only available on YouTube.
STEP 1. Open a Zumba dance video on YouTube.
STEP 2. Go to the address bar and change 'm' into 'www'.
STEP 3. Type 'paw' behind 'youtube' on the address and then tap 'Switch'.

STEP 4. Hit 'Download' after you choose the proper output format and quality for the video.

[Tip] Use VidPaw App to Play and Download Zumba Videos Easily
If you are using an Android device, then another program can be your help to stream as well as download the Zumba video you need.
VidPaw App is the program that is designed for Android users to download any video from over 1,000 sites. It also has the other features:
• An search engine is built inside VidPaw App for accessing all online videos;

Free Download Zumba Dance Workout For Weight Loss

• Freely go any social media platforms for streaming online videos;

Zumba Dance Workout Free Download Mp3

• Download videos to various formats such as MP4, WEBM, MP3, and M4A;

Download Zumba Videos For Free

• Different video/audio quality is allowed you to select for free.
The way to use VidPaw App to download Zumba video is simple. Let me show you the way!
STEP 1. Search for Zumba video for beginner using the search bar in VidPaw App.
STEP 2. Go to the Zumba video that is your need. Please click the download icon located under the video.
STEP 3. When VidPaw App finishes analyzing the video, the downloading options will be available for you to choose.
STEP 4. Finally, click on the Download button and you can save the Zumba video offline.

Way 3. Download HD Zumba Dance Video on Windows/Mac with Ease

For Windows and Mac users, a more surprising application can be a help to let you download the Zumba video to high quality, which can be up to 8K. That is VideoHunter.
VideoHunter can be so surprising a video downloader, that offers great video downloading function to all Win/Mac users. Can you imagine that this awesome video downloader can handle with downloading videos from 1,000 sites, and even with the high definition that can reach up to 8K! VideoHunter can also be a video converter, so that you can transfer the video/audio to over 20 other formats.
The way of using VideoHunter to download Zumba video is also simple.
STEP 1. Copy the URL of Zumba Video

Zumba Dance Exercise Workout Download

Go to the video platform for finding the Zumba video you wanted follow to do exercises.
STEP 2. Paste the URL to VideoHunter
Please launch VideoHunter and go to the video downloader. Then paste the URL of Zumba video to the downloading bar in VideoHunter, and also click on Analyze to let it detect the URL.
STEP 3. Download Zumba Video
The analysis process would be done very quickly. Now please select the output format and click the Download button to get the Zumba video offline.

Now, you can enjoy your favorite Zumba dance videos offline. By learning Zumba fitness through offline videos, you'll become a great Zumba dancer. What's more, VidPaw can also download Zumba songs to MP3. You might want to follow the beat!

Weight loss and fitness? There's a lot of ways but with free zumba classes that you can watch on a video download and convert for your phone to watch any time of the day and learn how to do the Latin dance moves, there is no way you won't loose extra pounds to become fit. There were many who've experienced getting in a class and enrolling for zumba but as they always say, all things in life that are free is always the best. Learn to dance like a pro with easy basic zumba dance steps that you can watch on a video like a mobile app.

So allow me to feature a free video tutorial on how to do zumba dance and learn from qualified instructors and masters in the zumba fitness arena near you. I will be featuring here as well free zumba classes being held in different time schedules in communities around your place, specifically in Manila, Philippines where our family lives.

I will be revealing the different new and latest free schedules of zumba for beginners performance classes around Metro Manila so you can go ahead and gear up to attend without the need to pay a single centavo. Shake that booty type and hip hop dancing all the way is the secret to this Latin dance steps incorporation into a blend of mix with the thought of enjoying in a party while unconsciously getting fit each day and each session schedule of your zumba class.

Basic Beginners Free Zumba Dance Step Videos

Looking for a guide video on how to dance the fitness party zumba Latin move? here is a quicklist of the different basic steps for beginners as well as videos for the advance dancer in you to get fit for life while having fund and dancing your way each session schedule to a party music. It's like smiling and partying and enjoying life as if there's no tomorrow according to some students of one Filipino zumba dance instructor.

