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Have you ever played IMVU online multiplayer game? Yes! Then you must have great moments while playing this game because it is an awesome boring time killer game.

But, you are bored with IMVU, right? Are you playing it from a long time and need some change?

Looking for similar games like IMVU? Then you are at right article. Below we have listed top 15 best alternative games like IMVU.

This online multiplayer game was introduced by IMVU Inc. back in 2004. Now, it has more than 10 million fans who like to play IMVU. In IMVU, you can create your customized 3D avatars. Once done, you can meet up with people around you, manufacture products, play in-games, chat with others in this secure environment. You can use bluestacks alternatives to play mobile games on pc.

IMVU - Directory of free multiplayer online games.

You will find friends with similar hobbies and interests. You can use IMVU currency to spend for your in-game routine life needs and activities.


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List of Best Games Like IMVU

1. Kaneva

On the first in the list, we have Kaneva as the best alternative game like IMVU. This online multiplayer virtual world game will make you feel dipped into the virtual gaming world. It was released a few years ago in 2004. From the launch to till now, it has created a huge user base that it can compete with outstanding viral world games like Second Life.

The gameplay is quite decent and it possesses high-quality gaming graphics. For serious gamers, Kaneva is a good game to get entertained.

2. Onverse

Second, we have Onverse as another best similar game like IMVU. Make sure to get completed all your pending work before getting started with it because once you are stuck with it, then you will found yourself spend numerous hours on it.

The limitless exploration that Onverse offer is useful to consider a point of it. This 3D virtual world game offers endless customization.

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3. Habbo

Next, we have Habbo which is also known as Habbo Hotel. This is a leading online three-dimensional virtual reality game that you will love to play. Once you play it with a relaxed mind, then you will be going to addictive of it. This game lets you create your customized 3D avatar. Once created then you can meet new people and gain a relationship of long-line friends.

It also lets you chat with your friends so that you get updated with your in-gaming surrounding environment. Overall, Habbo is a must try a game on this list.

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4. The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles

Have you played The Sims Medieval? Yes! That’s good because The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles is the expansion game of The Sims Medieval. It features new outfits, new traits, new like game play, new quests and so much. You also get to have social interactions with others as well.

This game stand to be adventure cum life simulation game that also offers fun treasure hunting modes. This game was created by Sim Studios.

5. MySims Agents

MySims Agents game can be only played on the Nintendo platform. For those who like to play adventure based and a role-playing game can go for it. Here you will get numerous mysteries to be solved. You will play as an agent. Whose aim is to damage the bad idea of Morcubus. Moreover, you will get numerous worlds to be explored.

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EA Redwood Shores is the developer of this game, and it was published by Electronic Arts. MySims Agents is good to try a game.

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6. The Sims Medieval

Sixth, we have The Sims Medieval. Developed by The Sims Studios and published by Electronic Arts, The Simis Medieval is another similar games of IMVU. The plot of this game is of medieval times. This adventure based, life simulation game let you create your empire through the quest-driven gameplay.

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Here, your main aim is to build your kingdom powerful with different techniques, things in the game. Make ready your Sims army and get them in different quests.

7. Suburbia

Suburbia is a 2D life simulation game that you will love to play. It offers a great story line and fascinating game play. It is a Facebook video game. So, you can play it on Facebook as well. This game offers fun-filled game-play. The 2D graphics even looks fantastic. Thus, get all gamers enrolled with it.

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8. SocioTown

In the middle of this list, we have SocioTown as another great alternative game of IMVU. You don’t need to install any files on your PC or your smartphone. Just open your web browser and get yourself enrolled in this game. /bosch-common-rail-injector-repair-manual/. Fifa 15 origin product code generator free download. It is an online multiplayer game that has a huge audience.

SocioTown is a good game when it comes to playing the best of adventure based multiplayer life simulation game.

9. Teen Nick Avatar University

Here, we have another social networking, online multiplayer game in the list called Teen Nick Avatar University which also stands to be the best games like IMVU. In the beginning, your first task is to create your customized avatar. Once created, you will be moved to the gaming environment.

It offers a University environment where you can explore the whole University and get yourself enrolled in other students and people.

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10. Village Life: Love & Babies

Tenth in this list, we have Village Life: Love & Babies which is developed and published by Playdemic. The plot of this game is of the village. Here, the player teach his villagers through life from babies to adulthood. You have to show the basic life process. Apart from that you also have other jobs to be done.

You can find food for survival, manufacture lots of tools and buildings. This game is another title of village life series.

11. Avakin Life

Avakin Life is known to be the best alternative to IMVU because it offers very similar gaming experience like IMVU. This game was introduced by Lockwood Publishing Ltd. Here, you can customize your avatar then you can start meeting up with your neighborhood. There are a good number of costumes and dressed available to let you fully customize your avatar.

This virtual world social simulation game also offers you to chat with people around you in the game. The game-play and graphics offered in the game are quite decent.

12. Supple

Here, we have Supple another great alternative to IMVU. This role-playing life simulation and exploration gives you amazing gaming moments. You have to play the role of a female named as Arin Costello. Supple offers various real life like activities and jobs to be done.

Like real life, you have through various life events like make new friends, get a job and romance. Therefore, Supple could be your best choice in the list.

13. Club Cooee

This list will remain incomplete if we do not feature Club Cooee here in this list of the best IMVU alternative game. This game is similar as the games listed above but with a different gaming interface.

This life simulation game is good to play whenever it comes to play on the best virtual world game at anytime. You can play it on Windows and even online on your web browser as well.

14. Wooz World

Second last in this list, we have Wooz World. The simulation game is interesting as it not only let you play in virtual world but also gives you a social networking space. The game was first introduced in 2009 on web and till now, it has a good database of users.

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While playing, you also get social connected with other gamers who like to play it. Youngsters and even old gamers found themselves attached with it.

15. Miami Nights: Singles in the City

On the last of this list but not the least, we have Miami Nights: Singles in the City as the best alternative game of IMVU. This game is available to play only on the Nintendo platform. Before getting started with the gameplay, first of all, you have to customize your avatar as you want. Then you will enter the gaming world.

Miami Nights: Singles in the City is developed by Gameloft published by Ubisoft. It has a plot of Miami place and has very decent gameplay and gaming interface.

Few More Words

Here we have the list of top 15 best games like IMVU. We hope this article helped you. Don’t forget to comment below guys if you know any other best alternative game of IMVU that must be listed here.

Also, let us know which online multiplayer life simulation game you like to play. Make sure to share this important article with your friends. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more alternatives,games, software and entertainment updates. Have a Great Day!! ?

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Want to meet new people or find out what your buddies are up to?Check out the 3D chat rooms and join the conversations. The IMVU rooms are laid out so that people can meet and interact just like in the real world. The 3D chat rooms are one of the hottest features of IMVU. You can create your own room with furniture, accessories, and even have your favorite music playing. Invite your friends to your room or host your own party and meet new People!
IMVU, Inc. (Instant Messaging Virtual Universe) is an online social entertainment website, founded in 2004, in which members use 3D avatars to meet new people, chat, create, and play games. IMVU has over 50 million registered users, 10 million unique visitors per month and three million monthly active users. IMVU has the world’s largest virtual goods catalog of more than 10 million items (some hidden by their creators), almost all of which are created by its own members. Founded in 2004, IMVU is backed by venture investors Menlo Ventures, Allegis Capital, Bridgescale Partners, and Best Buy Capital and is located in Mountain View, California.