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  • TAL-DUB-III is an easy to use delay plugin with some special features for PC and MAC users. It’s no tape delay emulation and has its own sound. It has an alias free saturation stage, a non-linear 6dB low pass and a 3dB high pass filter that are included in the feedback path of the device.
  • H Delay Vst Free Download Quality List of Free Delay & Echo Effects - Vst Plugins Available for Download. Delay Box - Vst Effect It was designed with just the right amount of features to make it a useful and rewarding tool to use.

This selection shows that the music production market is full of great free delay plugins for PC and Mac, even without cracking or pirating.

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Delay plugins wherever you look. Manufacturers battle every day to bring the best unique delay plugin to the market. Often, however, they just sound too similar because they don’t really make something special. What is often forgotten here is the huge selection of free plugins on the market for PC and Mac. Yes, even those are special and can keep up with the quality of commercial products.

In this list, I will simplify your search for free delay plugins. They were split into two groups: on the one hand, plugins which are very classic, on the other, sound processing tools that use more specific techniques such as granular synthesis.

To give you the fastest way to have fun, there are no extra clicks, etc (no click baits…). Every delay mentioned leads directly to the manufacturer. Plus, all mentioned are 64-bit plugins and compatible with PC and Mac. Sure, there are tons of other delays available but these are often PC and 32bit only.

I hope you find something suitable here and of course, the list will be updated as often as possible. (Last Update May 9, 2020)

Free Classic Delay Plugins

Free Experimental Delay Plugins

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Mutant Delay VST AU AAX WIN & MacOSX
Size 13.4 Mb


H Delay Vst Mac Crack Mac

‘Mutant Delay’ is a host-synced delay plugin with a built-in ducker, perfect for vocal processing and many other applications. In the studio, we’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve had to set up convoluted sidechain and compression routing, just to achieve a ducked delay for our vocal lines. With Mutant Delay all that complexity is a thing of the past. Now you can easily replicate this popular mixing technique with just one plugin and a couple of clicks, allowing you to dial in extreme delay effects whilst maintaining clarity of the original signal. If you want to keep things simple, just load up Mutant Delay on your vocal track, choose a preset and voila! Need to get deeper? Adjust the delay and ducking parameters to your own taste, with clear visual feedback provided in real time, showing exactly how the ducked delay is being performed.
So what’s going on under the hood? Essentially, the ducker listens to the dry source, and ducks the wet delay signal making space for the source signal. This setup is very useful when using more pronounced delay effects that have a lot of feedback. For example; vocals, synths and percussion. Quickly dial in extreme delay effects without losing the definition and clarity of the source signal.


The Mutant Delay logo acts as a bypass control for the whole plugin, and is smoothed to be click and pop free for unhindered A/B testing.

Visual Feedback

The waveform graph at the very top of the interface shows the dry source and the wet delay signal in different colours. You can clearly see what the plugin is doing in terms of delay and ducking.

Synced Delay Section

The Synced Delay section of Mutant Delay offers flexible host-synced delay for the left and right channel independently, including High & Low pass filters and a Ping-Pong setting.

Mix & Time

Use the Mix dial to set the wet delay level. Used in conjunction with the Threshold and Ratio dials within the Internal Ducker section, this parameter can give precise control over the performance of the delay and feedback. Independent delay time controls for the left and right channels can be set from 1/1 to 1/16 with straight, triplet or dotted notes.

Feedback & Ping-pong

The Feedback dial mixes the output of the delay back into the input of the delay line, creating a repetitive delay effect. For more complex delay combinations, you can cross-mix the feedback paths of the left and right delay channel using the Ping-Pong routing option.

Frequency shaping

A common delay technique; shaping the frequency of the delay tail adds movement to the feedback and helps with mix clarity, reducing high and low end clutter. Mutant Delay’s High & Low pass filter dials can be used to filter the output of the delayed signal in two different ways. Mode A limits the entire delayed signal to the upper and lower frequency limits. Mode B will introduce the frequency shaping slowly as the delay feeds back – an interesting and creative effect.

Internal Ducker Section

The ducking section of the interface works similarly to a standard compressor and the Threshold and Ratio dials are the main controls for shaping how the ducked signal is processed. Threshold sets the intensity level at which the compressor starts working and the Ratio dial dictates how much gain reduction is applied.

Advanced Controls : Attack / Hold / Release

You can fine tune the behaviour of the ducking effect with the Attack, Hold and Release dials. Attack allows you to ignore transients in the delay signal. Hold stabilises the generated gain reduction. Release set the fade out time for the gain reduction. Adjusting these parameters is the key to shaping your bespoke delay. Try setting Attack to zero and dialling in a long Release time for a really atmospheric effect.

H Delay Vst Mac Crack


Including a wide range of factory presets, Mutant Delay is designed to get you up and running quickly. The specially tailored settings include many types of delay chains, from standard processing right through to special FX. These are all easily accessible from the plugin menu and of course, you can save you own settings as user presets too.
This all-in-one frequency shaped ducked delay gives you precise control over your delayed vocals, synths and so much more. Mutant Delay perfectly controls delay feedback tails, without complex routing and sidechaining, maintaining the clarity of the original signal. It’s just simple and fast.

Mutant Delay Features:

  • Host-synced delay
  • Built-in internal ducker with compressor-style controls
  • Many presets for a wide range of delay parameters
  • Click free bypass control
  • 2 filtering modes (straight dampening & increasing over time)
  • Straight and ping-pong delay with multiple note divisions
  • Real-time waveform display
  • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video
System Requirements:

H Delay Vst Mac Crack Plugins

Windows 7 or higher (32 / 64 bit)
Mac OSX 10.7 or higher (32 / 64 bit)
AAX – ProTools 11 or higher
Demo Preview: