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Introducing Team Sonic Fighters, an MvC style MUGEN Sonic fangame. It features everything you've come to know and love about the MvC series, and more! The game features tag team gameplay, complete with assists and snap-backs. The combo system works as follows: I'm aiming for a roster of 16. You have the ones you would expect in Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. However, you also have more obscure characters like Bean the Duck, Polar the Bear, Fang the Wolf, and so on. I think the roster is pretty solid for a fighting game from the 90s. Sonic the Vipers. The gameplay of Sonic the Fighters is best described as a button masher. Sonic Advanced Fighters Version: 0.0.4 10 months ago Download (231 MB) this is a sonic fan game using mugen and inspired by the classic sonic games and this is only the (BETA VERSION) then the game ill be updated with the time #action #multiplayer #fangame #arcade #other #retro #survival #scifi #adventure. Download the latest version of Sonic: Freedom fighters 2 Plus for Windows. A 2D fighting game with the characters from Sonic. Sonic: Freedom fighters 2 Plus.

If you haven't played Sonic Heroes or want to try this action video game, download it now for free! Published in 2004 by SEGA of America, Inc., Sonic Heroes (aka 索尼克英雄, ソニックヒーローズ, 소닉히어로즈) is still a popular anime / manga title amongst retrogamers, with a whopping 4.6/5 rating.

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Kirpy2020-12-171 point

If any of yall dont understand how to install: You need software that can mount the .bin files that comes with the download, like
Then after mounting it, go to the mounted drive and click setup.exe.
After a while it will ask for the second cd. for this you just do the same But you dont close down the install window. after mounting it then click okay. it should then finish install. If you got any problems or questions yall can contact me on [email protected]

Aric Smith2020-11-271 point

I love playing sonic heroes

lemondrop2020-11-243 points

I downloaded and extracted the .zip file, but the 'Sonic Heroes ISO' folder only contained folders named CD1 and CD2, with only a .bin and .cue file in each one. I have no idea what to do with either of these, and any online guides I find don't give me an answer. So I guess my question is, how do I install the game from this download?

Crush402020-10-311 point

This game tried to reach inside of me. It tried to steal my energy. But I showed it what I'm made of.

El de la respuesta2020-10-05-1 point

Bueno, la verdad, a veces no arranca el juego, me ha pasado, tiene que ser como una motosierra, intentar e intentar hasta que arranque

foodie2020-08-193 points

anyone get this to work on windows 10? I was able to install the game fine, but it won't open past the launcher. I followed the readme instructions on the no cd crack and put the file in the folder where the game was installed, but I only get a black screen if I open it with that

BENJAMIN916092020-08-16-1 point

uhh there is a PS1/2 .BIN file instead of the ISO i was promised
0/10 ill change when you get a WORKING iso

SamyRobloxPlayz2020-08-131 point

welp yesterday i tried to download it , it took 2 hours. after downloading , i clicked open file , and then my pc crashed for around 7 minutes , i didnt get angry for the browser , i know its not its fault , now , im trying again to download it , can someone tells me if its true or scam?
welp thanks!
i wanna replay this game coz its my childhood for 6 years old , in ps2 :D
i already beated the game but i wanna replay it 6 years later

SONICFAN2020-08-081 point

I just need to paste it then I will play super fast cause I'm a big fan of sonic

JOSHUAISCOOL2020-08-080 point

I'm working on it

Sonoc2020-07-142 points

This game was great! I had it for ps2 but now i have pc. Thanks!

Idrak2020-06-230 point

Greeeabautt i got team heros in my game now i can play full i hope it loads!

wolfwood2020-06-070 point

I remember being so excited when this game released as a kid. I played through a demo version on a GameCube demo disc dozens of times. I'm looking forward to replaying this.

i am a snoc fan2020-05-31-2 points

sonic heroesis a game i want so i got this thing, funny comment

FoxenStorm2020-05-214 points

I just found the full game but, it's taking 1 hour to download.. BUT, I'm new to this so I'm going to say this, I'm a kid. I am a fan of Sonic. Also, I've watched a playthrough of the game. So, I'm REALLY excited to play!

