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Essays are not just a means of getting extra credit or acing a pop quiz, essays give you detailed information, mostly facts and opinions on a particular topic. It gives you a voice to your niche, but your ideas need to be organized and coherent, your paragraph or sentence needs to be free of errors, and you have to follow the right format and style as well as credible sources that will support your ideas.

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It’s important for writers to be well equipped not just with knowledge on the topic, but with tools such as afree writing softwarethat can check the quality of writing and check word count and verify sources. Without these, it will be impossible to craft the perfect essay.


Dr Assignment Auto Writer



Writing software likegrammar checking toolshelp you craft the perfect essay in a short amount of time. It will help you zero out any errors and prevent plagiarism by citing the correct sources in the right format.

Some top rated essay writing software you can use include the following:

  • WhiteSmoke – Work online or offline with this essay checking tool that inspects spelling and grammatical errors in your essay and an online dictionary for reference. It can also translate up to 50 languages and has a collection of 100 business and scholarly templates.
  • Dr. Assignment Auto Writer – Automate your writing and set keywords and a word count limit with this unique software that can switch on or off keyword density and determine the percentage of article spinning.
  • Essay Writer for Windows – This software will analyze your essay according to your desired level of writing and give you intelligent tips in boosting the quality of your essay.
  • Essay Writing for Android – This Android app is perfect for intermediate students who are writing general topics like wildlife, social economy, and taxation, and need a spell checker and reference verifier.
  • iA Writer for Mac – If you want an effective writing software for your Mac, iA Writer has all the essential tools including spelling and reference checker, and an elegant GUI design that keeps you free from writing distractions. This app only costs you $10.


Essay Writer for Windows

Essay Writing for Android

iA Writer for Mac

Essay Writing Software – Most Popular Software

Writing essays will depend on the topic and style that is required of you. Some essay software are programmed to do background check on topics and suggest edits on content based on the sources in their database. One software might not have the same suggestions as the other, so it’s important for you to determine the best one that’ll benefit your work or content writing business. When choosing the right software, you’ll need to consider these things:

  • Features – If your looking for a specific function like one that cross-checks your bibliography and checks your level of writing, make sure you pick a software that includes these features.
  • Organizational toolsFor long-term use, it’s a good idea to select software that reviews the story outline, setting, character, and conflict for a more in-depth analysis.
  • ConvenienceA friendly user interface makes it easier for editors and writers to manage the site and read through the article.

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  • Troubleshooting and Support– Get instant troubleshooting and repair requests by getting software that has at least one year warranty and 24-7 support services.

Some people prefer to have aPlagiarism Checker Softwarethat has a paid plan because it lets them unlock advanced editing features, but we also have free and accurate software on our site that is similar to Copyscape and other professional copywriting tools. Check out more blogs for more interesting software for your website.

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