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Download full version. For every sale we receive a small fee from the download store which helps us to keep this free website alive. Thank you and have fun! The dialect is described by the authors as a second generation BASIC, and has a lot in common with QBasic. It is a structured BASIC, and contains the most advanced math functions and operators found on graphing calculators such as matrices and Gauss-Jordan method.

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  • Horror 3D (working title)
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Blood: Fresh SupplyGOG.com
Blood: One Unit Whole BloodSteam


NOTE: You can play this game directly in Windows without DOSBox using a third-party engine recreation (please see the links section below).


Description (by Monolith Productions)

Experience the terror.

You'll battle cultists, gargoyles, zombies, hellhounds, and an unholy host of other terrors in your quest to stop Tchernobog. You must not only defeat the Cabal--you must scour its dread name from human memory. If that means eradicating everyone and everything the Cabal has ever tainted, so be it.

Of course, you'll first have to make your way through fortresses, castles, mines, mansions, and estates guarded and kept by Tchernobog's malevolent servants. Fortunately, it is wits that make the hero, and although you're in serious danger of losing yours, you've got enough left to improvise some pretty effective tools of destruction. Aerosol hairspray can be frightening enough on its own, but apply it to a lighter flame and you've got an instant flamethrower (kids, don't try this at home!). /adobe-acrobat-x-pro-download-torrent/. Likewise, a flare gun can brighten your prospects considerably against even the grimmest odds, which is to say nothing for shotguns, Tommy guns, and dynamite. Who knows, you may even find that there are some spirits on your side when you find yourself clutching a voodoo doll.

Qbasic Free Download Softonic

Cheats (by VGTips.com)

Press 'T' to enter the 'Talk' mode, then type in the cheats below:

bunz: Allow two of same weapon
clarice: 100% health
cousteau: 200% health and diving suit
eva galli: Toggle clipping mode
fork broussard: No weapons, 1% health, and drunk
funky shoes: Higher jumps
goonies: Full map
griswold: 200% armor
hongkong: All weapons and ammo
idaho: All weapons and items
jojo: Drunk mode
keymaster: All keys
krueger: 200% health and on fire
mario or luigi: Level skip
montana: All items
mpkfa: God mode
onering: Invisibility
satchel: All items
spielberg: Level select and cheats disabled
spork: 200% health
sterno: Temporary blindness
voorhees: Temporary God mode

Game links

  • Transfusion (authorised Blood remake on the Quake engine)
  • NBlood (Blood recreation based on EDuke32)


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File types

Stable release
0.12.12 (Windows/Linux/Android)[1] / February 4, 2018; 3 years ago[1]
Implementation languageBASIC
LicenseGPL 2
Filename extensions.bas

SmallBASIC is a BASICprogramming languagedialect with interpreters released as free software under the GNU General Public License version 2.


The dialect is described by the authors as a second generation BASIC, and has a lot in common with QBasic. It is a structured BASIC, and contains the most advanced math functions and operators found on graphing calculators such as matrices and Gauss-Jordan method.

Intended application[edit]

The 'Small' prefix in the name SmallBASIC reflects the project's original intention of being used with the Palm, a small hand-held device. SmallBASIC was designed for portability, and is written in C with separate modules containing any code that is unique to a particular platform.[2][3]

SmallBASIC is intended to support the same sorts of applications supported by GW-BASIC and QBasic on the IBM PC, with support for drawing Graphic Primitives to the screen, creating sounds, String Manipulation, and displaying text in various fonts. SmallBASIC also adds functions such as 'File Save', 'Save As', 'Close File', and 'Open File' to the Palm, a device with no native filesystem. SmallBASIC is also intended as a tool for mathematics, with built-in functions for Unit conversion, Algebra, Matrix math, Trigonometry, Statistics, and for two and three dimensional Equation Graphing.[2][3]

Other programming languages for Palm OS that are written in SmallBASIC include Exclamation and Brainfuck.[4]

Qbasic Free Download


SmallBASIC was designed to run on minimal hardware. One of the primary platforms supported is Palm OS,[5] where memory, CPU cycles, and screen space are limited. The SmallBASIC graphics engine can use ASCII graphics (similar to ASCII art) and therefore run many programs on pure text devices. SmallBASIC runs even on Palm OS wristwatches made by Fossil, Inc.

It is available for all POSIX-Compliant operating systems (including Linux, BSD, and UNIX),[6]DOS/DJGPP,[7]Win32,[8]FLTK,[9] VTOS,[9]Franklin eBookMan,[10]Cygwin/MingW,[11] Helio/VT-OS,[12]Android,[13] the Nokia N770 Internet Tablet.,[14] and on any system that supports SDL, FLTK, SVGALib, Linux framebuffer, or Windows GUI.


  • Tech Republic calls it 'an excellent tool to begin programming with.'[15]
  • ASCII-World says 'SmallBASIC is an excellent tool for mathematics'[2]
  • David Mertz, Ph.D. and Andrew Blais, Ph.D. of Gnosis Software say 'SmallBASIC has one of the better development interfaces [we have] reviewed. '[3]

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