Littletay2020-04-054 points

Sonic Heroes was in my childhood and when I search for it I was so happy that I could download it on pc. No all I have to do now is find a download that works.

piuquis2020-03-30-1 point

What should I do with de .zip file?

F2020-03-28-3 points

What files are included?

Designpro 5.4 download. Derrick k joseph2020-03-214 points

best sonic team game ever

sanic2020-03-208 points

hey, how to install this game? /the-cosmic-code-heinz-pagels-pdf-free-download/.

Lari2020-03-16-2 points

Ohh greaaat, thanks, i was looking for this game in the full version, i really appreciate it, now i can play with my new computer this game

maranble142020-03-134 points

Hi does anybody know how to set up an xbox controller to work with the windows version of this game?

Isabella2020-03-010 point

This game is one of the best i have ever played

Froztee2020-03-010 point

It works great, thanks! Everyone, make sure to find the resolution update patch also.

Dragonite2020-02-12-5 points

how exactly do i even add the tsonic.exe file to the instillation file i dont even know which one is the the instillation file someone help please if you know how and you see this email me at [email protected]

just started2020-02-050 point

i just started

EA Sports2020-01-02-2 points

Am I in this game?

Byron2019-11-261 point

i like the game

HashX112019-10-05-4 points

Is the link down?

GG..2019-09-260 point

Sonic heroes was one of my favourite games and when i was a kid i couldnt stop playing it UwU it could be one of the easier sonic games, i saw sonic generations and its sure WAY harder than sonic sonic heroes (without installing it, i mean, i saw a lot of videos of sonic generations and saw how complicated it is)

ArathAlexander2019-07-26-25 points

Hey guys I downloaded the Zip files, but I try to open them and apparently I need a special program, Do I go directly into the WinRar thing to play then game or how should I open it?

burh2019-07-112 points

Sonic Heroes was my favourite game and when i was a kid I couldnt stop playing it, its a good game and I still love it!

mark princely2019-06-212 points

i have been playing this game for quit a while and i have been very good att it or the last couple of months

lighthawk162019-06-043 points

For those commenting about the game not working, be sure you download and use the NoCD patch below the main download.

Gameobatts2019-05-252 points


kasion2019-05-162 points

I love this game so much

jagi j2019-04-19-1 point

can you use an xbox one controller with this one?

bananda2019-04-092 points

hope this works!

jlnhlfan2019-04-080 point

Two people think that this would be pirating.
Y'all don't know what emulation is (if you're on Linux or Mac OS)

fuck2019-03-231 point

from what i've heard, has copy protection. It will say it's a pirated copy.

Sonic.EXE2019-02-24-5 points


Uh.2019-02-12-5 points

Ok so, I believe this game has copyright protection since it's a windows game. I haven't installed it yet but I assure everyone that it's most likely gonna say the game is a pirated copy (be thankful its not one of those games that punish you for pirating). Anyways I bet their is SOME SORT of patch or edit to the game that will pass the copyright protection I'm not sure, so download it if you want but theres a 0% chance it'll work.

sonic fan2019-01-132 points


Lame2018-12-180 point

I mounted the second disk as instructed by the installer and the program recognized it as a pirated copy and refused to install. Totally useless download.

HeWhoChuckles2018-12-171 point


park hyuna2018-12-13-1 point

나는이 게임을 좋아한다

A IRANIAN2018-11-142 points


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Sonic Championship

Also known as: Sonic the Fighters (JP)
Developer: Sega AM2
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Arcade (Sega Model 2B CRX)
Released in JP: May 1996
Released in US: July 1996
Released in EU: August 1996

This game has unused playable characters.
This game has unused modes / minigames.
This game has unused graphics.
This game has unused models.
This game has unused music.
This game has debugging material.
This game has regional differences.

Sonic Championship sees the fuzzy blue mascot taking on Fighting Vipers, with mixed results. Due to Sega of America's fear of the game being seen as violent (despite its violence being 100% slapstick), the game saw an extremely limited release outside Japan.

A Saturn port was planned but never materialized, and the game remained an obscurity until Sonic Gems Collection. The game was rereleased on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in November 2012, which included a couple of characters who weren't playable in the arcade release.

