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Mar 03, 2021 To switch from Android, Windows, iOS, or PC to your new Galaxy is just a click away if you choose Samsung Smart Switch. The tool comes free and transfers everything that is important for you to have on your new Galaxy. It supports from your contacts to messages, all media like photos, videos, audio files, and apps like calendar, events, and all.

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Samsung A50 PC Suite Software for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7Free Download – Samsung is definitely a world brand and you’ve definitely heard of it. Also, you may have used or have the ability to at least see how Samsung phones work. They have an extensive list of phones they have released, and their Galaxy line is definitely one of the most famous. The good news is that you can choose a Samsung phone according to your budget, and there are many options this smartphone has to offer. One of the things you definitely want to use is Samsung’s PC Suite.

Samsung Kies stands for Key Intuitive Easy System is an official Phone Manager app created by Samsung for Samsung MIUI Android users using Windows OS, and this PC Suite offers many features, such as transferring photos, videos, messages, contacts, music between your PC and device, as well as backing up and all other cargo. Note that there are different versions out there, and you should look for a compatible version for your device.

Samsung PC Suite Kies connects your PC to your phone, making it easy for you to sync information and find new apps. Using Samsung’s PC Suite, you can see apps in full screen on your PC, regardless of what settings you use. You can also customize the benefits, basically by switching to the Samsung Apps section or requesting your phone.

If you need to upgrade, downgrade or flash a stock ROM, you need to Download the Official Samsung A70 ADB Driver first. You should also download Samsung A50 Official USB Drivers. Here, you can find Samsung PC Suite software for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 with the appropriate installation guide.

Compatible Samsung A50 PC Suite Software for Windows

Samsung A50 PC Suite Software is compatible with various windows 32-bit or windows 64-bit versions , such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7. Regardless of the window mentioned as well as other versions it is very likely that it will not work.

How to download & installations Samsung A50 PC Suite for Windows

To download and install Samsung A50 PC Suite for Windows, do the following:

  1. Download the file provided below later,
  2. Then, extract the downloaded file.
  3. Double-click on the .exe file folder.
  4. Install the driver. Just follow the instructions provided
  5. Select Run if a security alert appears on your laptop/PC screen.
  6. Congratulations, Samsung PC Suite for Windows has been installed successfully, to be more accurate, try to test first whether the software can be used.

Download Here ↵ Samsung A50 PC Suite Kies Software for Windows
Download Here ↵ Samsung A50 Smart Switch Software for Windows
Download Here ↵ Samsung A50 Smart Switch Software for MacOS

There are many apps that you can use to sync data from your phone to your computer, but this app is usually a favorite choice for Samsung phone users. The number of users who prefer to use this app is certainly not without reason, here are some of the features and advantages of Samsung Kies that you need to know.

1. Simple and easy to use. Since the app is bundled with USB drivers, you don’t have to bother installing drivers manually. You can use this app directly to manage your phone’s data.

In addition, the app also provides several display modes, namely Lite and Normal, Lite mode displays a simpler user interface than Normal mode, this mode is suitable for those of you who want to focus.

2. Manage mobile data through pc. By using this app you can manage different types of data or files stored on your phone, including music files, contacts, videos, photos and so on.

Samsung galaxy j6 pc software

In addition, you can also send data on your phone to your computer or vice versa, so you can also use this app to back up your phone data.

In addition to multimedia files, you can also back up different types of data such as memos, contacts, messages, call logs, settings, account information and so on.

3. Connect your phone to your computer in a variety of ways. By using this app you can connect your phone to your computer in a variety of ways including using a USB cable or connecting it over the same WiFi network.

4. Can be used to update the firmware. The app also comes with a feature that allows you to update the firmware to the latest version, and many other uses. If the latest firmware has been released and your phone is still using the old version, the app will display a notification asking you to update the firmware to the latest version.

In short, if you want to easily and quickly back up or manage your Samsung smartphone data through a Windows PC, then Samsung Kies is an app you should consider.

By Selena KomezUpdated on March 14, 2019

[Summary]: Looking for the best Samsung manager for Windows 10 /8 /7 /Vista/XP/macOS Mojave/Mac OS X to mange your Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ on computer? This page offers you the best Samsung Galaxy S10 Manager for Windows and Mac, you can free download Samsung PC & Mac suite and try to transfer files to your Galaxy S10/S10+ easily.


Samsung Galaxy S series and Note series smartphone is it’s flagship phone, like Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e/S10 5G, Galaxy S9/S9+, Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy S7/6/5 and Galaxy Note 9/8/5, etc. In 2019, Samsung company released the latest S series Galaxy S10 and an new Galaxy F series – Galaxy Fold, which is the world’s first folding screen smart phone. /omnisphere-vst-demo-download/. Compared with the Galaxy S9 of the previous year, what has changed in the Galaxy S10? Whether it’s design or configuration, the Galaxy S10 and S10+ are the most “advanced” Android smart phone to date. The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e can be ordered now and started shipping on 8 March.

