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This is a walkthrough for all versions of the localized version of Whirlpool’s ninja cat-girl visual novel Neko-nin exHeart by Sekai Project. While the game only has 1 ending, the choices do affect which scenes you get to see. Hence the walkthrough below will help you pick the scenes for the right ninja cat-girl heroine. There are 2 of them, Yura and Tama.

The choices in this guide will work on both the adult uncensored download edition by Nutaku or Denpasoft, as well as the all-ages edition on Steam.

You’ll also unlock all NEKO-NIN exHeart CGs as you go, but you’ll need 2 save slots for this guide.

/trap-god-vst-crack/. Yura Scenes

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  • Save Slot 1
  • Go home
  • Save Slot 2
  • Yura

Tama Scene recovery #1

  • Load Slot 2
  • Tama

Tama Scene recovery #2

  • Load Slot 1
  • Read the letter

Neko-nin exHeart

Nekonin Ex Heart 2 18%2b Patch Download Pc

Brand(s):DenpaSoft, Whirlpool, Sekai Project
In this Neko-nin visual novel by Whirlpool, human-like beings called “Ajin” have been around since ancient times. In possession of strange powers, these ajin usually operated as ninjas for their contractors. Yura and Tama are two of such ninjas. One…
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