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Mac users often freak out when they look at the Storage settings in About This Mac and find that System storage takes up way more space than they think it should. However, if they wait a bit the storage meter will continue to calculate what takes up space and allocate it to iCloud Drive and other things. Even once this is done, a fairly large System storage amount can be accounted for by looking at your System folder, system Library folder, and user Library folders.

Apple hides the Library folder by setting a file system flag associated with the folder. You can toggle the visibility flag for any folder on your Mac; Apple just chose to set the Library folder's visibility flag to the off state by default. Here's how to change it. Launch Terminal, located in /Applications/Utilities. Cooking academy free download full version no time limit.

/system/library/filters mac

System Library Filters Macon Ga

Check out Why Is My Mac System Storage So Big? at YouTube for closed captioning and more options.

/system/library/filters Mac

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