To do:
  • Shift everything over from the Sonic Retro page.
  • There's unused sounds for Bean.
  • Ranked Mode.
  • A clearer screenshot of the Flickies could be nice.
  • Give an image comparison of the Death Egg II Self-Destruction Message Box between the USA/Export and Japanese releases.
  • Give an in-depth review of Debug Mode.
  • 1Debug Mode
  • 2Unused Music
  • 3Unused Graphics
    • 3.4Misc.
  • 5Unplayable Characters
  • 6Regional Differences

Debug Mode

To activate debug mode, a series of inputs are required. Hold down 'Service SW' (Service Coin) and using P1 controls press RIGHT, RIGHT, PUNCH, LEFT, RIGHT, PUNCH, KICK, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, PUNCH. There will be no confirmation the code has been entered correctly, but this enables debug functions. To enable the debug menu itself after this code is entered, hold P2's BARRIER button and press P2 START. The menu can be navigated by holding P2 START and P1's directional controls. To access a debug menu's submenu, press P1 START over the option you wish to select.

Debug Display

To enable a display that gives debug information such as a 'CTRL_TIMER', 'GAME_TIMER' and current program modes, use the debug mode enabling cheat and set DIP-SW 1 on.

Disable Foreground

To disable foreground textures, such as the HUD with health bar and timer information, as well as the 'INSERT COIN' graphics, use the debug mode enabling cheat and set DIP-SW 7 on. This will override the debug display DIP-SW setting.

Unused Music

A number of themes exist in the game and can even be played in the sound test present in both the test menu and in the Options menu in Sonic Gems Collection, but never end up used during actual gameplay. It should be noted that the PSN/Xbox Live Arcade releases of the game allowed you to replace the main menu theme with any track from the game, and as such these tracks are unused in any variant predating them.


A second arrangement of the character select screen, which never ends up used in the actual game because the first version is used. The port in Sonic Gems Collection uses this as the Option theme.


A mysterious track which is given the title of 'Sunset Town' on the game's OST, a stage which doesn't even exist in the final product.


Present in the test menu's sound test, this track proves very interesting in that it isn't featured on the OST CD, and it is unknown how it would've been used if properly implemented.


This track, christened 'Hurry Up' by the OST, also attributes it to the Death Egg Hangar level.. which does exist unlike Sunset Town (it's the final boss location), but the battle against Eggman uses a completely different track ('North Wind', or more precisely the Sonic VS. Knuckles theme). The track is still listed in a used list of songs used in order for single-player mode. The song was to come after the final boss, but since there is no stage after the final boss, this renders the music unused. This could mean the value for the 'North Wind' track was simply inserted by accident which caused the song to go unused.

Bizarrely, this track would finally end up used in the Death Egg DLC level of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, where it's played in the pre-race cinematic.

(Source: Sonic Retro)

Unused Graphics

Heartstruck Expressions

All of the characters have heartstruck expressions, complete with hearts in their eyes and blushing. Only Bean's expression is used as a random object Amy can drop and even that is rare to see.


There are several emotions and speech bubbles that are not used in the final.

Confusion or anguish. Likely would have been animated.

A speech bubble with 'Yes!' written on it.

Another speech bubble with 'Yes!', this time entirely in blue.

This particular bubble with 'No!' written on it is just never seen.

The last of the unused speech bubbles.

Pinball Stage Leftovers

C++ lua scripting.
Remnants of a planned pinball stage, which was replaced with Casino Night.


Golden Gloves

Might have been some sort of power-up. Interestingly, the left hand's victory sign is one of the first objects programmed in the game.

Coordinate Object

An X, Y, Z coordinate object. This was probably used heavily during development.


These three balls were likely test objects, since they lack any real detail and are in a primitive state. This is supported by the fact that these are the first three objects programmed into the game.


A rocket is in the game for some reason.


This might have held the Flickies and Bunnies seen below, similar to Panic Puppet Zone in Sonic 3D Blast (released just a few months after this game).


Likely had some correlation with the Chaos Emeralds, as there is one Flicky for each Emerald and they are colored the same.


Likely would have the same purpose as the aforementioned Flickies.

An alternate version of the bunny model, which only has a blue-colored version.

