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Office desk with large PC computer screen with green background - template Interior scene with large PC monitor computer screen of the office desk. Keyboard, mouse, coffee cup, table lamp. Green screen for easier copy space. Business template mock up for designers green screen background stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Free download HD background Chroma key with green screen Wedding background 4K Background February 2021,, videoediting.ind.inCall:,mail us: [email protected] HD Background Collection 400 GBReadymade wedd. Relaxed Parachutist Man Free Falling in Mid Air Slow motion shot of skydiver in full parachuting gear, white helmet, jumpsuit and harness, flying relaxed in turning free fall, looking down, extreme sports chroma key against green background free green screen background stock videos & royalty-free footage. 100% free custom background images for Microsoft Teams meetings. We hand-picked these images from various sources such as Unsplash, Pexels, and more. Download hundreds of green screen stock photos as well as thousands of other royalty-free images, only on StockPhotosforFree. Spinning Earth Background Set with Green Screens Spinning Earth Background Set with Green Screens. Login to download stock photos for free! Download green screen stock photos.

Download your free watermarked virtual set today to test with your video editing software.

Test our watermarked, final quality green screen background with your software.
It’s easy to test your virtual set set with your software. Simply click on the image below for a free download of the watermarked test file.

Download Watermarked Test
Watermark free version of this set you can purchase at US Colors Virtual News Set -- Camera 6

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Free Video Tutorials

Click on button below to find out how to use virtual sets with Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro.
We are often asked, How do I use the virtual desk with green screen backgrounds? It just takes a few simple steps.
Cover your actual desk with green (or blue) cloth, as in the illustration. This way your talent can put their hands (or other objects, such as notebooks or coffee cups) on the desk surface.
To test your virtual desk with your software, click on the image below for a free download of the watermarked test files.
Download Watermarked Test
Virtual News Background -- Camera 6

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Three key differences between hardware and software based virtual studio systems for chromakey shoots. Green screen background images free download windows 10

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Why green background is used for videos?

How to get free activation code for clash of clans. Green Screen is a technique for combining or joining two images or video streams, which is also known as Chroma key in Wikipedia. No matter you are a beginner or a professional, a green screen function could help you to make a cool video.

If you'd like to find some free green screen backgrounds (like me), you can learn 5 best online websites to download free green screen video background in this post.

The best part?

This in-depth guide also includes of:

- Best Green Screen Video Editor for PC, Mac;

- Detailed guide to make a green screen video effect by yourself.

Now, let's drive right in ..

Part 1: Best 5 Places to Download Free Green Screen Video Backgrounds

#1. Videvo

Videvo is a website with green background free video clips that has videos you can use for film production, business, and another kind of related movies.

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#2. XStockvideo

XStockVideo is more of a website that provides free green screen stock video footage for professional videos. The videos can be downloaded in 960x540 or 1280x720 resolution.

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#3. Videezy

Videezy has 781 free green background video footage of various different kinds that can be used for various different purposes. The videos relate to Time Lapse, nature, etc.

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#4. Motion Elements

Motion elements offer free High-definition videos that can be used for Green Screens.

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#5. Ignite Motion

Ignite Motion is an amazing website that has free motion backgrounds along with 3D animations that come in several formats.

Green Screen Zoom Virtual Background Images Download Free

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Part 2: How to Make Your Green Screen Video with Filmora Video Editor?

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is perhaps the best product out there for editing green screen videos. Filmora Video Editor comes with novel features that let you play with your videos with various marvelous tools. It has Green Screen feature for users to make impossible scenes possible.

Also, there are many transitions that you can add to your video clips turning them into really beautiful motion pictures. You can use a lot of filters and effects to make your videos more interesting. Also, there are many intro and credits clips that you can add to give your green screen videos an interesting start and end.

  • Green screen: Allows users (including beginners) to emulate the professional 'green screens' used by professionals.
  • Filters and overlays: Provide a number of filters including light leaks, old film, cinema flair etc.
  • PIP: Picture in Picture option helps you to overlay a picture or video with another on the screen to depict a memory or tell a story in different angles.
  • Rotate, trim, crop and merge: This video editor has all the basic editing requirements for video making.
Free DownloadFor macOS 10.12 or later

[Tutorial] How to Make A Green Screen Background for Video?

Before starting to create a green screen video, you need to shoot video clips before a green screen backdrop. Or you can also download some green screen background videos from the websites we list in Part 2., and choose cool movements and elements to add to your videos.

Step 1: Import your videos

Drag and drop your videos to Filmora Video Editor first. Alternatively, you can click the 'Import Media Files Here' icon to import your videos to this program as well.

Step 2: Add videos to timeline

In this step, please drag and drop your videos to the PIP track in the timeline to continue. Or you can right-click on the video clip to choose 'Apply to PIP' in the user album.

Step 3: Green Screen feature

Right click on the video, you will get a drop-down menu immediately. Now you should choose 'Green Screen'.

Step 4: Apply Green Screen to video

After getting a 'PIP Inspector' window, in 'Image' or 'Video' tab, you can find 'Chroma Key (Green Screen)' feature, select the color as 'green', and you have the choice to adjust the intensity level.

Clicking the green screen background to set it to transparent. At last, hit 'OK' to save it. After all the settings, you can now personalize a cool background for the video by dragging the new video background file to the timeline.

Step 5: Export video

Download clash of clans on bluestacks. Finally, you need to click the 'Export' button to save your video.

Free DownloadFor macOS 10.12 or later

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