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Forgetting your iPhone passcode can be a total nightmare. There are those days that things will not go your way and forgetting even your iPhone passcode is possible. Remember Apple only allows user to input at least 10 wrong passcodes before they block your phone, then you have to restore it using your iTunes account. The worst case scenario is you will lose all your data if you haven’t backed up your phone recently. But now you have another option, the Gecko iPhone toolkit. This will provide you with an alternative where you don’t have to restore your phone. Before you try it out make sure that it is compatible with your own device.

  1. Gecko Toolkit For Mac
  2. Gecko Toolkit For Mac
  3. Gecko Tool Kit For Machine

The different iPhone device and iOS version that is compatible with Gecko iPhone toolkit includes: iPod Touch 3G, iPod touch 4G, iPad 1, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. For the iOS it is compatible with 4.0 until 6.x.x. The software also requires Java and .Net Framework 4 if you are using Windows PC.

Gecko iPhone Toolkit has many unknown features and is definitely an all-in-one toolkit that everyone wants to have for their iDevice. It is a software available for download on Windows and Mac devices to take a look at some fixes and patches bound for your devices. Download Gecko iPhone Toolkit for iOS to recover iPhone Passcodes and Installation process is explained step by step and Enjoy with Latest. Windows hold down shift on mac the alt key then click restore button a new. Moto G5 Plus Toolkit This is a desktop app that allows you to unlock the bootloader and root a Motorola G5 Plus smartphone with a few button clicks. It's built with Electron and hence will work on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. The toolkit follows the unlocking and rooting procedure for Motorola G5 Plus mentioned here.

If you have met all the required setting you can start your iPhone recovery.

Using Gecko iPhone Toolkit to Recover your Passcode


This is a step where you can use when your device is not yet disabled or your haven’t used up your passcode error input count.

  1. Install the software, open it on your computer and connect your iPhone.

  • Nativegecko.h is used with bare-metal Bluetooth application. Ncpgecko.h is used when building SoC application for NCP sup- port. Rtosgecko.h is used with Micrium RTOS. These files serve two purposes: first they contain the actual Bluetooth stack API and the commands and events for the stack, and sec.
  • The EFM32LG-STK3600 is an excellent starting point to get familiar with the EFM32™ Leopard Gecko 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs). The starter kit contains sensors and peripherals demonstrating some of the MCU's many capabilities and can serve as a starting point for application development.
  1. Look for your device on the software window and select Boot.

  1. If you have correctly selected your device a new window will pop-up after Boot. Select the right IPSW firmware file.

  1. After downloading and locating your IPSW file just click complete and Launch.

  1. Follow instruction from the software where you need to put your device to DFU mode.

  1. Wait for just a few minutes while Gecko iPhone toolkit read your device passcode. Just refer to the first window where your passcode will appear. Then you can use it to unlock your iPhone.

Enjoy using your device without the trouble of having to restore it all over again.

iPhone is Disabled bypass

What if you already face the “iPhone is Disabled” notification on your phone and all you can make is just emergency calls. With Gecko iPhone toolkit you can bypass this kind of issue and be able to enjoy using your mobile phone.

1. Open Gecko iPhone toolkit and click the second tab. Look for your device.

2. After selecting your device click the bypass button. Make sure that your phone is on DFU mode.

3. Wait until the software is finish working on your iPhone.

Don’t worry if your device is not compatible with Gecko iPhone toolkit because there are other ways that you can prevent your phone from getting disabled. And if all else fail you then just have to follow the usual method which is reset via iTunes.

Preventing getting disabled on your iPad or iPhone

There are some tweaks available that you can use that will prevent you from getting locked out from your own device. So no matter how many tries you need to do before you finally get to the right passcode you will not have to worry about getting your phone disabled. This will insure that you don’t have to end up restoring your iPhone via iTunes.

1. You need to use Cydia.

2. Use the search page.

3. Search for “No Passcode LockOut”

4. Install and Respring

This tweak will insure that you will no longer get your phone disabled no matter how many wrong passcode guesses you make. Just make sure that you remember it because your phone is still lock and you need your passcode to unlock it. If you can’t then you just have to restore from backup or to factory setting via iTunes.

Restore via iTunes

If everything fails, then you have no choice but to restore your phone using iTunes. You just have to launch your iTunes if you already have it installed on your computer. Remember it will delete all the data on your phone but if you backup your device on a daily basis then you don’t have any issues in following this method. If you haven’t used iTunes then you need to download it and install so that you can go back to using your device properly. Just run the software and plug in your device to your computer and you will get instruction on what you need to do.

Remember that Gecko iPhone toolkit only works on iOS 6.x.x and below. If you have device working on iOS7 or above, you need to find a different method or just follow the iTunes restore steps.

Don’t forget to backup

Backup your phone frequently. Make sure that you do it on a daily basis because you will never know when you might be locked out of your phone. Or if you are using some of the latest iPhone devices where there’s a finger print feature then you need to take advantage of that.


The PyGecko project was born out of the need to have a stable web & touch-screen kiosk. Currently this is attained by embedding IE6 in a Delphi.

Since then the requirements have changed slightly. Now we are hoping to embed mozilla gecko in a pygtk app with full DOM access through PyXPCOM.

Gecko Toolkit For Mac

Yes, we know that gtkmozembed exists and is available through pygtk on linux. However, the C version of gtkmozembed offers you an XPCOM document property, which of course is not available yet to python programmers. Also at the moment mozgtkembed is not available on windows. Hopefully someone else will come up with the windows port before we need to.

Anyway, the goals are as follows:

  1. Embed gecko in PyGTK apps, and eventually allow building python/XUL interfaceson all 3 above platforms without any pygtk dependance

  2. Make a binary distro of PyXPComfor win32, linux and Mac

Possible Follow-on Projects

Mozilla gecko actually presents it's own GUI tool kit. It is called xpToolkit This is what Active State's Komodo is based on.

get involved

active state have kindly made one of the libraries used to build komodo available to the community. this library is called pyxpcom and enables us to 'talk to' mozilla with our python programs.

Unfortunately, at the moment, as far as i know, one has to compile mozilla and compile pyxpcom from source. I found it easy to compile mozilla, and PyXPCOM compiled with a few modifications (presented below).

Here's a list of URLs that I've found useful:

To get started, just read the two PyXPCom articles at the top of the above list, the first one tells you how to, download Mozilla src and compile it But read carefully, there's some enviroment variables, that you have to set. And then how to compile PyXPCom, which I'm about to have another crack at.

If you want to participate, get a sourceforge account and email me and I'll add you into the sourceforge project

Short Term Plans

The Project's short term plans are:

Gecko Toolkit For Mac

  • To build PyXPCom

  • To get more helpers

  • Start a mailing list

By the way

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Gecko Tool Kit For Machine