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  • Supports different manufacturers of PL2303 based USBContoso data download. to serial dongles like ATEN, IOData, Elcom, Itegno, Ma620, Ratoc, Tripp, Radioshack, Dcu10, SiteCom, Alcatel, Samsung, Siemens, Syntech, Nokia, MS3303H - Some bug fixes- Added new vendor IDs. ..

    • osx-pl2303-0.3.1-10.4-universal.dmg
    • Jeroen Arnoldus
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 123 Kb
    • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • A Linux USBdriver for 3Com's HomeConnect(tm) A Linux USB driver for 3Com's HomeConnect(tm) WebCam.

    • vicam_patch.gz
    • homeconnectusb
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 20 Kb
    • BSD; Linux
  • This is a non-official driver, written in C, for the FPS200 Veridicom's fingerprint sensor with the USB interface. It is also compatible with the Fujitsu's MBF200 fingerprint capture. ..

    • fps200usbdriver-1-0-0.tar.gz
    • fps200usbdriver
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 28 Kb
    • BSD; Linux
  • A driver for USB devices that use the KL5KUSB101 USB to Ethernet 1-Chip Controller. Written for the Netgear EA101.

    • kaweth-0.2.3.tar.gz
    • kaweth
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 13 Kb
    • BSD; Linux
  • TiVo USB Wireless Adapter device driver for Linux and Windows. The adapter users the Broadcom BCM4320 (AirForce One. Single-Chip 802.11g USB 2.0 Transceiver) chipset and portions of this project may be directly applicable to other devices using the. ..

    • tivownet_loadfw-0.1.tar.gz
    • tivousbwifi
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 83 Kb
    • Windows; BSD; Linux
  • This is a driver for reading from an USB barcode This is a driver for reading from an USB barcode reader.

    • usbbarcode.tgz
    • usbbarcode
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 7 Kb
    • Linux
  • This is a kernel driver for the BCM5974 multitouch device, currently present in the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro Penryn mactel machines.

    • Apple USB BCM5974 multitouchdriver
    • Henrik Rydberg
    • Freeware (Free)
    • Windows
  • C+FOX is a C++ FireWire cameradriver for MAC OS X designed to ease the developement of FireWire application, featuring support of large number of standard FireWire camera device, FireWire broadcast support,multiple camera per node. ..

    • cfox-1.0.tar.gz
    • cfox
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 40 Kb
    • Mac
  • Java API for FireWire-cameras (IEEE-1394 DC) on Windows (based on 'CMU 1394 Digital Camera Driver' This project was merged with jlibdc1394 ( Until the first releases there this. ..

    • j1394cam
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 183 Kb
    • Windows
  • Java software. Processes images from USB web camera or Blue Tooth enable cell phones.Generates commands for driving small hand-made robots.

    • RoboHobbyPlugin
    • robohobbyplugin
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 175 Kb
    • Windows; Mac; Linux
  • The SARK110 SDK allows the development of user applications for the device or using the device as a platform for experiments.The SDK provides the following basic functionalities:'? Graphic display '? Keypad'? Buzzer'? USB (Mass Storage Driver). ..

    • sark110
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 3.08 Mb
    • N/A
  • Non-blocking C++ (GCC) CMUCam2+ & CMUCam Turret control library.Interfaces using USB to camera.Currently controls tilt, pan and frame capture. Easily exhanced/expanded for other functions.

    • CMUCam2+ development library
    • NickK
    • Freeware (Free)
    • Windows

Tchibo Dia Scanner Software Mac Version

Tchibo Dia Scanner Software Mac

Dia 0.97.2 Deutsch: Mit dem Open-Source-Tool Dia erstellen Sie kinderleicht selbst umfangreiche Flussdiagramme. Out dated printers with no support for windows 10. Use control panel to open the Device which is an All in one printer here. The build in support has enough.

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Tchibo Dia Scanner Software Mac

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