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- Good morning.

- Good morning.

- Here's the dress for Miss Sloper.

The Heiress. So u t h Co a S t Repe R to R y P1 45th Season. 430th Production SegerStrom StAge / october 17 - november 16, 2008 presents THE HEIRESS BY Ruth Goetz and Augustus Goetz Thomas Buderwitz Maggie Morgan Tom Ruzika Vincent Olivieri SCEnIC dESIGn coStUme DeSIgn LIgHtIng DeSIgn SoUnD DeSIgn/comPoSer.

The heiress: a play - Ruth Goetz, Augustus Goetz, Henry James. City Heiress, The: Behn, Aphra: Electronic Text Center - University of Virginia. Script Fly Can't find that script on the 'net? CLYBOURNE PARK SCRIPT PDF PDF - Are you looking for CLYBOURNE PARK. Cecilia or memoirs of an heiress By the author of Evelina In five volumes. Same scene from the play The Heiress, based on the novel, illustrates how readers of plays must do the interpretative work that novelists often includes as part of their story. Catherine Sloper is the central character of James' novel, the shy daughter of the wealthy, sardonic Dr. Links to classic and contemporary plays. Write Movies - Contests, consulting, news, and advice for writers and filmmakers around the world.; Sponsors.

- Thank you.

Miss Cathy, it's your new dress!

Will you take it out of the box,

Maria, and hang it up?

Yes, Miss.

Well, that's all, I think.

- I'll be at the Harrisons'.

- Yes, Doctor.

I may not get to the clinic today

at all.

- Good morning, Lavinia.

- Good morning, Austin.

- Catherine's starting another?

- She embroiders beautifully.

I hope she doesn't let it become

a life's work.

Austin, yesterday

I had the most exciting experience!

- Oh?

- I met two people from Poughkeepsie.

Birth certificate. They had been

members of my husband's congregation.

When I told them I was stopping

with my brother,

Dr. Sloper, 16 Washington Square,

they were so impressed.

It's just made my visit!

Lavinia, would you care

to spend the winter here?

The winter? Oh, gladly!

Good. I thought if you stayed on,

you might help Catherine.

Help her? But help her how, Austin?

For instance,

Elizabeth's party this evening,

you couldpersuade Catherine

to join in with the young people.

Enjoy herself.

- But of course she'll do that.

- I hope so.


Six pounds. That'll be 30 cents.

- Could you please cut off the head?

- Yes, Miss. Kitty, kitty, kitty.

- There you are.

- Thank you.

Yes, ma'am. Fresh fish!

- Morning, Father.

- Morning, Catherine.

I bought a fine fish

for the chowder you like.

That's very thoughtful.

Next time,

let the man carry it in for you.

- Oh. Yes, Father.

- Coming!

The Heiress Script Pdf

It's a lovely morning. Why don't you

invite your Aunt Lavinia or a friend

to take luncheon with you,

perhaps go to a park concert?

I can't. I have some embroidery

I'd like to attend to.

Ah, yes.

Well, I'll see you this evening.

Yes, Father. Goodbye.

- Catherine?

- Come in, Aunt Penniman.

Ooh, you must hurry, dear.

You were a long time

at that hospital committee.

- Too long.

- Didn't you like it?

Some ladies on the committee

are so foolish, they're useless.

They think it ill-bred to know

anything about food or the kitchen.

Such airs and graces.

The Heiress Script Pdf Online

When I was young,

we took pride in our housewifery.

My, the meals I used to set before

the Reverend Penniman, rest his soul!

- Then, you have deceived me, Aunt.

- How so?

You led me to believe


that you and he lived on love alone. Comodo dragon for mac os x.

A witticism like that would be

of interest to people this evening.

It's a very good way to get started.

What I mean is, don't go off

by yourself tonight, will you?

Stay with all of us

and enjoy the party.

You have been talking to Father.

Well, yes, dear. In a way I have.

- Your father..

- Fatherwould like me to be composed

- and to join in the conversation.

- Yes.

- I can't, Aunt Lavinia.

- Perhaps you don't try sufficiently.

Oh, I do! I do!

I would do anything to please him.

There's nothing

that means more to me.

I have sat here in my room

and made notes of the things I should

say and how I should say them.

But when I am in company, it seems

that no one wants to listen to me.

Now, Catherine.

If you will stay by me this evening,

you will see that what I say is not

always of the greatest importance

but, dear,

that doesn't keep me from talking.

Yes, Aunt.

Now, I'll finish dressing

and meet you downstairs.


Come in, Catherine.

Good evening, Father.

Do I disturb you?

You are not a disturbing woman,

my dear.

Do you like my dress?

Is it possible this

magnificent person is my daughter?

But you are sumptuous, opulent.

You look as if

you have 80,000 a year.

- I thought you'd like the color.

- Yes.

- It's cherry red.

- So it is.


Part One The HARBOR at MiamiBeachFADES IN, providing

quick VIEWS of yachts, aquaplanes, and luxurious ship-craft

lying at anchor in the calm, tranquilwaters of tropical

Florida. This dissolves to the NAMEPLATE on the side of a

yacht, reading 'ELSPETH II,' and this in turn to a YACHT

CORRIDOR where a steward is standing in front of a cabin

door, near a smallcollapsibletable upon whichthere is a

tray of steaming food. He lifts lids and examines the

contents. A heavy-set sailorstandsguard near the cabin



Fine! Fine! She ought to like this.

(to the guard)

Open the door.


(without moving)

Who's gonna take it in to her?



Oh, no.


Mullison! Come on!

The VIEWWIDENS to include MULLISON, a waiter. His eye is

decorated with a 'shiner.'


Not me, sir. She threw a ketchup

bottle at me this morning.


Well, orders are orders! Somebody's

gotta take it in.

(he turns to someone



The VIEWMOVES to another waiter, who has a patch of bandage

on his face.

The Heiress Script Pdf Template


Before I bring her another meal,

I'll be put off the ship first.



The VIEWMOVES over to a Frenchman.



No, Monsieur. When I leave the

Ritz you do not say I have to wait

on crazy womans.

The VIEWMOVESBACK to include the Steward and the others

grouped around him.


My wife was an angelcompared to

this one, sir. And I walked out on

her .



The Heiress Script Pdf Free

Come on! Make up your mind!

A pettyofficer approaches. He is blustering and officious,

but the type that is feeble and ineffective. His name is





What's up? What's up?

The Heiress Script Pdf Download

There is a fairlyclosepicture of the GROUP featuring

Lacey and the Steward.


These pigs! They're afraid to take

The Heiress Script Pdf Printable

her food in.


That's ridiculous! Afraid of a

mere girl!

(he wheels on the

The Heiress Script Pdf File


Why didn't you do it yourself?