How To Fix Error Loading Waveform Omnisphere 2

So, I moved Omnisphere 2's STEAM folder from my SSD (the location I specified when I installed) to my external HDD. When I load it in Cubase, a box pops up asking me if I want to relocate the folder, but when I click 'Yes,' all that loads is a completely black window for an instance of Omnisphere. If you can't load your Waves plugins in Pro Tools, follow the relevant instructions for your version of Pro Tools to make the plugins available. 3758b9b5-045c-4b7d-b020-80f9b068d990 07:10 AM EST.

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How to fix error loading waveform omnisphere 2013

I had the same issue with Omnisphere 2. I installed the plugin on my MacBook Pro for use in Logic Pro X. After installation of the basic software and the update I noticed no sound being generated from it's basic library. This was quite unusual because all of my settings and preferences were correct in both the system audio and the Logic Pro X software. But then I realized that my installation of the Omnisphere 2 plugin was incomplete as far as sound samples. It appears that if you don't install the complete library (all 8 DVDs of content) into the plugin's STEAM folder, none of the patches or sounds will work. After manually completing the installation of content from each DVD, the plugin works as designed with no further audio issues. Hope this helps someone with similar circumstances.

How To Fix Error Loading Waveform Omnisphere 2020

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