Windows Xp Croatian Language Pack

And just as it was the case with previous releases of the packs, as well as the similar bits for Windows 7, the Vista SP2 RTM MUI Language Packs are designed to integrate exclusively with the high. Therefore, if you failed to download language packs through Windows updates, then you need to search for the desired language files online. Some forums and communities may post the latest cab files. Follow these steps to manually install Windows 10 language pack: Step 1. Press Windows key + R, type lpksetup and press Enter.

Windows Xp Croatian Language Packs


The following tables show the supported language packs for Windows 10 and Windows Server, and supported language interface packs (LIPs) for Windows 10. LIPs are available for Windows 10, but are not available for Windows Server. For more information, see Language packs.

The version of the language, LIP, or Feature on Demand must match the version number. For example, you can neither add a Windows 10 version 1809 LIP to Windows 10 version 1803 image, nor add a Windows Server 2019 language pack to Windows Server 2016.

You cannot add languages to Windows 10 Home Single Language and Windows 10 Home Country Specific editions.

To learn how to add languages to Windows, or where to get them, see Where to get language packs and LIPs.

For a complete list of supported languages and locales, see Locale Identifier Constants and Strings.

Supported Language Packs and Language Interface Packs

The following tables include these settings:

  • Language/region- The name of the language that will be displayed in the UI. All 38 language packs are available for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. In Windows Server 2012 the user interface (UI) is localized only for the 18 languages listed in bold.
  • Language/region tag- The language identifier based on the language tagging conventions of RFC 3066. This setting is used with the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool, or in an unattended answer file.
  • Language/region ID- The hexadecimal representation of the language identifier. This setting is used with the keyboard identifier when specifying an input method using DISM.
  • Language/region decimal identifier- The decimal representation of the language identifier. This setting is used in Oobe.xml.

Language Packs

Language/regionLanguage/region tagLanguage/region IDLanguage/region decimal ID
Arabic (Saudi Arabia)ar-SA0x04011025
Bulgarian (Bulgaria)bg-BG0x04021026
Chinese (Hong Kong SAR)zh-HK

Note: No longer used. See zh-TW.

Chinese (PRC)zh-CN0x08042052
Chinese (Taiwan)zh-TW0x04041028
Croatian (Croatia)hr-HR0x041a1050
Czech (Czech Republic)cs-CZ0x04051029
Danish (Denmark)da-DK0x04061030
Dutch (Netherlands)nl-NL0x04131043
English (United States)en-US0x04091033
English (United Kingdom)en-GB0x08092057
Estonian (Estonia)et-EE0x04251061
Finnish (Finland)fi-FI0x040b1035
French (Canada)fr-CA0x0c0c3084
French (France)fr-FR0x040c1036
German (Germany)de-DE0x04071031
Greek (Greece)el-GR0x04081032
Hebrew (Israel)he-IL0x040d1037
Hungarian (Hungary)hu-HU0x040e1038
Italian (Italy)it-IT0x04101040
Japanese (Japan)ja-JP0x04111041
Korean (Korea)ko-KR0x04121042
Latvian (Latvia)lv-LV0x04261062
Lithuanian (Lithuania)lt-LT0x04271063
Norwegian, Bokmål (Norway)nb-NO0x04141044
Polish (Poland)pl-PL0x04151045
Portuguese (Brazil)pt-BR0x04161046
Portuguese (Portugal)pt-PT0x08162070
Romanian (Romania)ro-RO0x04181048
Russian (Russia)ru-RU0x04191049
Serbian (Latin, Serbia)sr-Latn-CS

Note: No longer used. See sr-Latn-RS.

