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This article lists some useful tools that can be used to create mods for CD Projekt's The Witcher franchise.

Tools for modding The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[editedit source]

MODkit[editedit source]

The official toolkit for the game, available (with documentation) on nexusmods, includes two utilities:

wcc_lite[editedit source]

A command-line tool for packing/cooking and unpacking/uncooking game files.

Script Studio[editedit source]

A Witcher Script editor with built-in support for debugging and mod creation and installation.

Example Mods[editedit source]

The MODkit also brought with it four example mods, two of them dealing with replacing textures and meshes, and the other two dealing with modifying game scripts to add functionality.

W3Edit by Sarcen (Superseded by WolvenKit)[editedit source]

Available here or here, W3Edit allows for editing files that are not normally uncooked with the game such as .env files and .reddlc files. Now abandoned.

WolvenKit by TradeRain[editedit source]

Successor to W3Edit, actively developed. Supports everything that W3Edit did, as well as IO of custom animations & more.

Available on GitHub

Witcher 3 Ps4 Save Game Editor

Witcher 3 Animation Export Plugin For Autodesk Maya 2020 (By dingdio)[editedit source]

Allows the creation of brand new animations for The Witcher 3.

Provides a set of tools for creating json files that describe Witcher 3 animations, and workflows for for retargeting existing animations to work in Witcher 3.

json file outputs may be imported in-game via WolvenKit.


Radish Mod Tools[editedit source]

Provides a set of modding utilities, both:

  • in-game mods (That expose interfaces for graphically staging quests, cutscenes, and more, and can dump the results to text file), and
  • external programs that:
    • encode these text files into game assets such as quests and cutscenes
    • Allow importing & lipsyncing of custom voice assets

And more!

Available on nexusmods, source code hosted on codeberg

QuickBMS[editedit source]

Available here or here, QuickBMS extracts .bundle files. This is an older method of extracting .bundle files, wcc_lite is the official tool for doing this.

w3strings encoder[editedit source]

Available here, this command-line tool encodes and decodes w3strings files.

Script Merger[editedit source]

Available here, this utility allows users to get around the modding limitation that only a single mod can replace a single file by merging each mod's changes into a single file that is then loaded first.

Open Source, source code hosted on github.

Improved/Updated patch available here, and source code

JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler[editedit source]

Available here, JPEXS will open the UI .redswf files and allow for editing of the ActionScript contained within.


Notepad++[editedit source]

Available here, this handy notepad replacement can be configured to be an excellent editor for [Witcher Script].

SnakeTail[editedit source]

Available here, this tool allows for easy browsing and real-time monitoring of scriptslog.txt.

Tools for modding The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings[editedit source]

SeeREDkit, the official toolkit for the game.

Tools for modding The Witcher[editedit source]

File extraction[editedit source]

See Extracting the original files for details.

Working with extracted files[editedit source]

Generic tools[editedit source]

Most of the game files are in machine-readable GFF format.To convert them to human-readable form one may use GFF2XML converter. You may need to download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0 Runtime to run it. To modify GFF files one can use KGFF by Tk102.

Tools for viewing specific formats[editedit source]

Dialog (DLG) files[editedit source]

To view the contents of DLG file, one may use either WitchDLG from Tk102 or DLG Viewer from iarspider. You may need to download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0 Runtime to run the latter.

Quest (QST) files[editedit source]

To examine Quest (QST) files, one will need a tool named QSTViewer from iarspider. You may need to download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0 Runtime to run it.

Official game development tools[editedit source]

  • For the original game, there is the D'jinni Adventure Editor which was originally released on 10 April 2008. With the Enhanced Edition of the game, a newer version was also released in September 2008.

The Witcher save editor[editedit source]

This is not technically a modding tool, but it can and does come in very handy on occasion. It is a tool made by Ron Hoffman and can be found on his page, here. The following is his description of the tool:

Editor for save games created by The Witcher. You can modify the attributes and abilities of the player character (Geralt). You can also unpack the files in a save. This version of the editor is for use with the original version of The Witcher. Using this version of the editor with the Enhanced Edition of the game can result in inventory errors when loading a save because the editor does not support the expanded inventory system implemented in the Enhanced Edition.

GFF Editor[editedit source]

Naruto episode 131 english dubbed. You may also need a GFF Editor which can be found here at tk102's site.

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Download 100% Save for PC – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 2015


Save Game Editor Clicker Heroes

  1. Download savegame file;
  2. Extract it from .7z archive;
  3. Copy save files to possible savegames location;
  4. Make backup of your save before adding!

Game Editor

Example of savegame folder location

The Witcher 3 Guide Download

  • Example – C:Users%UserName%DocumentsThe Witcher 3gamesaves

Witcher 3 Save Game Editor Xbox One

  • Description – Main game and 3 DLC are completed for 100%. Ready for “New Game +” Manticore armor, weapons Aerondight and Teigr. Character have max level 100, without DLC its only 70. Story: Ciri is a witcher, romance with Triss.
  • Alive – Olgierd von Everec, Phillip Strenger and his wife, Lambert, Vernon Roche, Ves, Thaler, Gaetan, Ewald Borsodi, Anna Henrietta and Dettlaff van der Eretein.
  • Dead – Cyprian Wiley, Radowid V, Sigismund Dijkstra, Horst Borsodi and Sylvia Anna.
  • Rulers – Emhyr var Emreis and Cerys an Craite
  • Author – Anya88