In addition to the 6.1-inch Galaxy S10 and 6.4-inch Galaxy S10 Plus, Samsung is selling an entry-level model, the 5.8-inch Galaxy s10e. If you just want a quick rundown of the specs for Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ and S10e. Here’s a rundown of the specs for the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e.

ModelGalaxy S10eGalaxy S10Galaxy S10 Plus
Starting Price$749$899$999
Screen Size (Resolution)5.8-inch Flat AMOLED (2160 x 1080)6.1-inch Edge AMOLED (3040 x 1440)6.4-inch Edge AMOLED (3040 x 1440)
CPUSnapdragon 855Snapdragon 855Snapdragon 855
Storage128GB/256GB128GB, 512GB128GB, 512GB/1TB
MicroSD?Yes (Up to 512GB)Yes (Up to 512GB)Yes (Up to 512GB)
Rear Camera16-MP ultra-wide (f/2.2), 12-MP dual-pixel wide (f/1.5, f/2.4)16-MP ultra-wide (f/2.2), 12-MP dual-pixel wide (f/1.5, f/2.4), 12-MP telephoto (f/2.4)16-MP ultra-wide (f/2.2), 12-MP dual-pixel wide (f/1.5, f/2.4), 12-MP telephoto (f/2.4)
Front Camera10-MP dual pixel (f/1.9)10-MP dual pixel (f/1.9)10-MP dual pixel (f/1.9), 8-MP depth-sensing (f/2.2)
Fingerprint SensorSide-mounted sensorIn-display ultrasonicIn-display ultrasonic
3,100 mAh3,400 mAh4,100 mAh
Battery Life (Hrs:Mins)9:41TBD12:35
Size5.6 x 2.75 x 0.3 inches5.9 x 2.77 x 0.3 inches6.2 x 2.91 x 0.3 inches
Weight5.3 ounces5.5 ounces6.17 ounces
ColorsFlamingo Pink, Prism Black, Prism White, Prism Blue, Prism Green, Canary YellowFlamingo Pink, Prism Black, Prism White, Prism Blue, Prism Green
Flamingo Pink, Prism Black, Prism White, Prism Blue, Prism Green, Ceramic White, Ceramic Black

Samsung Galaxy Pc Software Download

Compare three different configurations of Galaxy S10 series according to this table, then choose a suitable phone for you.

When you have purchased an new Samsung Galaxy S10 Android phone, you may need a Samsung PC Suite or Samsung Manager tool to import files from computer to your Galaxy S10, or transfer contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music and other files from old phone to new Galaxy S10. Sometimes we need to use a third-party tool to manage the phone’s data on the computer. Whether you just want to transfer files phone to phone through connecting both devices with the computer; import music and videos from computer to Galaxy S10 for enjoy anywhere you like; send an SMS right from your desktop or backup all data (including contacts and text messages) from Samsung Galaxy S10 to computer and keep your important data on your PC safely, the Samsung phone manager software is the solution for you.

Recommend: Best Samsung PC Suite for Windows 10 /8 /7 /Vista/XP and Mac

This Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ Manager is the best Samsung PC Suite both for Windows and Mac version, it is a truly reliable PC suite software for Android users mange Android files on PC/Mac easily, such as mange your phone’s media files including photos, videos, music and text contents: contacts, text messages. You can easily delete, add, import and export Android files on computer; transfer files between iOS and Android, Android and Android, iOS and iOS; transfer music and playlist from iTunes to Galaxy S10 directly; Backup and Restore Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos; Add and edit contacts, group Android contacts, merge duplicate contacts and delete useless contacts in batches; manage contacts on your Phone, SIM card, iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo! and other accounts; manage all SMS on your Android phone from computer, save SMS and threads to computer, send and receive SMS from computer, and mark unread SMS as read; or even enabling you root access to your Samsung Galaxy S10 by bypassing certain restrictions set by the creators.

Part 1: Samsung PC Suite for Windows and Mac Functions

Here are more functions for this Samsung manager software:

Backup Data from Samsung Galaxy S10 to PC or Mac computer
Backup your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS etc. to computer and restore them easily.

1-Click Phone to Phone Transfer
Transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS between two mobiles (both Android and iPhone are supported).

Transfer iTunes Media to Samsung Galaxy S10
Sync iTunes Music to Android Samsung S10 or transfer music from Android to iTunes

Compatible with all Samsung Models and Android Devices
Fully compatible with 3000+ Android devices (Android 2.2 – Android 8.0) from Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Sony etc.

