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So you’re trying to upload your photos and videos – but your computer isn’t recognizing your GoPro camera? In this post, you’ll learn how to fix the problem of your GoPro not showing up on your PC. I include 5 methods, plus answer some common questions.

The Windows 7 Studio software is available here: Edit: Links to external downloads removed It is unconscionable that GoPro expects us to pay $200 for unwanted and unworkable Windows software in order to use their devices. This is complete laziness on their part.

How to Make Your GoPro Show Up on PC

If you’re struggling with getting your footage off your camera, I feel your pain. It should just work, shouldn’t it?

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But don’t worry. It isn’t that complicated. A few tips and pointers and you shouldn’t have this problem again.

Gopro driver windows 7 download windows 7

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First off, I recommend you check out our guide to connecting a GoPro to a computer. It covers the basic methods (with a card reader and USB cable). It could be that you’re missing just one step.

If you have a pretty good handle about connecting things, let’s get started.

1. Turn on Your Camera

The number one reason that a computer won’t recognize a GoPro is that it isn’t on. Simple fix, right? So, is your camera on?

This solution works if you’ve connected your camera with a USB cable to your computer. The camera requires power to display and transfer photos and videos to your computer.

2. Check your Memory Card

Take a second and check your microSD card.

Here’s what to check on your memory card:

  • Is there any visible damage? Look for dust, residue, warping, or anything else to suggest it isn’t in working order.
  • Is it properly installed? If it isn’t seated correctly or only half in there, it can’t be seen or read. Your computer requires an SD card in order to recognize the camera.
  • Is it there? I know, we’re all smarter than that. Until one time we aren’t. It’s worth checking. Trust me.

3. Check your GoPro USB cable

There’s a couple of things your checking here.

  1. First, is the cable well connected to the computer? And to your camera? Both ends should be flush and inserted the whole way. Watch for loose connections – this might identify a damaged cable or USB port.
  2. Second, is the cable in good shape? They can get some rough treatment. If the cable has been kinked or broken, it might not be communicating data back and forth.

If you have a concern, try to swap it out with another cable. It might be time for a new cable.

Here’s a nice set of USB-C to USB A cables. They come in 3, 6, and 10 foot lengths. Of course, it’s always important to double check which specific cable your GoPro needs.

USB-C is a pretty common cable – powering lots of other devices including many phones. It might be worth checking for a spare cable so you can get your images uploaded today.

4. Try Another USB Port

So if your cable looks like it’s in good shape, it might not be the problem. It could be that your computer’s USB port isn’t quite right.

This could mean that it’s a little damaged. But sometimes these ports – especially on older gear – can be a little temperamental. Just move the USB A cable to another port and try again.

If it works, it’s a simple fix. Takes just a couple seconds.

5. Try Another Connection Method

So if you’re still striking out – and your GoPro just won’t show up, it’s time to try a different method.

If you’ve been trying to connect your GoPro via USB to your computer, now you should try this.

  1. Remove your microSD card from your GoPro.
  2. Insert it into a USB card reader or SD card adapter.
  3. Now insert this into your computer.
  4. Open File Explorer (press Window Key + E)
  5. Now you should see your SD card. It will likely have two folders: DCIM and MISC.
  6. Open the DCIM folder. Now you can just drag and drop your photos and videos to your computer.

If there is a problem with your camera or USB, this method should work – because it bypasses both of them.

If this doesn’t work, it would appear that your microSD card has been damaged.

Do I Need a GoPro Driver?

Gopro Driver Windows 7 Download 64-bit

No. GoPro cameras don’t require a specific driver to connect to a computer.

While they do use a MTP device driver, this isn’t specific to GoPro. MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol and it’s used to connect devices via USB as a storage device.

My Camera isn’t Recognized in GoPro App

This can be a result of some of the problems we covered earlier in the post. Things like a broken or damaged USB cable, or a damaged USB port will cause your camera to not be recognized.

To solve this, I recommend using a microSD card reader, like this one by SanDisk. This will bypass your camera and USB cable and help you identify if that is the problem.

Windows 10 Won’t Recognize GoPro Camera?

The problem could be related to a technical issue – maybe a damaged USB port on your camera or on the computer.

To troubleshoot this, you could try plugging the USB cable into another port on your computer. Or try another USB cable.

But to access your photos quickly, I recommend removing the memory card and using either a card reader or adapter. Now you can insert this into your computer and access your files immediately.

More reading: How to Delete GoPro Photos and Videos and 5 ways to format your SD card.

Your Turn

Hopefully this has fixed your problem and now your GoPro is showing up on your computer. What was the problem for you? I would love to hear what worked. Join me below!