Free Zumba Dance Workout for Beginners Video Tutorial by Trio

How To Lose Weight With Zumba At Home

This is yet another version of the zumba dance class performed by a trio of dance instructors for the sake of this downloadable and convertible video for your android, windows, blackberry or apple iPhone mobile.

Really Basic and Simple Zumba Dance Step Tutorial Video

For the benefit of those who are not in to dancing and doing dance moves with flat feet, here is the simplest of all tutorials I've seen so far online using search. I hope you enjoy these sets of videos which you can download to make available in your portable or mobile gadget.

Popular Zumba Class Venues in Manila to Join Free Sample Sessions With Instructors

Metro Manila is the center of all events, occasions as well as fitness class of all sorts from yoga to aerobics and the most popular of all today - zumba dance! Make your summer or rainy days full of fun and get fit now. See how much it costs for rates and fees per session and promo packages or monthly rates with hotline telephone numbers you can call for free zumba class tuition fee / schedule and session venues inquiry. (source:

Manila Zumba Rowena's Schedules

schedule & venues:
- Zumba - M-W-F, 1:00-2:[email protected] Club
- Zumba - Mondays- 5:50-6:[email protected] Dance Insitute, Westgrove Plaza,
Inchican Rd, Silang
- Zumba - Tuesdays- 6:00-7:[email protected]#70, 20th Ave, Proj4, QC (near P Tuazon &
Boni Serrano)
- ZUMBA GOLD - Thursdays - 1:00-2:[email protected]#35, 13th St, New Manila, QC
(between Broadway & Victoria Sts)
- Zumba - Thursdays [email protected] Vision Studio Annapolis, Greenhills
- Zumba - Fridays [email protected] Vision Studio Annapolis, Greenhills
Hope to see you in one of my classes!! For more info, text or call: 0916-2990214 (Rowena)

Movement Dance Studio - Location: 4th Floor Podium Mall, ADB Ave., Mandaluyong City. Telephone Number: 788-6527/(0908)810-2078 / Rate: P400 per session or P3,500 for one month unlimited

Peak Performance Studio - Location: 2/F McGwen Bldg, 12 Don A. Roces Avenue, Quezon City. Telephone Number: 502-2912/413-3466 / Rate: P380 per session or P2,800 for one month unlimited.

Acts Dance and Arts Academy - Location: Mezzanine Floor Left Wing GA Tower 1 EDSA cor Boni Avenue Mandaluyong City
Telephone Number: 719-4062 / Rate: P350 per session or P2,000/month, 7 sessions

Kristie's Schedule and Venues

May 11, 2014 - see our dear SUPER MOMS: Florian, Myra, Miriam, Amie, Roi and Laila rock the stage! See you on Sunday at 10:00am, Samsung Hall SM Aura, BGC! For tickets, just visit her page here.

Other Zumba Venues

Fitness First - Free Zumba for all members - Location: Units B-L, Techno Plaza One,
Orchard Road, Eastwood City,
Libis, Quezon City

Gold's Gym - Location: 4/F 327 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108. Telephone Number: 480-2947

Zumba with naTALia - If you're up for an extra challenge, try Aqua Zumba! Water acts as a resistance, making your workout extra challenging!
Location: 4th Floor Crossroad 77 Mother Ignacia Ave. corner Scout Reyes, 1102 Quezon City, Philippines. Telephone Number: 376-2044 or 376-4512 / Rate: P250 per session or P800 per month

Arts in the City - Location: FVR Park, 26th corner 7th ave. /adobe-photoshop-70-free-download-mac/. Bonifacio Global City. Telephone Number: 399-2211 (look for Ms. Anabelle or Ms. J. Lou to inquire about rates)

FTX - Location: Unit 202, Three Salcedo Place Tordesillas Street, Makati City. Telephone Number: 822-3311 / Rate: P650 per session or P5,500/month Dance and Yoga unlimited