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Re: rpcs3 Settings for NCAA 14
i5 6600K 3.5GHz
16GB DDR4 2666MHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB
I cant remember the settings I put it on in RCPS3, but I basically copied the settings someone had on YouTube.
First day game I got the black field. Quit. Started again. Runs perfectly (as a poster above said).
I can't get over how beautiful the lack of long load times is, lol. Its so much more enjoyable to play on RCPS3. All the menus going in and out is just completely seamless, its beautiful.
For those that stumble here looking to get NCAA 14 running on PC, I'm a technical idiot but googled instructions using 3 programs:
-multiMann on PS3 to copy the game onto the PS3 internal hard drive. I got a hard-copy of the game to do this part.
-FileZilla to do a FTP transfer of the game data from PS3 to PC
-RCPS3, I followed their quickstart instructions (only thing lacking was details on FTP, but I used FileZilla and googled their instructions and it was easy).
Honestly it was fairly seamless process. I was expecting having to do a lot of troubleshooting and it ran perfect on 2nd try (after day-game error).
For controller, I just used micro-usb on XB1 to my PC and selected it in RCPS3 settings, extremely easy.
Edit: I'll check my GPU settings and the frame rate to edit when I'm home, in case its useful to others.
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Ncaa Football 14 Ps3

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