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I need to use Mathcad everyday and also I want to buy a MacBook Pro, but I can’t because this app(Mathcad) isn’t available on Mac, is there any similar app? PTC Mathcad is described as 'Engineering math software designed to perform, analyze, and share complex calculations' and is an app in the Development category. There are more than 25 alternatives to PTC Mathcad for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, the Web and Android. The best alternative is SMath Studio, which is free. Mathcad can automatically solve equations. It has the WYSIWYG concept that shows how results look after processing data entered; calculate quickly with real time preview, switch between symbolic or numeric representation. Allows mathematical notations from the simplest to most complex ones. You create models and verify results.

Start the MathCAD software by clicking on the engineering application group in window and clicking on the MathCAD 2001i professional icon. After a few moments a blank worksheet should appear. The figure below is a blank worksheet. On your blank MathCAD worksheet, you will see a MathCAD toolbars or Math Palette. Mathcad Prime For Mac a valid software license. The desktop apps will attempt to validate your software licenses every 30 days. Annual members can use the apps for up Mathcad Prime For Mac to 99 days in offline mode. Month-to-month members can use the software for up Mathcad Prime For Mac to 30 days in offline mode.


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Mathcad is a Windows-based system from MathSoft, Inc. that handles text, graphs and mathematics. It features internet access, Lotus Notes and Email compatibility and has QuickSheets for common procedures so you can share your documents with others. Students as well as professional engineers will like its animations and graphing and the ability to create images in multiple dimensions with the graphics tool. Users can create electrical circuit drawings, projections, knot rendering, fractals and so much more. Mathcad allows the use of standard mathematical notation on a computer rather than struggling with programming language.

Mathcad is a superior teaching aid for exchanging research material and remote learning. It has excellent screen views in full color, it's very well organized and installation is quick and easy. Hundreds of built-in functions, guided tutorials and help functions help make Mathcad an ideal tool for producing mathematical documents. Its whiteboard interface allows simultaneous designing, solving and documentation of calculations. Lenovo r400 pci simple communications controller driver.


Using Mathcad, you can write a document rather than a program and add equations and calculations with text. It's possible to write an entire paper using Mathcad to do all the difficult work. It does take a short while to learn the ins and outs of the keystrokes needed to input information but it's fairly quick. You can save your worksheets as HTML containing MathML and the output can be used with an HTML template. This feature is great for sites that have an inflexible layout.

Mathcad allows easy collaboration between researchers or colleagues in other organizations, as well as a wealth of illustrative and calculating tools.

MathStudio rocks on..

First, if you are looking for a fully functional programmable calculator and can't find anything suitable for your iPad, then you are looking for MathStudio. If you are looking to do mathematical modeling, MathStudio is also for you. Second, there are only a handful of applications I feel make the iPad worth purchasing. MathStudio is on the A list along with GoodReader, ProCreate, Noteshelf, and Apple's productivity applications (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote). All these applications are well designed and do what they do reliably and very well. Third, MathStudio gets better with every release. Watch out Mathematica! We're on your tail. I highly recommend MathStudio.
MathStudio review

Excellent math and calculation program. Rivals mathcad.
Awesome APP!

Guess what? This amazing app is just like the Matlab on your PC! It provides so many brilliant functions made you work more fluently. Not to mention the beautiful interface is pretty nice.
Best iPhone Math App

Hands down the best math app for the iPhone. Everything works, from simple equation solving to plots to 3d to Laplace and Inverse Laplace. DifEq solving is superb. This app is awesome on both the iPhone and iPad, worth every cent, enormously useful. You can't go wrong buying this app if you need serious math on your iDevice!
Tremendous Power for Price

For years, I've used the MathStudio app on my iPhone in my job as an engineer. In particular, I rely heavily on the app's scrolling log of calculations: a great way to ward off the introduction of errors in a long chain of computations. Great app.

I've used this app on my iPod, my iPad, and now with my MacBook Pro. I've checked out other calculators and I still like the feature set of this one. The tutorials are fantastic, the functions list is excellent, all it takes is some effort, and time, to get it together. I like the fact that it is what it is, a hardcore graphing calculator. To use the app is really simple, all I had to do was follow the tutorials, and there are plenty to get you going, then you are off and running. There is a manual you can download, the interface is excellent (after watching the tutorials) and covers everything this app gives. And finally, the app developer will reply to your queries. Really guys, you will not be unhappy with this app. Thanks for your time.

I love this app. Worth every penny. Using it in a calculus class as TI replacement.
User friendly and powerful

This application has great tutorials to get you started. The UI is quite easy to use and intuitive, considering the complexity of what it can do.
IEEE Spectrum Review

MathStudio is a natural for students and for engineers who occasionally need a comprehensive math program but don't need the full horsepower and daunting complexity of Mathematica or Maple. It's a huge leap from the usual calculator program for tablets and smartphones.
Mini Mathematica

Perfect little app for quick, powerful computation and visualization. I keep using it instead of mathematica on my home computer because it's just sooo convenient. I can't believe how well it renders the evolution of such complex systems. I am blown away.
Awesome app!

