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OK - It looks like some of the ban and API upgrade craziness has slowed down a bit. A few more, third party tools have fallen but the main ones remain and those are what we're going to discuss in this article series.
If you want to get a Pokemon Go account fast, you can go to a site that sells them, like FlameAccounts.com. A decent account will run you anywhere from $25-$50 and you can even get some wicked high level accounts with lots of 90% or better Pokemon for $200-$400. There are some out there who will sell you an account for as little as $10..but the more 'reputable' sellers tend to be a bit higher.

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Wouldn't it be nice, though, if you could generate an account yourself - fast - and put it into the rotation? Well, that's where botting comes into play.
A 'bot' is nothing new; it's simply an automated form of gameplay. There are lots and lots of them out there for lots and lots of games; Pokemon Go is no different. Two in particular are at the top of the stack though - Pokebot.Ninja and Pokefarmer.
Up front, let's be straight - botting is against the terms of service for every game out there. I'm yet to find any game company that actually embraces botting; most have a zero tolerance policy and will ban your account if/when they confirm you're doing it. Other players will consider it cheating (because, technically, it is) as it gives you an unfair advantage. Let's face it - Pokemon Go is a seriously time consuming game that requires a lot of walking, gas, and sweat. Being able to take an account from new to level 25 in just a few days, all while you lie comfortably at home in bed letting your PC do the work..well, you won't make many friends that way. One thing that every diehard botter will tell you - NEVER use your main account. It's best to use a totally different device altogether when you use third party tools. Don't spend money on the games either. Eventually, most of these accounts feel the ban hammer so limit your investment accordingly.
Botters typically bot because they lack time to build the account up or want to get into the mix with a competitive account fast. They EXPECT the account to be banned eventually and generate multiple accounts. After all, you can run multiple sessions and since it's all automated your only real investment is setup, a few bucks, and cleaning the Pokemon/Item bags out every once in a while (even that's can be automated to a degree).
Let's get the dollars and cents discussion out of the way.
All transactions with the Pokemon Go servers require hashing. Bossland GmbH has created a service that allows third party tools to interact with the Pokemon Go servers. This is your first expense when using most third party tools, including bots. It costs €3.95 for a 150 request per minute (rpm) hashing key. For a botter, this is more than enough rpm and you can actually run multiple bots against it.
Pokefarmer is actually part of the Bossland offering. They sell 1, 3, and 12 month keys for the botting app. This is a great way to go - it includes everything you need to bot, right out the door. It's not too bad a price either - for about 30 bucks (€24.95) you can get a 12 month license to bot, all in, that includes the hashing service. It's VERY well supported and has a thriving community on Discord.
Other bots, like Pokebot.Ninja, use the monthly licensing scheme. The guy who writes the bot gets none of that; it all goes to Bossland, but it's the only way you'll be able to bot using these tools and it's a month-by-month charge of €3.95 so a little more. Additionally, these other bots may have their own charges for a full-featured version. As always, you get what you pay for - a free bot will have less features and be more easily detected. Pokebot.Ninja runs a one-time charge of $20 for the 'Radioactive' version that unlocks all the features, including gym battles and auto-sniping. (Yes, it's worth it.)
Both tools include the basic functions of the game - they will walk around an area you specify; catch Pokemon and spin Pokestops; transfer and/or evolve Pokemon that meet certain requirements; hatch eggs and automatically put them into incubators; and auto-drop items gathered from Pokestops. Truly, all the basic functions of the game are covered; the only thing you need to do is whatever you do not automate.
Now, the REAL question - which is better? Well, that really depends on you, the player.
As I mentioned, Pokefarmer is a great, all-in tool It's a single pane that has everything you need. Development is a little slower here; for example, at the time of this writing, they could not detect shiny Pokemon and evolving with evo items was not supported. However, these features WILL be in there soon (they have a BIG update coming soon) and it's a small trade off, temporarily, to get the simplicity of the design. You can download Pokefarmer at Pokefarmer.com.
Probably the best, most powerful botting app is Pokebot.Ninja. This bot can do a lot of things the others cannot. The trade off here, though, is in the simplicity; with great power comes great complexity. The learning curve may be steeper, but it is not that unbearable and there is a great support community on Discord. Pokebot.Ninja has a built in map feature that uses the Google Maps API (you'll need to get a key, but they're free and it's easy to do); supports auto-sniping of whatever Pokemon you want (individual, group, whatever isn't in your Pokedex) within a defined radius (so stay in your city, state, country, or overseas); and will even auto-battle gyms for you. The gym feature is nice; you can take a gym down then use one of the many 'strat' techniques to build it up to level 10 in a flash. You can download Pokebot.Ninja at..Pokebot.Ninja (yup, that actually works in a browser).
Pokebot Ninja Api Key GeneratorAs you might have guessed, I'm a bit biased toward Pokebot.Ninja. I'm a power user and I like being able to refine the configuration of my tools. Pokefarmer is great, though, and I still use it as well.

Pokebot Ninja Api Key Generator Plugin

Pokebot Ninja Api Key Generator Key

The next articles in this series will go into greater detail on each of these tools including general setup, features, and how-to.