Transfer Music between Samsung and Computer
Transfer Music Between iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android and Samsung Galaxy S10
Manage Music Playlists
Delete Music on Samsung
Find and Remove Duplicate Music Files
Ringtone Maker for Samsung
Fix Samsung Music ID3 Tags (Only for Mac Version)

Transfer Videos between Samsung and Computer
Transfer Videos between Samsung and iTunes
Transfer Videos Between iPhone/iPad/iPod/Samsung
Delete Videos on Samsung

Transfer Photos between Samsung and Computer
Transfer Photos Between iPhone/iPad/iPod/Samsung Devices
Manage Photo Albums
Delete Photos on Samsung
Convert Photos on Samsung to GIF
Capture Samsung Screen(Only for Windows Version)

Export and Backup Samsung Contacts
Import and Restore Samsung Contacts
Transfer Samsung Contacts to Other Device
Manage Contacts
Export and Backup Messages
Import and Restore Messages
Manage Messages

Install Apps from Computer to Samsung
Uninstall Apps on Samsung
Export Apps from Samsung to Computer for Backup
Get Access to Phone Memory
Manage SD card

Rebuild iTunes Library
One-Click Restore Samsung from Backup
Gif Maker – Create Gif from photos, motion photos, videos.
Root your Samsung Galaxy S10 to take full control of your device.
Ringtone Maker – Make music as Android ringtone

Connect Multiple Devices and Toggle Between Them
Convert Music/Videos to Samsung Galaxy S10 Supported Format
Preview Photos and Play Videos and Music on PC
Set SD Card as Default Sync Path

Part 2: Manage and Transfer Files on Samsung Galaxy S10 by Samsung PC Suite

This part shows you how to use the best PC suite for Samsung Mobile Phones to transfer photos, videos and music from computer to Galaxy S10.

Step 1. Simply use a USB cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy S10 to computer, and the Samsung PC Suite(Manager) will automatically detect your Galaxy S10. Once connected, you will get something similar to this screen:

Step 2. On the top menu, choose the type of files you want to browse, such as Music, Videos, Photos, Informations, App, just click on the types of files to the detail contents stored in the Galaxy S10.

Step 3. When you choose desired file type, look at the top of the screen and choose one of the desired options, depending on whether you want to add, delete or export the files. For example, if you want to add music from computer to Galaxy S10, just go to “Music” tab, then click “Add” button and select the songs to import them to Samsung Galaxy S10 directly.

Add Music from PC/Mac to Samsung Galaxy S10

Add Photos from PC/Mac to Samsung Galaxy 10

Add Videos from PC/Mac to Samsung Galaxy 10

Add Data from PC to Samsung Galaxy S10 SD card

You can manage your SD card with ease by going to the ‘Explorer’ tab. You can add files such as videos, music, photos, and other document files to your Samsung Galaxy S10 SD card by clicking on the ‘Add’ button. You can also create new folders and name it as well with the help of this Android Manager tool to manage a large number of files by clicking on ‘New Folder’ button.

Backup Photos, Videos and Music from Samsung Galaxy S10 to Computer

Part 3: Transfer Data from Old iPhone/Android Phone to to Samsung Galaxy 10

With the help of this Samsung Galaxy S10 manager tool, you can transfer contacts, music, videos, photos and much more to Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10E/S10 5G from old iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android devices. Let’s teach you how to transfer data from iPhone to Galaxy S10 as example.

Step 1. Phone to Phone Transfer Option
Before anything else, you need to start the Samsung Phone PC Suite and connect iPhone and Galaxy S10 to PC. Select the source device from which you want to transfer contents. Simply click “Phone to Phone Transfer” on the main interface.

Step 2. Select Galaxy S10 as Target device
When your devices are connected and detected by, you’ll get a window as follow. Select the Samsung Galaxy S10 as target device from the drop-down list and click Next.

Step 3. Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S10
Transfer data from iPhone to Android Samsung phone. By default, all data on your source device that can be transferred are ticked, namely contacts, photos, playlist, music and videos. You can also tick your wanted data. Then, click “Transfer“. In the whole transfer process, DO NOT disconnect either device. When the transfer completes, click “OK” button, then you can found all transfered iPhone data save on your Galaxy S10.
Similar guide: Transfer data from iPhone to Galaxy S10 by Phone Switch

Free Download Samsung PC Suite for Windows 10 /8 /7 /Vista/XP and Mac version, then try to manage/transfer Android files on computer easily.

Samsung Galaxy Pc Software Tools

If you want to know how to manage Messages and Contacts on computer, please go to read this tutorial on how to manage Samsung Galaxy S8 files.


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