Serbian (Latin, Serbia)sr-Latn-RS0x241A9242
Slovak (Slovakia)sk-SK0x041b1051
Slovenian (Slovenia)sl-SI0x04241060
Spanish (Mexico)es-MX0x080a2058
Spanish (Spain)es-ES0x0c0a3082
Swedish (Sweden)sv-SE0x041d1053
Thai (Thailand)th-TH0x041e1054
Turkish (Turkey)tr-TR0x041f1055
Ukrainian (Ukraine)uk-UA0x04221058

Windows Xp Croatian Language Pack Download

Language interface packs (LIPs)

Except where noted, the following LIPs are available for Windows 10. For Windows Server, options to change keyboard and regional settings such as currency, time zones, and time/date format are available but LIPs are not available. For more information, see Language packs.



As of Windows 10, version 1809, LIPs are are distributed as .appx files. To learn how to add an .appx, see Add languages to Windows.

Language/regionLanguage/region tagBase language/regionLanguage/region IDLanguage/region decimal ID
Afrikaans (South Africa)af-ZAPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Albanian (Albania)sq-ALPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Amharic (Ethiopia)am-ETPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Armenian (Armenia)hy-AMPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB, ru-RU

Assamese (India)as-INPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Azerbaijanaz-Latn-AZPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB, ru-RU

Bangla (Bangladesh)bn-BDPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Basque (Basque)eu-ESPrimary: es-ES

Secondary: en-GB, en-US, fr-FR

Belarusianbe-BYPrimary: ru-RU

Secondary: en-GB, en-US

Bangla (India)bn-INPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Bosnian (Latin)bs-Latn-BAPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB, hr-HR, sr-Latn-RS

Catalanca-ESPrimary: es-ES

Secondary: en-GB, en-US, fr-FR

Central Kurdishku-ARAB-IQPrimary: en-US

Secondary: ar-SA, en-GB

Cherokeechr-CHER-USPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Dariprs-AFPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Filipinofil-PHPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Galiciangl-ESPrimary: es-ES

Secondary: en-GB, en-US

Georgian (Georgia)ka-GEPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB, ru-RU

Gujarati (India)gu-INPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Hausa (Latin, Nigeria)ha-Latn-NGPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB, fr-FR

Hindi (India)hi-INPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Icelandic (Iceland)is-ISPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Igbo (Nigeria)ig-NGPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Indonesian (Indonesia)id-IDPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Inuktitut (Latin, Canada)iu-Latn-CA

Not available in Windows 10.

Primary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Irish (Ireland)ga-IEPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

isiXhosa (South Africa)xh-ZAPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

isiZulu (South Africa)zu-ZAPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Kannada (India)kn-INPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Kazakh (Kazakhstan)kk-KZPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB, ru-RU

Khmer (Cambodia)km-KHPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

K'iche' (Guatemala)quc-Latn-GTPrimary: es-MX

Secondary: es-ES, en-US, en-GB

K'iche' (Guatemala)qut-GT

No longer used.

Primary: es-MX

Secondary: es-ES, en-US, en-GB

Kinyarwandarw-RWPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Kiswahili (Kenya)sw-KEPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Konkani (India)kok-INPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan)ky-KGPrimary: ru-RU

Secondary: en-GB, en-US

Lao (Laos)lo-LAPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Luxembourgish (Luxembourg)lb-LUPrimary: fr-FR

Secondary: de-DE, en-GB, en-US

Macedonian (FYROM)mk-MKPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Malay (Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore)ms-MYPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Malayalam (India)ml-INPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Maltese (Malta)mt-MTPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Maori (New Zealand)mi-NZPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Marathi (India)mr-INPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Mongolian (Cyrillic)mn-MNPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB, ru-RU

Nepali (Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal)ne-NPPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Norwegian, Nynorsk (Norway)nn-NOPrimary: nb-NO

Secondary: en-GB, en-US

Odia (India)or-INPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Persianfa-IRPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Punjabi (India)pa-INPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Punjabi (Arabic)pa-Arab-PKPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Quechua (Peru)quz-PEPrimary: es-MX

Secondary: es-ES, en-GB, en-US

Scottish Gaelicgd-GBPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Serbian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina)sr-Cyrl-BAPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB, sr-Latn-RS

Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia)sr-Cyrl-CS Note: No longer used. See sr-Latn-RS.Primary: sr-Latn-CS

Secondary: en-GB, en-US

Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia)sr-Cyrl-RSPrimary: sr-Latn-RS

Secondary: en-GB, en-US

Sesotho sa Leboa (South Africa)nso-ZAPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Setswana (South Africa)tn-ZAPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Sindhi (Arabic)sd-Arab-PKPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Sinhala (Sri Lanka)si-LKPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Tajik (Cyrillic)tg-Cyrl-TJPrimary: ru-RU

Secondary: en-GB, en-US

Tamil (India)ta-INPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Tatar (Russia)tt-RUPrimary: ru-RU

Secondary: en-GB, en-US

Telugu (India)te-INPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Tigrinyati-ETPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Turkmentk-TMPrimary: ru-RU

Secondary: en-GB, en-US

Urduur-PKPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB /gta-v-crack-patch-download/.

Uyghurug-CNPrimary: zh-CN

Secondary: en-GB, en-US

Uzbek (Latin)uz-Latn-UZPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB, ru-RU

Valencianca-ES-valenciaPrimary: es-ES

Secondary: en-GB, en-US

Vietnamesevi-VNPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Welsh (Great Britain)cy-GBPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB

Wolofwo-SNPrimary: fr-FR

Secondary: en-GB, en-US

Yoruba (Nigeria)yo-NGPrimary: en-US

Secondary: en-GB


Related topics

Special Features for Multiple Language System users.

Choosinga Language Configuration.

Download the LanguageConfiguration Utility.
583 KB

You may choose one or more of the LanguagePacksbelow. Click-N-Type allows multiple LanguageConfigurationsunder the single Click-N-Type installation. For peoplerunningmultiple keyboard languages, this means all you have to do is changethe Click-N-Type'File Configuration..' menu choice, and change the Windowskeyboardlanguage to match for both Click-N-Type and the Target.

For those adventurous types who like to mix and matchfeatures, a LC-Configureutility is available. With this utility, you are able to mixlanguagefeatures. For example, you can make your own LanguageConfigurationthat uses a French keyboard, German menus and messages, Spanish WordPrediction,etc..

Windows Xp Croatian Language Pack Free

Language Packs.

Windows Xp Croatian Language Pack Free Download

Arabic(Algerian) keyboard

Arabic (Algerian)Language Pack
220 KB

Arabic (Algerian)keyboard -
Thanks to Jean Claude Naulet [Mail for Jean Claude] we had lots of help creating the Arabic keyboardforAlgeria, where the secondary language is French. You may choosebetweenFrench or English menus and messages at installation time.

British Language Pack
256 KB

British Spoken KeysPackage (Male voice).
236 MB

British SpokenKeys Package(Female voice).
2.31 MB

British keyboard -
Even though the British and Americans speak the same language, thereare some fundamental differences in the 'English (British)' keyboard.Themost noticeable is the existence of the '¬' and '£'charactersthat don't exist on the American keyboard. Less noticeable arethedifferences in character pairs. For example, the '@' is aShift+<'>rather than a Shift+<2>. Other differences are things liketheneed for Ctrl+Alt+<`> to generate the '¦' Pipecharacter. To the left you can view a Typical British Click-N-Typekeyboard,and download the British Language Packto create it. This package also includes a 'British (Bold)'configurationfor the visually impaired.

Traditional-ChineseLanguage Pack
216 KB
536 KB

Traditional-Chinesekeyboard -
A Chinese edition of Click-N-Type is shown on the left. Thanks to translation efforts and generosity of Tsung-Che Wu ofTaipei we can offer the Traditional-ChineseLanguage Pack for this keyboard. Tsung-Che was not beenableto complete the translation of some V3.0 phrases. KM Chongcame to the rescue and completed the translation. Chong was too busy tocontinue, so Chia-Ming Lee at [CHIPMUNKLEE(at)GMAIL(dot)COM]has come to the rescue. Thank you Chipmunk.:-)

This Language Pack also fully supports English WordPrediction and Completion.