Heart Outline

An outline of a heart.


Might have been used for an ending cutscene.


This little guy is the star of his own arcade game. He was likely supposed to make a cameo in Aurora Field.

Random Mode

A mode where opponents were supposedly replaced by other ones. It seems to be unfinished however, as all the opponents (except for Metal Sonic and Eggman) are instead replaced with Knuckles. Other oddities while playing this mode areː

  • The AI for all the opponents are carried over to Knuckles.
  • When finishing the game, you aren't allowed to put your initials in the high score table, as it Game Overs after the ending.

Unplayable Characters

There are some characters who are inaccessible without using MAME cheats. Some of these were finished up and made available in the HD rerelease.


  • Honey in the character select.

  • Honey in battle. Notice the eye.

  • Honey's full eyeset.

  • Squashed by Amy's hammer.

Sonic Fighters Download For Pc

A yellow cat-like character with black hair, based on Candy from Fighting Vipers (Candy's name in Japan was Honey). She was discovered after the release of Sonic Gems Collection. In an interview with Hiroshi Kataoka, he confirmed that since Sonic the Fighters was initially designed around Fighting Vipers by simply placing Sonic characters in it, the character was modeled around her.

Honey's in-game data is nearly complete, with a complete moveset, but she is incomplete:

  • Her model when squashed by the Piko-Piko hammer uses Amy's body, indicating that Honey was based on Amy.
  • There is a bug in her eye system, causing one eye to look at the camera but the other to look in the opposite direction, making Honey look strange in some scenes (the cutscene after defeating Metal Sonic doesn't have this issue).
  • She has no artwork for the versus screen, so it defaults to Eggman.

Notably, unlike other characters, when both players select Honey there is an actual alternate costume for her instead of a grayscale version. Honey's design was used in a short clip intro for the Sega Saturn version of Fighting Vipers.

While Honey's model was removed completely from the Sonic Gems Collection port, the XBLA and PSN versions added her as a secret playable character (move the cursor over Amy and press Start, which also unlocks an achievement/trophy) with the above issues corrected, including a proper versus screen image.

Metal Sonic

Hasn't got a greyscale version for mirror matches, like the Final Boss version of Eggman. He was made playable in the HD rerelease by pressing Start over Sonic on the character select screen (offline versus and online versus only).


Eggman's stupid robot thing from the intro cutscene. Hasn't got a greyscale version for mirror matches. Head keeps rotating around like in the opening cinematic. It has no between-level artwork (it uses Eggman's). He has Final Boss Eggman's move set, except the triple punch uses purple speed lines instead of white.

While RoboEgg does have a player name buried next to all the other names, in-game it just defaults to Eggman's.

Mecha Sonic Model No.29

Mecha Sonic Model No.29, seen briefly in the intro. Strangely, he actually has his own name graphic instead of defaulting to Eggman's. He also seems to share the same eye issue as Honey.


Everyone's favorite fat doctor, but without his mech from his Final Boss form. He has the same title card and name as his Final Boss form. His moveset is the same as his Final Boss form, but with Knuckles-style punches.

Big Eggman

A larger version of Eggman, à la the Fighting Vipers end boss. His model is broken when standing idle, but looks fine when moving or performing a move.

Sonic speed fighters download

UFO Eggman

The little UFO Eggman uses to create greyscale clones for Mirror Matches. Has the default character moveset, since it clearly wasn't supposed to be fought.

Unused Eggman Form

There's one last unused Eggman form, but there's no model data except for some tank treads. However, someone made a recreation of it, as seen in the image above.

Regional Differences

There are some regional text differences, mostly in cutscenes.

Opening Cutscene


In the USA release, Eggman's name has been changed to Dr. Robotonic, which is a misspelling of Dr. Robotnik. In the Japanese release, Eggman's name is unaltered.

Sonic Fighters 2 Download

Sonic The Fighters Free Download


It is also noteworthy that all of the text in the Japanese release, is in English with Japanese subtitles, while the English release, is in English with no subtitles. The only exception is the message box showing that the Death Egg II is going to self-destruct, which is in Japanese only in the Japanese release, and in English in the USA release.

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