If you love numbers, buy this!

This is by far the best calculator (if you can call it that) app on the iTunes app store (as of the beginning of 2009)- it has a featureset comparable to that of an advanced graphing calculator, like a TI-89, but with the benefit of a touch-screen interface and full-color graphics (which are especially nice for 3D plotting). SpaceTime also performs both numeric and symbolic algebra and calculus (including some advanced functions) and supports scripting. If you've used software like Maple or Mathematica, SpaceTime works in a similar function- not quite as feature-rich, but far more than you might expect from a handheld device.
Simply the best calc app for the iphone

I used to own a Pocket PC (before it was stolen and I moved to an iPhone). I regretted nothing about moving to an iPhone except having to give up my one truly indispensible application on the PocketPC, namely SpaceTime. I lamented its absence from the iPhone ever since. Now its here and available! It is a programming tour-de-force, and really does provide a substantial subset of the functionality of desktop powerhouses like Mathematica and Maple. To compare it to a 'calculator' is somewhat like comparing a racing car to a road bike. Vastly different leagues. It would arguably be worth the 'price of admission' if all it offered was its graphing capabilities and nothing else. That it offers everything a conventional scientific calculator does plus a full suite of symbolic algebra functionality is a rich frosting on the cake. I applaud the programming team for developing an extraordinary little program, and for making it available to a broader community. It matches or exceeeds an HP-50g or Ti-89 for pure functionality, yet is offered for a fraction of the cost. If you are an engineer or scientist, or anyone in search of a full function scientific calculator/plotter/symbolic manipulator, you've found your iPhone dream app.

I am so lucky to find this application! I will never use TI-89 again! And the price is anbelievable! And you can do scripts! TI-89 costs over 100 dollars. You can use this application instead! Too bad our professor doesn't let us use phones on test. I will try to convince him by showing this application. SpaceTime is well worth the money.
Dump your graphing calculator!

This is truly an amazing piece of software for the iPhone that could potentially render all the graphing calculators out-there obsolete! I was very impressed with all the graphing features (2D, 3D, 4D, etc) and the powerful CAS loaded with preprogrammed funtions. SpaceTime solves and displays complex expressions in a fashion that reminds me of my TI 92's 'pretty print' mode. I highly recommend this application to every college student and math enthusiast!
Fantastic.. It's a TI-92 on steroids

I've been waiting for a program like this a long time on my iPhone or iPad, and somehow never found SpaceTime until now. This is a phenomenal engineering application for the student or professional. It does it all.. Solving equations, integrating, calculating derivatives, and graphing. I had a TI-92 calculator back in my college days that I used for years and dearly loved and this app blows it out of the water. The UI might not be beautiful, but it's extremely functional and intuitive to use. They include a really quick tutorial that gets you up and running quickly. This is the example app for the potential of a device like the iPhone or iPad. Superb!

Mathcad For Macbook Air


This application is simply amazing. I continue to be stunned by the speed and accuracy in which it solves/plots/does just about anything you could possibly need to do in math. I prefer it to computer math applications because you simply cannot beat the touch interface. This app has changed the way that I do math every day, and I highly recommend it to anyone who does math on a daily basis.
Great, great, great!!!

This application deserves an Oscar (and at least two pullitzers). The iPad release is awesome.
Replace your old graphing calculator!

This app really goes beyond your typical graphing calculator as well. How? By allowing you to interact with the graphs that you generate by touching them! I could go on and on about this app, but If you're still reading this review, let's just say that you're probably not going to find a better graphing calculator than this in the App Store.
Creatively genius

This app offers so much, and everyone can learn from it. Amazing 3D grapics, intuitively designed with the end user in mind. It is apps such as SpaceTime, that show us why the App Store for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad is by far the best for mobile devices.
So wonderful I am crying

MathStudio is really, truly great. Not only is it by far the most impressive use of the iphone OS and hardware that I've seen, but it is also an elegant, finely crafted tool. My greatest joy in using this software is found in how self contained it is. A description of each function can be found in the catelog tab, making for wonderfully accessible documentation. Thank you, Spacetime.
Amazing Capabilities

This app is way more than a graphing calculator. Capabilities like solving differential equations, preforming matrix factorizations and many more place it in a league of its own for hand held computation. The interface is simple and the extensive catalog (now with examples!) makes it easy to quickly learn how to execute any operation. As an undergraduate math and physics student, this app has completely replaced my TI and drastically reduced the time I spend on MATLAB and Mathematica. I would recommend SpaceTime to anyone!
Awesome Mathematics App

Mathcad Prime For Mac

Mathcad Alternative For Mac

I am amazed how easy MathStudio is to operate. It does not take too much time to navigate the menus and quickly compute derivatives, integrals, and matrices. I love the plot feature where you can enter the variable T in a function and watch how the function changes as T changes. The tutorials are great too. This app is a must have for anyone into mathematics, or is a student of mathematics (I am a graduate student).