Ying-Da Lee has given us the Chinese Spoken Keys package to the left, that speaks the Chinese phonetics as you mouse passes over the keys.

Croatian keyboard

Croatian Language Pack
1.08 MB

Croatian keyboard -
Thanks to Goran Bekic [ Mail for Goran] this Language Pack now has fully translated menus and messages. There is a word list of over 374,000 Croatian words for Word Prediction and Completion. This list has been 'adapted' from the aspell dictionary created by Mr. Denis Lacković Many thanks Goran!

Danish Language Pack
296 KB

Danish keyboard -
Many thanks to Gerd Nielsen from Denmark [GERD(at)NONBOHEGN5(dot)DK]for this complete Danish Language Pack. Gerd supplied the Danish translation, a set of custom Key-Caps, most ofthe keyboard mapping and a 5,000 word completion list. We hardlyhad anything to do. Very nicely done Gerd. You will also find a 34,000 word list inthispackage supplied by Martin Pedersen. Thanks Martin.
Dutch (Belgian)keyboard.

Dutch (Belgian) LanguagePack
308 KB

Dutch (Belgian)Keyboard -
The same Belgian keyboard is used in both the French and Dutch speakingparts of Belgium. However, the Dutch speaking people would have alot of fun using the above French (Belgian) Language Pack. Pat De Laere - [PAT.DELAERE(at)TELENET(dot)BE]who works with disabled children has graciouslyprovided us with the Dutch translation for this Dutch(Belgian) Language Pack. If you check out the Dutch(Belgian)keyboard to the left, you'll see the Belgian keyboard with Dutch menusand messages. This package includes a 35,000 word Dutch WordPredictionlist. If you have the need, Pat has also supplied a smaller DutchChildren's Word List with about 4,700 words. You may switch tothe'Dutch (Belgian) - Children's Words' Language Configuration to easilyaccessit. A Belgian style AZERTY user designed keyboard is alsoprovidedwith this package.
Dutch(Netherlands) keyboard.

Dutch (Netherlands)Language Pack
356 KB

Dutch(Netherlands) keyboard-
This package includes the standard International keyboard commonlyused in The Netherlands and the official Microsoft Dutch layout that ishardly used. This package includes a 35,000 word Dutch WordPredictionlist. If you need to speak to anyone, in Dutch, please contact us and indicate 'Dutch' so we knowwho to pass it on to someone who speaks Dutch.
Farsi Language Pack
200 KB
Farsi keyboard -
This Farsi keyboard was requested by someone to assist his brotherin Iran. This individual was not able to do any translation orhelpus find a Farsi word prediction list. We believe it to workcorrectlyon Farsi and Farsi enabled systems, as best we can tell from ourtesting. Since we have not heard back from the individual who requested this, weare making it available as is. If anyone has any comments, orwouldlike to help us further develop this Language Pack, please contact us.

Finnish Language Pack
320 KB

Finnish keyboard -
The keyboard used in Finland is the same as the Swedish keyboard. IlkkaHeikkinen from Tikoteekki Finland [ILKKA.HEIKKINEN(at)FAMR(dot)FI]has provided the Finnish Translation and a 7,000word list for Word Completion. A QWERTY layout is shown tothe left, but as always, all standard and user keyboards areavailable.

Ilkka has a need for bigger bolder keycaps on bigger andbolder keys. The Finnish Language Pack now comes with an alternate 'Finnish (Bold)'language configuration and a bunch of keyboard layouts to match. Try them out, especially if you have a vision impairment. You canchoose the configuration from the FileConfigurations.. (Tiedostokieliyhdistelmät)menu. Thanks Ilkka.

French(Standard) keyboard.

