Pkcs 11 Library Mac

Pkcs 11 library mac os

Pkcs11Interop library supports both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and can be used with.NET Framework 2.0 or higher on Microsoft Windows or with Mono on Linux, Mac OS X, BSD and others. Pkcs11Interop.URI extends Pkcs11Interop with a support for PKCS#11 URI scheme - an emerging standard for identifying PKCS#11 objects stored in PKCS#11 tokens. Does the MacOSX provide any kind of API for accessing to smartcard contents via PKCS#11 interface? I am looking for something similar to the Smart Card API provided by Windows.

Q: I need to sign PDF documents with my USB Smart Card. Can I do that using PDF Studio on my Mac system?

A: Yes, you can. Starting in PDF Studio 11.0.4, we allow users to sign a document using their USB Smart Card. You can see the setup below as a reference.

In this example, we used Safenet eToken 5100 on MacOS Sierra, different devices might have different setup.

1. Plug the USB Smart Card/Token into your computer

2. Install the SafeNet Authentication Clientsoftware. You can click HERE for other versions.

3. Go to /usr/local/lib and verify that “libeTPkcs11.dylib” is located in the directory

4. Using any text editor, create a configuration file (see below example), and save it with the name “config.cfg” or you can download fromHERE:


Pkcs 11 library mac sierra

if you’re using “sourceforge smartcard service” for MAC, you will need to install the opensource package ‘OpenSC’ for mac and configure your “config.cfg” with “library =/Library/OpenSC/lib/”

5. Open PDF Studio, go to Preferences -> Digital IDs.

6. Click “Browse” button under “Additional IDs” section

Pkcs 11 Library Mac Os

7. Click browse and select the “config.cfg” which we created in step 4.

8. You will be prompted to enter the password for your token.

Note: Due to a bug on Mac the dialog will appear behind the PDF Studio window. Move the PDF Studio dialogs to the side to enter your password.

Pkcs11 Library Mac

From now on, the signature ID on your smart card should displays on the signature list and allow you to sign the document.

Hardware info:

SafeNet eToken 5100 – USB security key

Pkcs 11 Library Mac Osx

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