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Download Auto Clicker for Mac Download Auto Clicker on Mac running version 10.5 or later Apple Operating System running on Intel 64 bit Machines. This Mouse Automation Utility is provided on a try before buy basis or in other words is a shareware application. In Infrastructure Mode or Ad-Hoc Mode, the NPort® W2150A and NPort® W2250A can connect to Wi-Fi networks at offices and factories to allow users to move, or roam, between several APs (access points), and offer an excellent solution for devices that are frequently moved from place to place.

Digital music sites, products, and more.

Protect your hearing. Because music isn't as appealing when you can't hear it, some sound advice from Apple.

FAQs about the Complete My Album feature. The full skinny on this iTunes Store feature, which gives you roughly six months after buying some songs to buy the rest of the tracks in an album.

iPhone Sync Tricks. From Macworld's Jason Snell, a nice overview of how the iPhone handles synchronizing music, video, podcasts, and photos with iTunes.

FAQs about iPhone Ringtones. Nice collection of tips and insights here.

iTunes and album artwork subtleties. From the folks at iLounge.

A field guide to iPods. This Apple technical support document shows every iPod model and describes how to tell the difference between them.

iPod and iPhone: TV Out Support. Which models connect to a TV? Which cables do you need for the job? This Apple tech info library document tells all.

iPod Problems? Try the Five Rs. iPod acting up? Try Apple's 'Five R Assistant,' which helps you through the five steps that should get you back up and running: reset, retry, restart, reinstall, restore.

iPod Out-of-Warranty Battery Replacement Program. Apple's program for when the music dies.

Maximimzing battery life. Tips from Apple. Who knew that using the iPod's equalizer drained the battery faster? You do now.

iPod as tour guide. Apple's guide to the little-known 'museum mode.' See also Apple's iPod Notes Feature Guide (PDF file).

iPod Your Car. Links to iPod-compatible cars and accessories.

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Also see my write-up of Pioneer's amazing AVIC-Z1: Part one and part two.

Sharing a local iTunes library. How to make one iTunes library accessible to multiple users on one Mac.

The Complete Guide to iPod, Apple TV and iPhone Video Formats. A great reference from iLounge.

The joy of shuffle modes: from Wired and The New Yorker (of all places!)

iTunes and the 7-burn limit.
Some interesting research from Chris Breen, editor of Playlist magazine.

Utilities for converting video for iPod playback: HandBrake Lite; iSquint; ViddyUp (formerly Podner). For power-user control over DVD ripping, check out Handbrake.

Beautifully designed peer-to-peer software. Don't steal music.

Apple's iTunes ApplesScripts
Free scripts that automate iTunes in various cool ways.

Rs Mac Access Utility Download

Artwork Scripts
From Doug Adams' terrific site.

Terrific jukebox program from Panic Software goes beyond iTunes in several ways. Now enjoying retirement, but free.

Audio Hijack & Audio Hijack Pro
Great family of utilities for recording any audio your Mac can produce.

C. Crane and Company
A cool company for anyone who likes radios and electronics.

Delightful (and free) utility displays album art, retrieves art from Amazon, and more. Read my review.

Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes
The best collection of iTunes AppleScripts.

Andy O'Meara's outstanding visualizer plug-in. (Check out Andy's WhiteCap while you're there. And if you want to add visualizations to iMovie or Final Cut products, check out Darkroom)

Operators of the Compact Disc Database (CDDB), which iTunes uses to retrieve track and album names.

Griffin Technology
Makers of the iMic audio adapter for USB Macs and other digital hub products.


Makers of the SoundSticks speaker system and iSub subwoofer.

iPDA, iSpeakIt, iPresent It, iPodRip
Handy iPod utilities for storing calendar and event information from Microsoft Entourage; displaying presentations, converting text into audio speech recordings; and more.

iNet Stream Archiver
Shareware utility lets you record Internet radio stations that stream in MP3 format. See also Audio Hijack (above) and Wiretap (below).

Utility lets you access the Gnutella network to download MP3 files. Don't steal music.

Listen to MP3 Internet radio stations or start your own.

Mediafour Corp.
Makers of XPlay, a utility for using the iPod with Windows computers.

Another direct-access utility for playing and copying songs from the iPod's hard drive.

Exquisite little program works as a System Preference to enable you to control iTunes.
A site devoted to smart playlists? Believe it. Visit it. And see how to rediscover your music library.

Toast Titanium
Roxio's powerhouse burning program and related utilities, including CD Spin Doctor for digitizing those old vinyl albums.

QuickTime Streaming Server
Lets you stream QuickTime or MP3 content.

Rs Mac Access Utility Download Mac

WireTap Pro
Utility for recording streaming audio and any other noise your Mac can create. I'm partial to the Audio Hijack family, but this one's worth checking out, too.

iTunes, iPod, and Digital Media Sites

Great source of iPod tips, news, downloads, and discussion boards.

Rs mac access utility download

Another site devoted to the iPod, featuring news, reviews, discussion forums, and an iPod products guide.

A site for the advanced iPod user, with discussion forums, reviews, news, and links to related sites.

Free audiobooks
Download free audio books. See also Project Gutenberg and Podiobooks. Read my post about these sites.

The Internet Archive
A staggering selection of video, audio, and more.

Playlist magazine
Terrific site the covers the entire digital music scene. Don't miss the site's free music downloads section and Chris Breen's terrific iPod blog.

Listening Post
Digital music blog from Wired magazine.

Inside the iPod Design Chain
Article on the design process and partners involved in the original iPod's creation. Old but still interesting.