French (Standard) LanguagePack
272 KB

French (Standard) SpokenKeys Package
2.96 MB

French (Standard) keyboard -
You'll see a link to a French Click-N-Type keyboard on theleft. A very kind and talented individual by the name of AndréDelaunoisfrom Belgium, has donated this French language translation. André has also supplied us with aFrench WordPrediction list. We thank him. A French style AZERTYuserdesigned keyboard is also provided with this package.

André has provided a French (Standard) SpokenKeys packagefor this keyboard. Download and install it to make this Frenchkeyboard speak French.

French(Belgian) keyboard.

French (Belgian)Language Pack
280 KB

French (Belgian)Spoken KeysPackage
3.05 MB

French (Belgian)keyboard -
André Delaunois has also provided us with athe customKey-Caps and virtual key mapping for the Belgian version of the Frenchkeyboard. Check it out to the left. This guy istalented!If you're running with a French (Belgian) keyboard, download andinstallthe French (Belgian) LanguagePackto the left. This package also contains the French WordPredictionlist from André. A Belgian style AZERTY user designedkeyboardis also provided with this package.

André has provided a French (Belgian) SpokenKeys packagefor this keyboard. Download and install it to make this Belgiankeyboard speak French.

Note: We have lost contact with André. Sebastien Bachene has taken over our French translation.

French(Canadian) keyboard.

French (Canadian)Language Pack
284 KB

French(Canadian) Spoken KeysPackage
3.16 MB

French (Canadian) keyboard -
This is the modern Canadian French keyboard supported by Microsoftfor French speaking Canada. We made the keyboard on request thistime and again used the French translation provided by André Delaunois. This package contains the same French WordPrediction list from André as the above Frenchpackage. Canadian stile QWERTY keyboard layouts are also included.

André has provided a French (Canadian) SpokenKeys packagefor this keyboard. Download and install it to make this Canadiankeyboard speak French.

French(Swiss) keyboard

French (Swiss) LanguagePack
280 KB
French (Swiss) SpokenKeys Package
2.96 MB

French (Swiss) keyboard -
This is the keyboard used by French speaking people in Switzerland. The menus, messages and the Word Prediction/Completion list are thesameas standard French. The keyboard layout is the Swiss FrenchQWERTZ102layout that is used by French speakers in Switzerland. Thispackagealso includes a second short QWERTZ layout some people find convenient.
German keyboard.

German Language Pack
296 KB
3.55 MB

Germankeyboard -
A German Click-N-Type, and a GermanLanguage Pack for it. This translation has been providedby Bernhard G. Keller - [BERNHARD.KELLER(at)SBG(dot)AT]from Austria and Christoph Bock [Mail for Christoph] from Cologne. We extend our sincerethanks. A 30,000 word German Word List is included with this Language Pack forGerman Word Prediction and Completion. This package alsoincludesa German QWERTZ keyboard layout.

Many thanks to Dr. Julius Deutsch of kommhelp e.V at for this Spoken Keys Package.

German(Swiss) keyboard

German (Swiss) LanguagePack
292 KB

German (Swiss) keyboard -
This is the keyboard used by German speaking people in Switzerland. The menus, messages and the Word Prediction/Completion list are thesameas standard German. The keyboard layout is the SwissGermanQWERTZ102 layout that is used by German speakers in Switzerland. This package also includes a second short QWERTZ layout some peoplefindconvenient. Please direct German language questions to ChristophBock above.
Greek keyboard.

Greek Language Pack
596 KB

Greek keyboard -
Tanks to Xenophon Alexopoulos at [LEJONET(at)KODROS(dot)GR]we now have a Greek translation for this Greekkeyboard. Xenophon has also provided a 112,000 word list for WordPrediction and Completion. Looks like a nice job. Thank you Xenophon.

Hebrew Language Pack
220 KB

Hebrew keyboard -
For Hebrew and Hebrew Enabled systems.
From what we understand, Hebrew support in Israel is always 'Enabled'rather than 'Local' so that the interface is usually in English. Hence, a Hebrew translation would be rather useless. ThisLanguagePack emulates the official Microsoft Hebrew keyboard. Thanks to a user named Shmulik, we can now offer a nearly 5000 word Word Prediction List.
Hebrew (Yiddish) keyboard
Hebrew (Yiddish) Language Pack
320 KB
Yiddish Keyboard Driver
285 KB
Hebrew (Yiddish) Keyboard -Windows-XP only
This Yiddish layout was designed by Michael Daskal to work with his Yiddish Keyboard Driver also available here.
Note: Since Microsoft does not recognize Yiddish language as a distinct language, Yiddish users need to add a keyboard layout for Yiddish to the Hebrew language. This needs to be done once by downloading and running the Yiddish Keyboard Driver installation file to the left. Complete instructions are included with the ReadMe file that's included with the Yiddish Language Pack. You should print it. Please direct questions and/or comments to Michael at his [MDASKAL(at)NANA.CO(dot)IL] address.
Hindi Keyboard
Hindi Language Pack
276 KB
Hindi Keyboard -Windows-7 and newer
This keyboard was developed in cooperation with Shruti Saxena[FIREANDICE25(at)GMAIL(dot)COM] and Toni York[TONI.YORK(at)GMAIL(dot)COM] . It is known to work correctly with the Hindi keyboard that ships with Windows-7, and assumed to be compatible with W8 and W10. Please direct English language questions to Toni, and Hindi questions to Shruti.

Hungarian Language Pack
2.10 MB

Hungarian keyboard - Translation Level V3.02.328 - Needs work
Jozsef Tamas Herczeg email [HDODI(at)FREEMAIL(dot)HU]has supplied the translation and technical guidancefor this Hungarian Language Pack. Be prepared for a severalminutedownload, as this package contains an comprehensive list of over600,000words. It seems the Hungarian language needs a list thislarge. Thanks Jozsef.
Icelandic keyboard
Icelandic Language Pack
224 KB
Icelandic keyboard -
Sigrún Jóhannsdóttir is helping us with this Icelandic keyboard. Sigrún has completed a Word Prediction list with almost 6500 Icelandic words. At the very least, this should give you a great starting point. Thank you again Sigrún.

Italian Language Pack
300 KB

Partial Italian SpokenKeys Package

680 KB

Italian keyboard -
Luciano Rosso & Marco Del Dottore from A.R.E.A.located in Turin, Italy, web site http://www.areato.orgemail [AREATO(at)IPSNET(dot)IT]have been nice enough to supply the translation,a 37,000 word Word Prediction and Completion list and many great ideasand suggestions. A.R.E.A - is dedicated to providing useful linksto software and hardware that aid Italian speaking people with help incommunication and computer access. These people have alsoextensivelytested this Language Pack. Many thanks to Luciano, Marco andOlga.

Those who do not use a QWERTY102 layout can find the'<' and '>'characters on Macro-1 and Macro-2 respectively.

Claudia Salatino has provided us with a partialSpoken Keys Package,of the alphabet in Italian. Download it from the link to the left.

Italian(Swiss) keyboard

Italian (Swiss) LanguagePack
304 KB
Partial Italian(Swiss) SpokenKeys Package
680 KB

Italian (Swiss) keyboard -
Thanks to the work of Sandro Guffanti, we are able to offerthis keyboard to Italian speaking people in Switzerland. The menus, messages and the Word Prediction/Completion list are thesameas standard Italian. The keyboard layout is the Swiss FrenchQWERTZ102layout that is used by Italian speakers in Switzerland. Thispackagealso includes a second short QWERTZ layout Sandro uses. Forquestions,please contact A.R.E.A. above for correspondence in Italian.
Japanesekeyboard configurations
Japanese Language Pack
224 KB
Japanese keyboards -
We have been working with Yuji Nakano for some time now tocreatea Click-N-Type Language Pack compatible with the Japanese inputsystem. This language pack has two input panels, you choose from the'Configurations'menu. You chose between 'Alphabet-In' and 'Kana-In'. Yujiisstill working on an introductory explanation and completing the userinterfacetranslation. In the mean time, those of you willing to experiment a little and don't mind reading English menus, are welcome to use thislanguage pack. We will update this package if the translationiscompleted.

Note: We are now in need of someone who can translate from English to Japanese.

Korean keyboard
Korean Language Pack
208 KB
Korean keyboard -
Working with Jewook Kim at [JUSTADREAMER(at)LIVE(dot)CO(dot)KR]we have developed this Korean Language Pack. It has been fully translated into Korean. As with all languages that use an IME, it is unable to do word prediction, but the English Word Prediction list may still be used when typing in Roman Alphabet mode. Thanks Joe. Many people will benefit from your efforts.
Note: Learn more at Jewook's Korean language website.
Note: This Language Pack will not work correctly with the Korean IME on Windows 95, 98 or ME systems.
Malaysian Language PackMalaysian -
Since Malaysia uses the standard United States keyboard layout, this Language Pack consist mostly of an approximately 9,000 Malaysian word prediction list contributed by Ismail Clement. If anyone thinks they'd like to try translating our menus and messages into Malaysian, please let us know.
Norwegian Language Pack
636 KB
Norwegian keyboard -
Finn Jarle Kvalheim is helping us develop this towork withthe keyboards used in Norway. Finn is still working on thetranslateduser interface, but the keyboard itself is ready and usable. Wealsofound a list of about 180,000 words that is included for WordPredictionand completion. If anyone finds this list unsatisfactory and/orcanfind a better list for us, please let us know.

Polish Language Pack
436 KB

Polish keyboard -
Grzegorz Lojewski from Poland [Mail for Greg] has provided us with a Polish translation for this'Polish(Programmers)' keyboard. We understand this keyboard design isthemore popular of two Polish keyboard styles available. Thosepeopleon a Polish system will see Polish menus and messages by default. If you're not polish and on a western system, select the 'Polish -Defaultmenus' configuration instead. Grzegorz has also included a WordCompletionlist with about 40,000 Polish words. Thanks Greg.
Portuguese(Portugal) keyboard.

Portuguese(Portugal) LanguagePack
280 KB

Portuguese(Portugal) keyboard-
Victor Biscaia and his friends at his small computershop namedVIBISinfor [PT.CNT(at)VIBIS(dot)COM]in Portugal, together with Nuno Pedrosa[Mail for Nuno],developed this Standard European Portuguese keyboard. A33,400word Portuguese Word Completion list is also supplied. Thank youall at VIBISinfor and Nuno. This is really a nice job! Wehopemany people will benefit from your hard work.

312 KB
Portuguese(Brazilian ABNT2)keyboard -
Floriano Augusto De Godoy of Brazil [FADEGODOY(at)BOL.COM(dot)BR]has provided us with the Portuguese translationfor the Brazilian keyboard at the left. The Portuguese(Brazilian) Language Pack is designed to work with theBrazilian-ABNT2keyboard that we understand is quite popular in Brazil. If anyoneis using another style Brazilian keyboard that is not compatible,pleaselet us know, and we'll try to emulate it also. Thank you again Floriano.

We now can offer a new faster and more useful 44,000word Brazilian WordPrediction list, thanks to some help from Nuno Pedrosa (see below).

Note: We have lost contact with Floriano for some time now. We are now using the European Portuguese translation found above.


Romanian Language Pack
340 KB

Romanian keyboard -
Thanks to Sanda Vladescu[Mail for Sanda][SANDA(dot)VLADESCU(at)GMAIL(dot)COM]we now have an up-to-date Romanian language translation forthis keyboard. When you install this package the interface willstillbe English, for those on Western systems, but a ReadMe file instructsyouhow to switch to Romanian language menus and messages. The keysarethose of the Romanian keyboard, and the keyboard mappingwillfunction perfectly when Windows is set to 'Romanian' and a font with aCentral European character set is used. This package alsoincludes Romanian QWERTZ keyboard layouts, and a 2600 entry Word Prediction list. Thank you very much Sanda.
Russian keyboard.

Russian Language Pack
876 KB

Russian Language Pack (Western Version)
788 KB

Russian Spoken Keys

5.63 MB

Russian keyboard -
Georgios Pambukidis from Greece [GEORGI.PAM(at)GMAIL(dot)COM]has provided this new Russian Translation and Russianword list for this package. The Word Prediction list containsover 160,000 Russian words and commonly used phrases. Georgios has also provided a complete set of Russian Spoken Keys spoken in a female voice.

The Russian Language Packis intended for people running on true Russian systems. If you are typing Russianon a Western system, you will need to download the Russian Language Pack (Western Version) to be able to read the installation procedure and menus.

Slovak keyboard

Slovak Language Pack
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Slovakian keyboard - Translation Level V3.02.328 - Needs work
A kind person going by the name Aas[AASAMI(at)GMAIL(dot)SK]has given us this Slovak translation and much advice.

Thanks to Juraj Sipos we now can offer a WordPrediction/Completionlist with over 47,000 Slovak words. Thank you both Aas and Juraj.

Note: We are now in need of someone who can translate from English to Slovak.

Spanish keyboard.

Spanish (Spain) LanguagePack
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Spanish (Standard) keyboard-
Angel Manuel Morillo Prieto from Madrid [Mail for Angel] has provided this European Spanish translation. This Language Pack is designed to work best with the 'Spanish(TraditionalSort)' or 'Spanish (Spain)' keyboard driver. Thank you Angel.
This package now has an 80,000 Word list for Word Predictionprovided by Andres Gonzalo-Alvo. Thanks Andres.
Spanish(Mexican) keyboard.

Spanish (Mexican)Language Pack
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Spanish (Mexican)keyboard -
Eugenio Botello Jr. from Mexico [BOTELLONL(at)HOTMAIL(dot)COM]supplied this Mexican translation for the Mexicankeyboard to the left. This Spanish(Mexican) Language Pack is designed to work best with the'Spanish(Traditional Sort)' or 'Spanish (Spain)' keyboard driver. We seea 'Spanish (Mexican)' layout available, but no one seems to be usingit. If anyone needs support for a different Mexican layout, please let usknow. Eugenio has also provided a 14,500 word list for Word Predictionand Completion.

Swedish Language Pack
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Swedish keyboard -
Anders C Rosendal and Jörgen Crame email [JORGEN.CRAME(at)GMAIL(dot)COM]have supplied the Swedish translation forthe Swedish keyboard to the left. Anders has also provide a24,000word list of Swedish words for Word Prediction and Completion. Greatwork both of you, and thank you for all your help in this effort.
TurkishQ-Type keyboard.

Turkish Language Pack
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Turkish Q-Type keyboard-
We've had this Turkish Q-Type keyboard available for some time, but never had translated menus and messages.
Update: Alper Kaya at [ALPER.KAYA(at)GMAIL(dot)COM]has supplied us with a Turkish translation and an 80,000 word list for Word Prediction and Completion. Installation of this Language Pack is also now in Turkish. Thank you very much Alper.
UnitedStates (Bold)United States (Bold) -
This adds the ability to have a very large keyboard with very large Boldkeys, for the standard U.S. configuration, to aid the visually impaired.
UnitedStates (International) Click-N-Type
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United States (International) -
The English United States (International) keyboard doesn't need asamplepicture. Its layout is the same as any standard American 101keyboard. The major difference in this keyboard driver is its ability to generatethe full set of European characters through the use of<Alt><Ctrl>or AltGr keys and 2-Stroke key sequences. This Keyboard driver isused in a variety of English and non-English speaking countries where aStandard American keyboard is the norm, but international charactersareused frequently.